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The Assistance Part

Yo Metalic whats up

Thanks for the heads up on the links part, but sometimes i can help around abit around the pages, maybe to expand on the unit descriptions just ensure they are not just robust and quick. But Thanks for the heads up, i'll keep it into the mind, thanks for the assistance as usual partna

-- SmasherJackson --

Aye partna again. I saw your idea in me message box, i like this idea. But for a time being, shall i add the unit pages plus the images required? This will help us tidy the wik up abit if we accidentaly make a mess or something.

-- SmasherJackson --

Leave the text in red to me, i'll find something out for that mess.

-- SmasherJackson --

Yo metalic whats up? I read your advice in me profile, i will keep a close eye on the advice you posted earlier on. Hopefully this will help me further when i'm adding some additional pages for factions etc, cheers for the advice ;D

-- SmasherJackson --

Hey Metalic, about the T-34, tell E.A.G.L.E. i appreciate his co-operation, also let him know he'll be credited for the tank (Also Axper fot the skin). Also once i get the T-34 i'll see how the tank's upgrade system works, and i'll send you the vehicle once i check my e-mails soon.

-- SmasherJackson --

For trucks with trailers, you don't want to connect the trailer to the cab's chassis, i done this by mistake before when i was making the Company of Liberty's Linerunner Transporter Truck but i resolved it quickly.

Pictures not related to the mod. About that, Why Not? It'll be good for fan fiction! :D

Any Pictures for different things (Such as Future Related, Historic Related etc) will be good for fan fiction and it'll bring some interests & ideas for Reign of Conflagration's sequels or maybe a prequel mod for future in other Command & Conquer games.

Go for it yo :D

-- SmasherJackson --

Sounds wise, i forgot about the place of birth idea and even the ranks. However stuff like Ranks should be set for heroes of all factions, but its a good idea still. Place of Birth, i highly forgot that, i'm gonna put that in when i edit the template soon.

Good call on finding them out, i totally forgot'em :D

-- SmasherJackson --

Aye metalic, sorry for the late reply. A Catagory for the images we put up will be good, it'll help people to see where other images and where they are sourced at.

Also, about the JagdPanther, cheers on the comment. I ment to use another texture on top of the tank, the main skin on the chassis was based around the modified Marauder Tank skin, i used an Inferno Cannon skin because tryin to find somethin else to use.

I will be hoping to begin the skinning process on the Panther Artillery soon.

-- SmasherJackson --

Yo Partna!

Hey Metalic yo yo yo! I am in such a good mood today! I was thinking of adding some more additional features such as Chinese Vehicles, GLRF Vehicles and adding some additional content to things which have multiple factions operating it at the same.

BTW, when ya sending the Panther Artillery? I am so eager to get that battle tank ingame :D , once i finish that, i may begin doing a possible model for the Martollo's Gang house and hopefully releasing it as an add-on for the community to use them. But however i'll need to add strings etc etc.

-- SmasherJackson --

Actuly wait, i have the Panther Artillery, i forgot it was in my folders, apologies. I'm gonna do that soon, plus along with things and ensure that its off me mind, also the Sherman Tank. Sorry about the inconvenience.

-- SmasherJackson --

The Sherman Tank's cannon, leave that to me. I'll take care of that, make it short etc.

-- SmasherJackson --

An Abrams Model you say? Thats brilliant! Shall i see a picture of it before we use?

Your Right, maybe we should remove things such as the M"A", T-"" and many others, it might be like Red Alert 3 Paradox which we need to avoid copying but it should be good.

-- SmasherJackson --

This is great news my friend :D

Hopefully i might add in some nice laser effects to the M1 Abrams and other units. However, i'll need to find a good time to do some small improving to the USA's templar tank before i begin the Company and Andes Armada variants. Also, whats the M270, one of the USA's armoured vehicles? If so, i'll need to have a small preview picture of the vehicle.

Also, i might begin to model a UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter in 3DS Max if i get a chance, also maybe some other vehicles from blueprints (Maybe a remake of the MiG-15Bis).

Anywheres, thats good news to hear!

-- SmasherJackson --

About those types, the 6 on the end are the code types that i made up. I might of made a mistake on naming it the M6, i was actuly abit low on ideas, but i'll change that for the Paladin to be known as the M9. The Maverick won't be based on the M5 but will be based on another tank in real life, i'll explain that in further detail on ModDB.

-- SmasherJackson --

About T-55 Myth

There will be some various models for Battlefighters, Wolfs and Anvil tanks, not all of them will have one model with just recolours, do not worry about that.

The Type-59 Battlefighter will have Chada's model, the T-55 Anvil Tank of the Russian Mafia and the T-60 Wolf Tank of the 4th Reich of Yuri will have the model from the public will be used as the Anvil and Russian Resistance you and the rest of the group said.

I might redesign the Type-55 Dragoon battle tank with another chinese tank.

Thought I clean that up for ya.

-- SmasherJackson --

About SWR

Yea, about asking SWR for several models, currently I still have some personal things which might put me off from doing an e-mail to their group. But I mostly help keep the wiki up to date on various things, mostly college work will keep me off track sometimes, but if I do get a chance i'll write to them.

-- SmasherJackson --

About the Hammer, Dragoon & Smerch

A Remake of the Hammer Tank from Red Alert 3 would go well for the 4th Reich of Yuri.

Also, about the Dragoon Battle Tank's model, maybe a Type-99 Tank would replace its current model.

On the BM-30 Smerch, I think theres a public model by Fritz somewhere on the internet I think if i remember, i'll find it & have a look on how to get it into game.

-- SmasherJackson --

Re: About the Hammer, Dragoon & Smerch

Those ideas for the Hammer Tank will do good. But if I remember from the past when me and Waywatch were planning things together, we cannot have too many upgrades as he said in one of my past chat-message boards on ModDB. Maybe we can have a Tesla Coil or a Gamma-Radioactive Streamer (Radiation Steamer might be easy to code) which can deal with Infantry or Vehicles.

I have found a public model of a Type-99 made by KillaKanz; however with the model I found, it'll be known in the modification as the Type-99 Dragoon rather than Type-55. (EDIT: had a typo, had to clear that up)

Also, from memory I believe that the GLA had a Smerch which was replaced during development. But with the model I found on the internet, it'll do good for a time being, i'll send you an e-mail with what the BM-30 Smerch I found on the internet.

-- SmasherJackson --

Sheik Solimaan

Currently, I am planning to replace generals with new factions. Sheik Solimaan and various others will still be mentioned into RoC. Their units will be utilised as Sub-Factions which can be accessed via their Command Center, which might be similar to something in Rise of the Reds but it'll help make things good.

Unique units like Solimaan's T-80 Drake and Mi-24D Hind-D will be utilised by the main faction but with clearence of Sub-Factions from the main faction's respective Command Center.

I'll try and figure out on how to utilise this idea.

-- SmasherJackson --

With this type of style yes. Osuma "Thrax" Deathstrike and Rodall Juhziz will have the same style as Sheik Solimaan will have, but it'll be hell of a task to code into the mod. But its worth a shot trying it out.

Ideas on making some things like the Shilka for the Harbinger and the Drake for the Puma will do good for various parts like command set changes; also this will apply for the other generals within all factions. Infantry from the sub-factions will also recieve changes such as the Stealth Rebels from the Stealth General will apply to the Normal Rebels, Cannon Rebels into Bazzoker Troopers.

I'll explain more on this soon.

RE: Sheik Solimaan, 09/04/2012

About Solimaan, we could have him with a turbine with a long beard & maybe a dark brown/black suit, showing his wealth to his followers and showing his support to many oil tycoon investers, but we don't want to have a Bin Laden look-a-like as a character for Solimaan, but we can utilise this idea as inspiration.

For the current picture which is a placeholder for Solimaan, it will added for Asliraf Masori.

-- SmasherJackson --

About the Forth Reich of Yuri

I got confused on what colour should the 4th Reich should have. Maybe we should keep purple rather than just brown, Russian Resistance forces will keep the brown. The brown on the vehicles are the faction's colour to identify their faction origin; I'll change borders on the 4th Reich's units to Purple, but keep the vehicle's skin apart from house colour brown.

About the Kirov, yee I kinda rushed the skin on the baloon part. I might of screwed it up, maybe remake the skin and have some shark's eyes and teeth on the front (Like Red Alert 3's Kirov).

-- SmasherJackson --

Re: Turn-based Strategic Role Play Game

Well, I don't have a clue about what this type is, can you explain it in detail but not complex? I can send you some models of several units (Plus renders if you want) in a final big file with a Red Alert 3 Blank template.

-- SmasherJackson --


There is a FinalBIG editor which might still prove handy, but I don't have a clue if it'll do good. Its what I mostly use for the mod to get skins for vehicle models etc etc.You can FinalBIG 0.36.

I'll send you the Red Alert 3 Blank Template soon.

-- SmasherJackson --

Of course I know how to open Shockwaves .big files, but the thing is I don't have the mod or ROTR on my PC at the moment so i'm currently using things which isn't Shockwave or ROTR at the moment, but once I get a chance to ask permission to use their models, i'll start posting them.

Also I understand how the basics on the TBRPG are played btw.

-- SmasherJackson --

M60 Patton

About that M60 Patton Tank, yeah go ahead and model one of those, it'll do good for an EMTV Inc. purchasable vehicle in the mod. I don't have any statistic ideas for it yet but I'll think of something.

-- SmasherJackson --

About its turret, i'll agree, it'll be such a pain & thorn in the ass to model. I will agree on basing its turret like the Cold War Crisis version with ya, A M60A3 Patton would be nice to use for time being.

-- SmasherJackson --

About the Mantis/Predator/Tourcher

I'll agree, maybe the Three tanks are kinda basic. But soon, i'll be adding some additional features and some other things to all three tanks within all three operating factions.

  1. For the Tourcher, maybe i'll add in some assortments of Nuclear base equipment along with various other things for its EMP mode when it switches modes when in combat.
  1. The Predator Tank's skin will be retoned to match with other USA Vehicles; but however I might recreate its cannon and maybe some other parts which will make it more a futuristic modification for its model.
  1. However, the Mantis will have various modifcations such as maybe a medium sized cannon. The Flare launcher and even an infra-red camera sight will be added onto its model.

If you wish to see something added into the three tanks, tell me on my talk page.

-- SmasherJackson --

Others - Templar Skin - Branches

Ey Metalic, can you remind me on what things the USA's version of the Templar required for skin fixes? I'm still testing it out ingame to make sure that its weapons work properly. Also I am agreeing on seperating the Mantis/Predator/Tourcher tanks into single pages, I was thinking that all three together would be confusing.

I was thinking of the Radioactive-Magnetic Weapons Branch with both parts together since they could be a special weapons branch for Yuri's forces. So for a time being, we'll need to think of some sectors for the New Andes Armada, but don't add the page yet until I get everything set up (Story, Weapons etc etc), but what I may do at the moment is I could add in a quick template of some units to get it started.

EDIT: Also I fixed the Service Entry parts for the Crusader Leopard tank, so it dosn't conflict with the Grizzly.

-- SmasherJackson --

Patton & RA3 Icons

Well Crap, I totally forgot about those RA3 Icons and the Patton, sorry about that Metalic. I'll get those sorted soon, since I got back from Wales I'll need abit of time to get settled back in, but I'll send you the Red Alert 3 template soon as possible, i'm deeply sorry about the long wait pal.

Sorry :S

-- SmasherJackson --

RE: Alternate WW2

About the Alternate WW2 idea, Its not for a project or anything; but there might be a possible chance for this idea to come into action for Red Alert 3 further on as Reign of Conflagration goes on. But I had read your suggestions and other things and changed the following things:

  • I might not of seen the TOG-2 Spartan as a Super-Heavy Tank, but i'll replace that with the M26 Pershing since I given the CoN the T-28 Tank as the faction's super-tank when they reach top tier.
  • Replaced the Geschutzwagen V with the Sturmpanzer III/IV.
  • But I did add some things such as the Tiger I, changed Alexander to Sasha Aleksandrova for the Red Army's hero unit since you helped clean up on the Russian surname and various things.
  • Changed Object-274 Cobra to Panzer VIII (Maus)
  • I have made some additions to the fan fiction factions with the units you said in my Talk Page
  • About the T-38 Romanov, its based off this tank used during World War II.
  • I changed the T-28 Terminator to the ZSU-28 Terminator. Its design is based off the actual tank here but will have anti-aircraft weapons instead of a tank gun or a machine gun.
  • About the Sturmovic, I found that Shturmovik was actuly a name for the Ilyushin Il-2 Fighter, but I might be running out of ideas for names.

I hope that I helped clear, I don't usually reply with big lists from various other topic but i'll make an exception this time. However, I might be losing on some names but I'll try and think harder next time.

-- SmasherJackson --

Other Mods

I appreciate people discussing other mods on the wiki, you and your friend are allowed to discuss another mod on the wiki, make some fan fiction for the wiki if you wish go nuts! :D

Just a small thing by the way, its not Second Eurasian War in some areas, its actuly Second Eurasian Conflict. Thought I bring that because I have seen that on some places of the wiki, don't worry I ain't angry or upset because of this, just want to bring that up.

-- SmasherJackson --

Suggestions & RE:Reich's sub-faction units

The Metal-Storm Launch System, I would add this for the United States or the New Andes Armada. Maybe a missile launcher prototype unit which uses the system, this would do good for the mod.

Electromagnetic Reactive Armour, I don't think another mod has used this thing before, but it'll be good for several of the Reich's tanks during a skirmish mission or in a campaign, I might be thinking of allowing the armour upgrade known as Electromagnetic Shock Armour, tier 3 and upgrades all tanks in the reich with this equipment. Tell C&C_FOREVER these ideas will serve well, i'll add these into the mod.

About the ZSU-57 Tigoda, I found a public model by The_Hunter which we can use for the 4th Reich of Yuri's but I'll need to recolour the skin from beige to brown plus do some modifications to some various parts of the tank, before I do that, i'll ask permission to use and modify.

I added the T-77 Fox to the Stronghold General to save you some time deciding where it'll work well with, that concept art of the Lysenko RAD Tank, she looks a beauty. Maybe we should count this as a superunit for the sector or for the faction.

-- SmasherJackson --

RE:Reich's sub-faction units

I understand now, about his ZSU-57, it uses an original texture which he made. Maybe instead of using their skins, I was thinking maybe we can modify some skins we can find in the generals textures .big files we can make our own skins to fit future models like the T-55 Anvil and the ZSU-57.

-- SmasherJackson --

About the activity, images & icons

Hey Metalic, sorry for to interupt but I have been adding some Icons to several units in the wiki, some of these icons are actuly cameos these are mostly done by myself, Waywatch and SharpShark and I was thinking of adding them into the units respective pages show people what their icon will be and what it'll be when people play the modification.

PS. Sorry of I was spamming with small icons.

-- SmasherJackson --


About the Juggernaut, remake the cannon and the stabilizing arms if you wish to, I'm going to do a model for the Mark.II version (Which will be utilised as the main artillery), the Mark.I is used in small reserve parts of the Commonwealth and also used widely by the GLRF as a backup vehicle.

On the Red Alert 3 theme cameos for ZH, nice idea there. Maybe later on during development we can do a set of cameos using that theme plus maybe some styles of cameos from various games.

-- SmasherJackson --

About the Brawlmaster/Battlemaster mixup, I have fixed the problem and moved the Battlemaster Tank to the original part of China's army and replaced the mixup with the Brawlmaster. Thanks for pointing that out, I didn't see that one.

-- SmasherJackson --

For the Firefly, there will be a small flame streamer on either its chassis or turret which will alow the tank to attack enemy units later on when we begin to model it; the streamer which will be added on will make the firefly not just a tank which can just use a fire cannon but a flame streamer, to use the Firewall ability it must be near a target use its ability, Its fire cannon will have the ability to clean our garrisons if I can try and code that in.

The Sparkler, right now I am trying out a shell based attack which will be aimed at enemy aircraft. I'll be trying this for another anti-aircraft unit for testing purposes, which will make it one of China's unique anti-aircraft vehicles in its faction.

Currently for the Frog, I don't have a clue what unit we will give the name to in the game.

-- SmasherJackson --

About the Harrier

On the Harrier, about the Winter Harrier, that version will be playable along with the regular Harrier jumpjet but it will be a version which will be for snowy maps & missions in the campaign, I'll clean that up.

For the Firefly and Sparkler, I believe the Firefly will be utilised as an Urban Combat Unit whilst the Sparkler will also be another one but won't have the ability to clean our garrisons.

-- SmasherJackson --

RE: Armor Abrams

Yeah, an armoured version of the Abrams would suit good for Ironside, I was also thinking about adding something of this like that. Maybe we should add an armour upgrade for General Ironside which will add additional armour plates for all vehicles and even battle tanks, apart from the Armoured Abrams which will be a special unit for General Ironside.

Adding some additional weapons to the Abrams will make it more of a threat on the battlefield, maybe a Vulcan upgrade, a small particle and maybe even a missile launcher.

-- SmasherJackson --

RE: Scarab Super Heavy Tank

Good question, I may of forgotten about it. Currently I don't have any plans to add a wiki page for the Scarab just yet since it'll be planned for later on, its set of weapons are the following:

  1. Tri-Barreled 200mm Cannons
  2. Duel Home-Made Rocket Launchers
  3. Quadruple Anti-Aircraft Machine Guns (Will be turreted)

I will be planning to add an entry for the Scarab sometime soon sometime next week.

-- SmasherJackson --

Maybe a reference to Warhammer 40,000 would be good. But maybe abit too futuristic for the GLRF to use, I am thinking of maybe the similar design but created in a Generals format, maybe if we add in two machine gun turrets on the side of the Generals Style version of the Baneblade and also add in some salvaged armour plates.


  1. Twin-Barreled 105mm Cannons
  2. Two Turreted Machine Guns
  3. Home-Made Rocket Launchers

Its machine guns will only deal with enemy aircraft, one for anti-infantry capabilities and another small turret for dealing with enemy aircraft.

Any ideas and suggestions for the Baneblade look-a-like Scarab, tell me & I'll think about it.

-- SmasherJackson --

RE:Panther Tank

Thats a good question, I didn't know about that at first. I will be re-doing the GLA Separtists gun mantle in the tank's model same as it is, for the Martollo Cartel's version since its a knockdown built tank I want to give it a feeling that the tank is based on a restored/crude built style tank.

I'll change the GLA Seperatists gun mattle colour matching the tank chassis and turret itself.

-- SmasherJackson --

RE: Mini-Campaign?

I have been reading your message about the mini-campaign you proposed. If we make a campaign inspired by ArmA 2, Operation Arrowhead and Reinforcements as you said, it'll make this custom campaign as you said abit better and along with additional lore for the mod.

Sympathizers with Resistance in the campaign will make things good for later on when we prepare development for the campaign.

But one day when the Reich attacks, using some local rebels too, and the USTF and along with the Iron Dragon PLA joins to help the country against the big threat of Yuri. Yes it shall be a good campaign my friend ;) . For when the country will be staging attacks, they will use Russian Resistance units along with the Allied Nations, for the local rebels, I would believe either GLA Seperatist units or Russian Mafia units but it would be a good addition for the Forth Reich. I think it'll be best to play ArmA 2 CO before even thinking about adding the this in, I won't add it in yet but when your ready, tell me that you want to add it in.

-- SmasherJackson --

I'll need to buy ArmA 2, plus its expansions, or maybe watch some videos of the game to see what the campaigns and other things are like, I'll look at some reviews of the game and look at some videos of the game & its expansions when I get some time.

-- SmasherJackson --

RE: Spammer Attack

Thats a true fact. I have taken precautions and protected some of the faction pages from vandalism, we best be on our sights and make sure that we don't fall victims to mass-vandalism. By the way, I am thinking that it'll be best if we get some support in hopefully get some of our mod's members to assist with moderating the wikia.

I recently taken action & banned the vandaliser from causing any more damage.

-- SmasherJackson --

Hmm, interesting deleted other generals except Viktor Zubarov, looks like he must be a long-term troll or something similar. Maybe we can report it to the guys at Paradox & hopefully get some justice done for that foolish act.

-- SmasherJackson --

Actuly, lets try and get by without the report, the moron is already banned but we might need to be extra vigilant for anything else suspicious. But if there are more trolling acts like those who we seen earlier, we will report them.

-- SmasherJackson --

RE: Icon format

Thats good news, when I checked this morning and there wasn't any damage so it looks like we're in the clear for a tempory period thou, but we better stay alert just incase.

It will be ensured from now on that anything we upload will be on medium protection level.

I sometimes forget to add in the Icons Catagory when I upload anything related like icons for units and buildings, but i'll try and remember from now on.

-- SmasherJackson --

Lysenko Toxic Tank

Hmm, your right about the turret on the Lysenko. Maybe the tank's turret should be fixed into the turret, how about we make the RAD Cannon small by a small amount, like maybe 5 or 10 percent.

-- SmasherJackson --

What I ment decrease the cannon size by 10 percent, make it smaller by this percentage.

-- SmasherJackson --

Currently the tank looks pretty decent overall, maybe add some caps on the top of the turret, which could add some additional detail. Maybe add a small cabin on the front part of the chassis under the barrel of the tank's turret (maybe some radioactive protective gear), I'll explain more later on.

-- SmasherJackson --

You can send it to me if you want, what other models did I ask for again I am feeling abit forgetful, I done the Panther and its variants, got the Apocalypse but still need to finish that up & stuff, I just need a small reminder due to me being at college during time.

-- SmasherJackson --

I appreciate your help for the models, I'll get'em on my hard-drive when I get back from college, right now I gotta go, I'll be back for around either 4:30pm or 5pm GMT-0.

-- SmasherJackson --

RE: Typhoon Sub

I would be happy to use a model of the Red Alert 2 Typhoon Attack Sub, currently my submarine model is a basic one which is nearly similar to the regular Submarine from Red Alert 1

-- SmasherJackson --

RE: Akula Sub

I was trying to use as much of the texture as possible, but from my opinion it might of not been good. But I'll replace it with something else later on, maybe with a glass style front like on most other submarines from images and on television; Don't worry because its texture will be fixed soon, its in a beta still & ingame at the moment, it'll be sorted out soon.

-- SmasherJackson --

RE: Question

About the Templar, it isn't finished yet but I could give him the tank its current state, however it is still being worked on for the Company, USA and Andes forces in the mod but I think we can give the tank to him in its current state (with its green laser codes).

I'm good for giving him the tank to use in Blastout, your call on its condition of its models.

-- SmasherJackson --

Right, I'll add some solid barrels on & remove the laser equipment, due to Christmas coming up I maybe coming up with results abit late, I'll let you know when I get some results.

-- SmasherJackson --

Spam Alert: Red Alert Zero Pages Attacked

Hey Metalic, I havn't spoken to you in a while but I want to give an alert over something, your mate's pages for Red Alert Zero have been attacked by an anonymous user via spam. I have taken precautions and restored the pages to what they were before, I believe its that troll from the attacks earlier, I suggest you advise Hazza-the-Fox about the situation and be on alert for the spammer.

You might want to consider protecting new forum pages you or Hazza create to prevent any further vandalism, just incase.

-- SmasherJackson --

He vandalised two topics in the Red Alert Zero forums, the affected pages were Further Units and the Tech Tree, those were the only two that were affected.

-- SmasherJackson --

RE:Send Models

Yes I have the model for the GLRF Scarab, the GLA Separatist Boomer and I have one of the Hammer variants.

-- SmasherJackson --

RE: Templar

I will do something about those lights, but for the bits on the skin can you point them out for me so I can work on those? Also I appreciate the comments on the Company & Andes Templars, done those yesterday.

Also I want to tell you about the armour for the Andes version, instead of using GLA Textures I used the USA's Paladin to make it fitting for a Modern armour plating look rather than having "Scrap" like armour on'em increasing their strength.

-- SmasherJackson --

Hmm, a remade Alpha Hover Tank eh? That would help out for attempting to make HD Models for Reign of Conflagration, I actuly like this sort of idea.

Can you send me a render of the tank if you can? I might want to use this as a Mark.II version of the Grizzly Tank maybe for the Allied Nations' Type-M4Z Kanto tank.

-- SmasherJackson --

Wikia against SOPA & PIPA

Hey Metalic, I just found out something within the Wikia's community, servers will be moving due those two bills which are being looked at in the United States, there is currently a lowdown about the situation from this user, just thought I give you a heads up on the situation, there was also some wikias that have been censored right now one of these were the Elder Scrolls wikia.

If you might be planning on posting a comment on that topic, please let'em know I send my respect to the community and tell them I oppose the two bills (All-thou I'm from the UK), we did not make this wikia for nothing just to get taken down.


There is a full-scale protest which is going on at the moment, more info can be found here, to protect any content we are hosting I am blacking out the wikia for a time being until the protest is over, I'll revert any colours back onto the wiki tomorrow, sorry about the entire black layout and don't ban me plz, I done this so it is to protect Reign of Conflagration & Red Alert Zero, you may want to advise Hazza about this also.


I will continue to do some edits to several pages, don't let this black layout put you and Hazza off from adding additional edits to Red Alert Zero, but I wish to keep the pages black until 18:30pm (GMT-0) around United Kingdom time, once it gets to the time I'll restore the colour back to normal.

-- SmasherJackson --

Regard what I said earlier about the wikia blackout, I am preparing to restore it back into its previous condition before I blacked it out, but I couldn't remember what colour scheme we had earlier so I selected a new one for the wikia so again sorry if I tampered around with the colours abit.

-- SmasherJackson --

ModDB Problem

ModDB not working for you? Strange... Its still working for me but still, strange. I would suggest refreshing or wait around 5 minutes, but if you want I can post the WIP renders for the T-55 for you.

-- SmasherJackson --

If the models on the T-55 and other vehicles you specified are not completed, do not worry about a thing, timing isn't currently an issue so take it slow & steady, but I want to release a working beta of the Company of Liberty soon once I finish up adding the required upgrades and finishing up any required tweaks, so do not worry :D

About that situation with Opera, I haven't tried it out but what I do believe is FireFox or possibly Chrome might be an alternate for the problems, tried Mozilla Firefox in the past & it works well, Google Chrome could do well.

-- SmasherJackson --

Trolls & Skype

Appearently this troll who is harrassing us wants your Skype name (If you have one), he is also threatening us and pretending to be all tough when he isn't, I have deleted his talk page which shown the threat so it'll be advised if we speak to wikia support about the situation, if you wish for me to add evidence of his vandalism when reporting him I can do that.

-- SmasherJackson --

Found some unskinned buildings

Ey Metalic, I found an old website I used to visit where I usually get inspiration from my old past mod, its a website which has custom models made from EA Models, but also made some .3ds files which I can skin for the several factions, maybe I could start on Eurasia's buildings & begin adding them ingame etc.

You can find the website here, there are some planes and vehicle I could use for some units, maybe for Eurasia's Iron Golem Mech

-- SmasherJackson --

By all means, that would be good, but about the Iron Golem, I think its a two legged mech so we might stick with that configuration for a time.

But I have seen that the troll has spammed the wiki with various images, I deleted most of them before I left for college so if you can, may you bring some of the mod crew down here to help out maintain order against this moron? I would ask them but I am at college at the moment so if you can ask'em to come over and help it'll be appreciated, sorry I didn't ask this earlier but its better late than never. Cheers

-- SmasherJackson --

RE: SS Medic

I'll change the SS Medic into the Combat medic, what I may do is add an upgrade but lets not go into too much detail about the Company of Nations, it won't be worked on until we finish a release on RoC.

-- SmasherJackson --

RE: Templates

Hehe, they were on my hard-drive for some time, so I thought I add them onto here just for the heck of it, sometimes its boring just to see that plain Placeholder other.png file in their place rather than a Cameo, so I decided to add in a new variant to replace them.

-- SmasherJackson --

RE: New Wiki Format

Likewise, I'll sort the templates with the faction/unit/building information sometime this month, you're correct on the space for some of the areas of the templates, they'll need space and so on. I'll list templates with possible large spaces sometime that we can modify sometime later on so I'll check ahead of time, for now I'll need time to figure out which ones need changing or modifying.

But anyway, thanks for the heads up on the new Wiki Format, I'll take care of that from there. Cheers 

~~ SmasherJackson (talk), signed 14:55, December 9, 2013 (GMT) ~~

Hey Volte. Thanks for the Merry Christmas, hope your having a good time today, Merry Christmas :D

~~ SmasherJackson (talk), signed 12:28, December 25, 2013 (GMT) ~~

PC Space Issues, Info & a Quick Request

Hey Volte. Just a quick heads up, apparently I am having some small troubles with my PC's memory and it was saying I had around 4GB of space left. I'm deleting most of the clutter on one of my hard-drives to free up space and I'm mod files to another hard-drive to ensure they don't get lost, I do have plans to get a new hard-drive for my current PC so I can have additional space so I don't lose anything further.

Anyway onto RoC, progress is slow but I did release a Snowbike mini-mod for people to use, but however I am going to keep on updating the mod and the wiki until further notice so I can keep it in line today, I may move most of the mod files onto DropBox so I don't lose them if my PC fails again, anyway I will be making a new trailer for RoC with an updated look to the Company of Liberty, along with that I have managed to get it to work however, one more thing thou:

If you have a chance can you make me some ground vehicles for Saudi Arabia's sector of the Middle East Alliance?

Cadillac Gage Commando (Gage Ingame) - Support, Can Transport 2, Scout Unit

EE-11 Urutu - A six-wheel scout, but will pack an autocannon & anti-tank missile

SS-40 Astros II - Rocket Artillery, an alternate to the Paladin

M109A9 Paladin (M109A9 Surge Ingame) - Their self-propelled Artillery

If your busy still with friends & family, or if you need a rest its ok, feel free to take some time off still. Anyway I am still looking to release a stable build to the team and also to the community once we finish up with the testing phases, however it will be pending still.

Anyway man, take care, and hope for the best of 2014

~~ SmasherJackson (talk), signed 01:58, December 29, 2013 (GMT) ~~

RE: Model Requests

I might be able to send some models to you via DropBox. Also there are various civilian vehicles that are included ingame so it should be no problem, I may need to know what vehicles from the US Faction and what civilian vehicles you would like.

If you can give me a list, I might be able to get the skins/models for them.

Anyway, good to hear from you again :)

~~ SmasherJackson (talk), signed 18:28, January 2, 2014 (GMT) ~~

That should be no problem at all. I've sent you a first set of units from the USA to you on DropBox, I'll send you some more units to you tonight, some of the units I have sent including the Crusader, Paladin and Sentry Gun do have some minor modifications including rounder cannons, extra bits such as lights, armour plating, skin fixes and so on. I'll get the rest to you between now and tomorrow night.

Anyway, I'll let you know if anything comes up.


~~ SmasherJackson (talk), signed 19:56, January 2, 2014 (GMT) ~~

Done, updated the other file on DropBox.

By the way, I am wondering. What plans do you have for the models I have provided? I am curious on the plans that you may have for them, if its for another project its ok, some of the Models in the package were improved by me at earlier points and I have provided the TGA format of the skins for you to modify in Photoshop or something else that supports TGA format files.

Oh yeah, almost forgot this. I have downloaded the Alpha Build of Generals from ModDB and I have access to sounds, models and some other extra bits & pieces so we could use them as a base. May want to search for the Alpha build of the game on the Search Engine, but I have utilised some models for the following units so far for the factions in RoC.

Alpha Scorpion - MEA India Felon (Updated and modified)

Alpha Starlifter - ECSN Kangaroo (Modified into a VTOL)

I'll have further updates on the models at some point but anyway, I'll let you go about your business and I will let you know on anything further.

~~ SmasherJackson (talk), signed 21:04, January 2, 2014 (GMT) ~~

Possible ModDB Karma Troll

Hey V.Metallic, if you've been looking at the ModDB page for RoC, apparently theres a possible Karma troll trying to derank comments made by me and other people on some of the renders and even on some of the videos, I do not have a clue who's behind this or what I did to bring this moron to us but I do believe I may of deleted a comment that was insulting the Germans when I posted the Panzer VIII Maus, if you do go about usual business on ModDB keep an eye open for him.

I doubt its any of the older trolls or any of our older enemies but it could be likely, if you know who could be possibly behind this, let me know on here, I doubt he knows about our private chat thou but still, if you see anyone or anything suspicious on the ModDB page or our group page, let me know here & I'll take care of the rest from there.


PS, I've seen this sort of thing before, so if you know or have suspicions on who could be behind this, let me know and I'll sort it out.

~~ SmasherJackson (talk), signed 16:28, February 24, 2014 (GMT) ~~

RE:Possible ModDB Karma Troll

Thats not a problem, I think it was just a temporary problem or just an idiot trying to get attention by trying to mess up with the Karma on replies to various folks since I have been listening to the community and such but it'll be best we watch out just incase, likewise thou they are just trying to get our attention or mine that is so we shouldn't feed'em our response, but anyway I think its only a small one but by all means, we should remain vigilant just incase.

Anyway, take care man & cheers for replying.

RE: Send Models

Yes, I can get the PT Boat model from the game files, I'll upload the model to Dropbox once I get its model along with the required skins in a WinRAR archive for your use. What do you need it for by the way?

~~ SmasherJackson (talk), signed 15:45, April 19, 2014 (GMT) ~~

Sounds good, only problem is lacking damaged skins so I'd advise creating something similar to those for Tidal Wars etc etc but anyway, sounds good by all means & I might make myself a gunboat replica with the PT boat design & maybe improve said model for RoC. Anyway good luck by all means :)

~~ SmasherJackson (talk), signed 00:14, April 20, 2014 (GMT) ~~

My my, the aircraft carrier from Zero Hour? It'll take me some time to find the model of that giant vessel along with the textures but I'll get those to you on Dropbox by tomorrow evening, I've also included the aircraft carrier for the USTF's but as a buildable unit but it will be in a different style I don't want to copy off of Tidal Wars by all means, but I'll see what I can find & post it on Dropbox.

~~ SmasherJackson (talk), signed 03:11, April 21, 2014 (GMT) ~~

I see, anyway I've uploaded the Aircraft Carrier to your folder on Dropbox along with the PT Boat, and I like the idea of a drone carrier or so, the Masamune in RoC will have something similar but not like docked drones, only buildable ones here & there so it'll be sometime when we get a release with the ECSN Functional but due to the faction limit being to 15 in the game's coding, I'll do some work around and see what I can do. Anyway, do what is required for Tidal Wars with the carrier and good luck :)

~~ SmasherJackson (talk), signed 21:22, April 21, 2014 (GMT) ~~

Regarding Activity

Yep, I'm around the RoC wiki again but only doing some occasional edits since lifes been getting the way. However, soon I'll be planning on getting of my regular tools or my old PC linked up to continue development but I can't confirm when that'll come despite things going odd within my area. I'll explain more once I announce it soon.

But anyway, good to hear from you again, & cheers.

~~ SmasherJackson (talk), signed 13:57, July 29, 2016 (GMT) ~~

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