This blog will be for posting a suggestions for USA. I have some contribution for this:

While I am discussing with shark-shark, I remembered two of his models made in past which have caught my attention during a stage of my modding life about making a mod featuring many units in one faction. These units were F-15 Eagle and F-16 Falcon. I asked him about them, and he said he dont has them already. I asked this because I thought they can be somehow used there in Reign of Conflagration, thought I dont have an idea how.

What do you think about it, SmasherJackson? When I will gain them, would you found any use for them? I am also speaking with sharp-shark about his Abrams model for USTF (which is planned). By me, his Abrams is the best you can find. I will inform you about it immidiately when I will have anything new.

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