World War III
World War III Blank Map

The current state of the planet before World War III
(Will be changed if World War III breaks out)

Previous Second Eurasian Conflict
Concurrent Kalini Crisis
Next War Against Machine
Beginning September 11th 2043
End Unknown (9 Years)
Place The Entire World
Outcome - Unknown

- Unknown
- Unknown
- Unknown

Major Battles - Unknown

- Unknown
- Unknown
- Unknown
- Unknown

- Flag of Unknown Faction Unknown Faction 1
- Flag of Unknown Faction Unknown Faction 2
- Flag of Unknown Faction Unknown Faction 1
- Flag of Unknown Faction Unknown Faction Commander 1
- Flag of Unknown Faction Unknown Faction Commander 2
- Flag of Unknown Faction Unknown Faction Commander 3
- Full Unknown Faction 1 Arsenal
- Full Unknown Faction 2 Arsenal
- Full Unknown Faction 3 Arsenal
Unknown Faction 1 Casualties Unknown Faction 2 Casualties Unknown Faction 3 Casualties
Unknown Civilian Casualties

"Apparently afew moments ago, there was an explosion outside of Washington"
- News Feed from Washington D.C, 2043 -

Conflict information to be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • Despite this war being unknown, possible war between the Company of Liberty and the Forth Reich of Yuri with the Russian Resistance being involved and an unknown Robot Empire could be true, however the factions currently fighting each other unknown at this time.
  • Since most of the wars could be presumed in C&C Generals Zero Hour, the war won't be set within the bounderies of Zero Hour and but will be set in C&C Tiberium Wars or C&C Red Alert 3 as a part of a series of upcoming sequels to Reign of Conflagration.
  • This battle will be set around the future, inspired from the Third Tiberium War from C&C Tiberium Wars, set around 2047, the war be set around the early 2040s.
  • World War III has been predicted and known to be in affect in several video games such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare III, Battlefield 3 and several other games.

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