Introduced in 2007, the Duster is a quad bike specialised by Mustang Off-Road Vehicles for dirt racing along with patrols in forests and coast guard patrols, due to popularity across Europe and Eurasia it was recognised by many civilians and several public services for its performance. There were sightings of an armed version of the Duster which were stolen and modified for combat by several terror factions, this is due to being a perfect getaway vehicle by the drivers.


Mustang "Duster" Quad Bike
Mercenary Placeholder
A row of Dusters on sale at a Mustang Vehicle Dealership
Unit Cost Starts from $7,599
Common Locations Wealthy Neighborhoods

Countryside Areas
Farmland & Deserts
Coastguard Patrolled Beaches

Production 2007-Present
Detailed Information
Mercenary Placeholder Place of Origin Europe Flag of Europe Small
Manufacturer Mustang Off-Road Vehicles
Role Off-Road Vehicle

Quad Bike

Status In Production


- 345cc Liquid Cooled Engine

- Leather Seats
- Rubber Handle Bar Grips
- All Terrain Tires
- Lightweight Chassis

"All off-road and modernised for dirt racing"
- Duster Tagline -

To be added...


Mustang "Warthog" Quad Bike
GLRF Placeholder
Several Warthogs packing different weapons, including rocket launchers, cannons and machine guns
Faction Global Liberation Resistance
Cost $750
Build at Barracks
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
GLRF Placeholder Place of Origin Europe Flag of Europe Small
Manufacturer Mustang Off-Road Vehicles
Role Scout

(Depends on rider)

In Service Active
- 50. Caliber Machine Guns (Default Weapon)

- 345cc Liquid Cooled Engine
- Rubber Handle Bar Grips
- All Terrain Tires
- Reinforced Chassis

"Lets go Off-Road!"
- Warthog operator -

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • The Warthog will be replacing the Combat Cycle, which will feature multi-rider capabilities like the Speeder of the Cobra Cell.
  • Despite being good with off-roading, it won't have the capabilities to go up hills unlike the Combat Cycle did, the ability will be added for the Burner along with the Speeder.

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