Forth Reich of Yuri Elite Guard Unit
Reich Faction Logo
The Forth Reich faction emblem of the found on jackets and vehicles used by the unit
Formation 2023

Yuri's "New" Russia Flag of New Russia Small

Faction Color Purple
Type of Faction Forth Reich Combat Branch
Leaders "Yuri"
Officers N/A
Special Weapons N/A
Strategies Elite Trained Units

Extensive Combat Training

Strengths Better Units
Weaknesses No Aircraft Available

Less Upgraded Vehicles

Status Not ingame

0% of Units Ingame

To be added...


To be added...

Sector Codes

To be added...

Infantry Regiments

Cameo Name Description
Forth Reich Placeholder Elite Guard Equipped with AK-12 rifles with extended magazines for all purpose combat, Elite Guards are not just upgraded versions of regular Conscript infantry, these men are veterans of the Cold War and survivors of the Kalini Crisis ready to take the fight to enemy forces.
Forth Reich Placeholder Shotgun Specialist Close quarters combat forces, equipped with a pre-war MTS-255 revolving shotgun with slug rounds rather than regular shells, Yuri's Shotgun Specialists is the Forth Reich's take on the Company Rookie regiments, both packing shotguns.
Forth Reich Placeholder Brute The muscle of the Elite Guard but altered by DNA and big just like a battle tank, Brutes serve as the guard's anti-vehicle infantry that can use their own fists to destroy vehicles in a set of blows, also the Brutes cannot be squished by medium sized vehicles if they are in group they can demolish buildings.
Forth Reich Placeholder Rothemd Elite Heavy armoured versions of their fellow Rothemd colleagues but decorated with heavy patterns, the Elite Guard's Rothemd Elite is equipped with a PKP Pecheneg light machine gun along with latest and widely used RPG-32 launcher for extra anti-vehicle duties.


Cameo Name Description
Forth Reich Placeholder Tarantula Battle Tank

Despite being outdated by newer tanks, but built with improved and more modern materials & electronics for combat, the new & improved T-64M Tarantula MK.II tank is another classic Soviet vehicle built for the harsh environments.

Competing with tanks such as America's M1A3 Abrams, GLRF operated versions of the T-64 Tarantula and even many more foreign tanks, this variant of the Cold War era Soviet icon built for Yuri's specialist Elite Guard comes with better electronics along with upgraded armour plating.

Forth Reich Placeholder Beaver Amphibious Scout

Modernised and upgraded variants of the classic Russian built BRDM-2 built during the Cold War, the BRDM-2M Beaver is an amphibious combat that has been revised with next generation combat equipment and defensive capabilities.

Built by Yuri's specialist Wladimir Vehicles Manufactorium unit in his country's work force, the new Beaver in the Elite Guard forces has protection against enemy units and it can traverse in harsh environments that have been affected by fighting, also it is immune to radiation and biological toxins.

Forth Reich Placeholder Shilka Anti-Air Tank

First served the Soviet Union in 1962, the ZSU-23-4 Shilka is an anti-aircraft piece named after the Russian Shilka River today is still in service with various militaries, it is also known to be used by terrorist factions including the currently active GLRF.

Newer variants of the ZSU-23-4 Shilka in Yuri's New Russia were recently ordered for use in the Elite Guard regiments, this new variant under the designation of ZSU-23-4M is equipped with better machine guns, armour plating and is also operated by an enhanced crew of four veterans of the Kalini Crisis.


Cameo Name Description
Forth Reich Placeholder Fulcrum Jet Inteceptor

First built by Mikoyan, later built by Putin Aerospace-Works as a newer reincarnation for use in harsh and radioactive environments in Russia, newer MiG-29 Fulcrum interceptors are equipped with revised electronics, engines and weapons.

All-thou newer than their older counterparts, the new Fulcrum jet interceptors are have been equipped with a new countermeasures system, better engines to get to targets quicker and also armour plating to survive enemy anti-aircraft fire whilst deployed, all-thou the new upgrades make the aicraft better in a dogfight against any hostile aircraft they'll still be the best for good combat results.

Forth Reich Placeholder Twinblade Combat Helicopter

Known at first as a prototype combat helicopter that was present for airforce shows and as a technology demonstrator prior to the Kalini Crisis, the Ka-65 Twinblade is a combat helicopter built to last a nuclear crisis but built before 2016 in small numbers but was abandoned, today it was known to be brought back by scientists of the Forth Reich at Yuri's commissioned Putin Aerospace-Works as a combat helicopter for New Russia's specialist Elite Guard.

First shown as a prototype using the classic Mi-24 Hind as a base by Mil Moscow plant, later handed rights to build the Twinblade to Kamov and along with the transfer of rights the helicopter had a series of re-designs, approved in 2017 and placed on a production run but was abandoned during the Kalini Crisis.

Forth Reich Placeholder Katsaka Transport Helicopter

Built by Kamov at first, later built by Putin Aerospace Works that new developed systems and electronics for all aircraft used by the military forces of the Forth Reich, Ka-60 Katsaka helicopters are transport that can airlift 3 soldiers into combat and is also capable of lifting small vehicles for vehicle deliveries.

All-thou it is advanced than the Forth Reich operated Mi-8 Hip transport helicopter, it is light armored so it can be an easy target since it isn't armed with any weapons but it is faster for transport roles, VIP runs and getaway missions, it is for its use in specialist Elite Guard regiments and not inside primary forces.


To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • The elite guard of the Forth Reich of Yuri is an exclusive minor-faction that will only appear on maps located in Russia, also they have elite versions of infantry and more advanced vehicles.
  • Currently the faction isn't implemented at this time, its units have been confirmed but however due to primary focus on primary factions they won't be implemented until later on.

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