Forth Reich Placeholder
A billboard with Yuri behind a flying flag of the Forth Reich
Name Yuri
Faction Forth Reich of Yuri
Birth Date Date Classified

Location Unknown Flag of New Russia Small

Death N/A
Age Classified
Family N/A
Colleagues Marshall Oleg Charkov

General Viktor Zubarov
General Nikita Gavrilova
General Mstislav Voronin
General Lev Potemkin

Current Status Alive

Ruler of New Russia

Yuri, was a survivor of the ongoing Kalini Crisis who formed a legendary corps in the military, known as the Red Bombers league of protection and self defense. After half of the country was covered as a wasteland, Yuri himself became a military leader of his founded militia group, doing daring rescues to save civilians and soldiers from hostile forces who opposed the Red Bombers.

Yuri himself after 2021 became President of his peaceful and well funded "New Russia" along with his strong and proud military force as influence and military strength became a problem to splinter groups, including the former comrades and commanders Russian Resistance.

Nothing is known about Yuri due to being an individual who is never seen on the streets of his empire but seen on propaganda posters and at ceremonies, he is also known to be seen on TV with his military wings giving important speeches to people of New Russia; he is known to have wires on the back of his head into his spine when sighted by followers of his faction, he is still praised for his effort to bring the country back into control against separatist and terrorist control.

Early Life Edit

To be added...

Red Bombers Days Edit

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Founding the Forth Reich Edit

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Current Status Edit

To be added...

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Yuri is based off original characteristics from Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge, being a leader of his own faction and operating Russia.
  • Basically its an alternate storyline from Red Alert 2 with Yuri being in charge of everything, rather than a commander or lieutenent like he was in the game itself.

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