Tenzai-59 "Welder" Repair Drone
USA Welder Drone
A Welder Drone with its arm raised, reparing a Grizzly Battle Tank
Faction United States Task Forces
Cost $600
Build at Drone Facility
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
American Welder Drone Place of Origin Japan Flag of Japan Small
Manufacturer Tenzai Robotics
Role Support Drone

Light Anti-Ground

In Service Active


- J103 Welding Torch

- Off-Road Wheels
- Radio Controlled AI
- Nameplate /w Model Number
- Vehicle Scanning System

"Altering Destination....."
- Welder programmed to move -

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • The Welder is inspired by the Mobile Repair Vehicle of the Brotherhood of Nod from C&C Tiberian Sun, which will feature a set of special weapons for anti-personnel and reparing friendly vehicles.
  • The drone will be equipped with a welding torch like used when getting things conjoined together, there will also be a version of this special weapon to repair friendly vehicles.
  • Its model is found C&C Generals Zero Hour game files, several parts will be remade to suit the needs for its role as a robotic mechanic in Reign of Conflagration
  • Allthou added in the game, its code was incorrect and was based on the Crusader Tank coding, it will be sorted out later on during the USA's development.
  • The unit is currently ingame, the Welder had several technical faults within the game coding, but lucky enough there was a solution, like the War Factory vehicles operated by players (except AI players) can use the drone to repair them.

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