Mercenary Placeholder
Watchers, loyal to Kurtis Martollo, the mysterious leader of the cartel
Faction Martollo Cartel
Cost $300 - Trained in Fours
Build at Martollo Gang House
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
Martollo Watcher Place of Origin South America Flag of Unknown Faction
Trained Self-Trained
Role Basic Infantry

Light Anti-infantry

In Service Active
- Steyr Wonder 2031

- Map of the Battlefield
- IR Goggles
- Flame-Proof Gloves
- Yellow Fatiques

"Rise up!"
- Watcher motto -

Basic soldiers of the Martollo Cartel, these loyal street hoodlums working for the mysterious Kurtis Martollo were bribed to fight the New Andes Armada, as he told them that the oppressors were beginning to stop their close friends from landing into South American borders, the Global Liberation Resistance, from doing some arming plus military deals. The Watchers prefer to work together with their allies, the Guerillas, in dealing with threats in numbers; Watchers along with Guerillas are weak but they are good in cannonfodder whilst in garrisonned buildings

Growing Numbers

During time, watcher recruitment have been increasing very large over the years. Since Kurtis Martollo's force began since the start of 2016, Watchers have been loyal to Kurtis Martollo's force across South America rising up to face off against New Andes Armada Government forces.

Decent Training along with his personal Steyr Wonder 2031 assault rifle and catching enemy personnel sneaking around Martollo occupied areas at night, Watchers might be a weak soldier but his skill cannot be matched by enemy personnel if they attack in groups.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Watcher is inspired and based around the Nod Militant from C&C 3 Tiberium Wars.
  • Sporting yellow fatigues and a good use of weaponary against his enemies, he is weak so its best in garrisons and groups.