H-16 "Zedong" Missile Platform
Chinese H-16 Zedong
A H-16 launching a missile at a target location, mostly armed with nuclear warheads
Faction Iron Dragon PLA
Cost $2000
Build at Airstrip
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
China Zedong Icon Place of Origin China Flag of China Small
Manufacturer Xi'an Aircraft Corporation
Role Airborne Siege

Heavy Anti-Ground
Heavy Anti-Structure

In Service Active
- Nuclear Missiles x2

- Fuel Pods (Hidden Inside Hull)
- Camouflage Paintjob
- Experienced Pilots
- A Poster of Mao Zedong (In Commemorative Favour)

"Passing overhead for bombardment!"
- H-16 Zedong pilot -

Built from the Tu-16 Badger, utilised as an airborne platform for siege purposes, the H-16 Zedong was known to begin combat role in early 2017. The new introduced Zedong Missile Platform first seen war against the GLA in the First Eurasian Conflict; first equipped with Napalm Missiles, but due to the missiles exploding in mid-air by anti-aircraft fire, the Napalm engulfed the planes.

But to conquer this problem, High Explosives were instated since their introduction and the casualties of the missiles exploding. But since the near end of the first conflict, Nuclear Missiles were first utilised to test results in missile delivery from the air, this success proved to be a good sign of progress for the career of the H-16 in the Peoples Liberation Air Force in China.

Introduction - 2017

To be added...

Service in the First Eurasian Conflict

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Current Service in the Second Eurasian Conflict

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Related Aircraft

Chinese H-6 Pounder

The H-6 Pounder, the aircraft that served as the base of the Zedong

See Xian H-6 "Pounder" Strategic Bomber

Over development, the H-16 was based on the Soviet Union's Tu-16 Badger and the Chinese H-6 aircraft. The famous aircraft was known to be restored by the Forth Reich, and currently still having several brothers which are in active service in the world.

A Chinese version of the Tu-16 Badger, a Soviet aircraft currently being utilised by the Forth Reich of Yuri. The classic Pounder were utilised for China's Strategic Napalm Bombing abilities, despite being based on the Badger it is equipped with various types bombs to take on enemies for various purposes.


The H-16 Zedong in action, captured by Allied Nations Satelites preparing to bomb a GLRF base.

Behind the Scenes

  • The H-16 is part of a series of models which were set of Badgers by ChadaFACE
  • Skinned, boned and coded by SmasherJackson
  • The aircraft is done in favour for Mao Zedong, a famous Chinese Politician

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