World War II
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The situation in Europe, where GFL terror cells have been located, a series of League of Nations outposts, command centers and operations bases have been located

Previous World War I
Concurrent N/A
Next First Cold War
Beginning September 1st 1939
End September 2nd 1945 (6 Years)
Place Europe

Middle East

Outcome League - Coalition Victory

- Allied Nations Founded
- GFL Cells Dissolved
- Warlords Alliance Dissolved

Major Battles First Terror Bombings in Berlin

Poland Terror Attacks
Battle of Britain
Battle of the Atlantic
Pearl Harbor Attacks
Midway Naval Bombing
Liberation of Warsaw
Operation Blackout
Operation Dam Busters
Operation Overlord
Second Terror Bombings in Berlin
D-Day Landings
Terror Bombings in Italy
Italian Counter-Terrorism Offensive
Liberation of Italy
Liberation of France
Liberation of Spain
Operation Polish Liberty
Battle of the Bulge

-- Flag of LoN League of Nations --

Flag of Germany Small Germany
Flag of USA Small United States
Flag of UK Small United Kingdom

-- Global Terrorist Factions --

Flag of GFL Small Global Front of Liberation
Flag of Unknown Faction Warlords Alliance

-- Eastern Pacific Coalition --

Flag of Soviet Union Small Soviet Union
Flag of Japan Small Empire of Japan
Flag of Unknown Faction Pacific Alliance

Flag of Germany Small Adolf Himmler

Flag of Germany Small Hermann Eichmann
Flag of Germany Small Albert Goebbels
Flag of USA Small Franklin Ackerman
Flag of USA Small Harry Tuscan
(1945-October 1945)
Flag of USA Small Jonathan Taylor
Flag of USA Small Henry Roosevelt
Flag of UK Small Winston Edward
Flag of UK Small Alen King
Flag of UK Small Anthony Cameron

Flag of GFL Small Unknown GFL Leader

Flag of GFL Small Unknown GFL Officer
Flag of GFL Small Unknown GFL Officer
Flag of GFL Small Unknown GFL Officer
Flag of Unknown Faction Unknown Warlords Leader
Flag of Unknown Faction Unknown Warlords Officer
Flag of Unknown Faction Unknown Warlords Officer
Flag of Unknown Faction Unknown Warlords Officer

Flag of Soviet Union Small Josef Romanov

Flag of Soviet Union Small Dimitri Charkov
Flag of Soviet Union Small Artyom Rascalov
Flag of Soviet Union Small Roman Putin
Flag of Japan Small Emperor Misora
Flag of Japan Small Asuka Yoshiro
Flag of Japan Small Toyoku Shinzo
Flag of Japan Small Kenji Akuji
Flag of Unknown Faction Patrick Thompson
Flag of Unknown Faction George Howard
Flag of Unknown Faction Adam Devoshore
Flag of Unknown Faction Rudy Newton

Full Company Inventory Full GFL Inventory

Full Warlords Inventory

Full Soviet Inventory

Full Japanese Inventory
Full Pacific Inventory

Heavy Heavy Heavy
Heavy Civilian Casualties

Light WBCN Anchor Casualties

"World War II eh? I'll tell you, its a violent conflict that almost burned the world"
- Sam Newton, a WWII Veteran from the Pacific Alliance -

Beginning from 1939, World War II was a violent outbreak of war and chaos between a series of combat alliences and a full outbreak of violence across the world, the war focuses on a long war on terror, which brought a series of factions across the world to unite and take on a series of terrorist organisations. The conflict began in the beginning of September 1st, with the first series of attacks on Europe by a series of terrorist forces, which then went into Eastern Europe, Asia and the Pacific regions across the world.


The entire war began in Germany and Poland, first recordings of terrorist attacks occurred in cities of Berlin and Warsaw with a series of stolen tanks and aircraft attacking political points of interest and military bases, thus Germany prepared to begin to official communications with the United Kingdom and the United States of America to discuss the problem. Adolf Himmler, the leader of Germany addressed the situation to two fingerheads from foreign regions, he recieved threats of additional terrorist attacks and more bombings of primary targets and military locations across Germany, therefore he asked for the required assistance to deal with this unknown but dangerous terrorist threat, which was found to be a terrorist faction operating out of Saudi Arabia, known as the Global Front of Liberation. a faction of guerilla fighters and terrorists that founded the faction in the continent.

To counter this problem for European countries including France, Italy and also Poland who were attacked by the GFL, Prime Minister Winston Edward and United States President Franklin Ackerman along with Adolf Himmler himself formed a European-American alliance known as the League of Nations, operations of the LoN were based in London in the UK, Washington D.C in the USA and Berlin, Germany. First counter-terror actions between the GFL and the LoN were recorded, these fights were known as the Liberation of Warsaw in Poland and the Counter-Terror Offensive in Italy, removal of these threats were issued by governments of both countries authorised by the founders.

Behind the Scenes

  • World War II is based off the actual war with the same war, but with a series of twists in faction relations and combat style, territorial regions and technology.
  • Germany and Japan in this fictional World War II are part of a series of prime factions, their part are based on engaging various threats on the battlefield.

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