Vehicle Delivery Pad
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Civilian Vehicle Delivery Pad

Several Company Steelrat tanks being deployed by cargo plane for quick action
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Small, but easy to maintain and operate by civilians during the heat of battle, Vehicle Delivery Pads are compact helicopter pad style structures that can transmit signals between any of the eight factions and provide services to the owning faction. Once captured, the faction can send out quick battalions of units to the field in an attempt to provide frontline forces with backup support if they are in combat at anytime with the assistance of the civilians operating the facility providing beacons & links, the vehicle drops can range from AFVs to scout vehicles depending on who captures the delivery pad.

Once a battle finishes at some point, the faction will withdraw all connections from the structure they captured and let the civilians go about their usual business along with giving them a paycheck as a thanks for their services after a battle concludes, however if the faction goes down during some point in the battle they will withdraw their links and become neutral yet again. Some copies of the facility have also been reported to be built and operated various factions including the Global Liberation Resistance, several other copies of these facilities were licensed and operated by many factions in the United States, Europe and even in Russia & China supplying them with beacons & services for rapid vehicle deployment if a full-scale battle needs to end soon.


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Several factions have been reported to operate Vehicle Delivery Pads to bring in vehicles for rapid use on the battlefields if fights begin to go out of control, however some have been built by host factions inside many bases whilst some have been taken over via hostile takeover by some factions.

Main Factions

The following table shows faction operated variants of the facilities, also there will be some built by the main factions in the same similar style as their structures but with the same layout as the civilian variant.

(Faction built variants of the Vehicle Delivery Pad will be only seen in campaign missions)

Cameo Faction Description
America Placeholder United States Task Forces Some have been built by the United States Task Forces to bring in vehicles ranging from the Crusader to the Abrams tank to keep their forces on track with enemy personnel, many have also been built within primary bases. If some of the facilities cannot be built due to costs, civilian variants have been enlisted.
Chinese Placeholder Iron Dragon PLA Commissioned by the Chinese government, many facilities built by the Iron Dragon PLA allow rapid deployment of various ground vehicles and tanks into combat, the facilities can provide many of the PLA's finest commanders with tanks such as Battlemasters to the heavy Warlord for combat and defense.
GLRF Placeholder Global Liberation Resistance Taken via hostile takeover, with some being built, the GLRF have taken over some of them in the Middle East and Asian areas of the world and have demanded many of the operators to provide the commanders free services, facilities operated by the GLRF deploys Puma to Devil tanks and many others.
Company Placeholder Company of Liberty Liberated from aggressive commanders and terrorists, numbers of the delivery pads have been used by Company of Liberty forces to bring in supplies and vehicles, many of those vehicles were Mules and Leopard Tanks for the frontlines and defense of civilians and those who are considered vulnerable to terrorists.
Forth Reich Placeholder Forth Reich of Yuri Despite being built in the ruined heartland of Russia due to fallout of radiation and civil war, Vehicle Delivery Pads in New and Old Russia have been built with more stronger materials that can also provide operators protection from poison and hazards, some have been built by Yuri to bring in tanks up to Bear and Tiger Claws.
MEA Placeholder Middle East Alliance Fighting mainly against the GLRF, several operators of various sets of Vehicle Delivery Pads in the Middle East and Asia have pledged support to the Middle East Alliance and established links with countries in said faction, vehicles dropped at the facility will depend on which country is operating the delivery pad.

Minor Factions

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Behind the Scenes

  • Capable of supplying vehicles for various factions, the facility is also present in C&C Generals Zero Hour as a default Tech Structure that can be used by America, China and the GLA.
  • In Reign of Conflagration, since there will be 8 factions fighting, the structure will also be available for use to the newer ones that will be used for rapid deployment of light tanks or AFVs, currently the Company of Liberty can call in a cargo plane to drop Steelrat tanks.
  • To expand the structure into various regions of the world, multiple models of the Vehicle Delivery Pad will be created to suit the environment of said region like Desert themed, European, Asian, American and even Eurasian & Russian themed versions of the structure will be available as separate models.

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