When now there are the subfactions, we should list them there.

There will be probably 5 subfactions within one major faction, that would be enough to show different tactics and all technologies.

United States Task Forces

  • General "Pinpoint" Townes, Laser General - Ground units equipped with laser projectors and hand held laser rifles or projectors, Special laser equipped Apache Gunships replace Comanches.
  • General Malcoml "Ace" Granger, Air Force General - Advanced and high-trained aircraft pilots, special airborne support, paratrooper attacks
  • General Alexis Alexander, Super Weapons General - Cheaper Particle Beam Uplink, more powerful bombs and cruise missiles, devastating ground weapons
  • General Robert "Bob" Travis Ironside, Armor General - Advanced armoured battalions, heavy armoured aircraft and ground units like the Quasar Vertigo stealth tank
  • General Jack "Armaggeddon" Burton, Special Forces General - Advanced and high-ranked light units (infantry and light vehicles), fast aerial support (attack helicopters), specialized light combat vehicles

Iron Dragon People's Liberation Army

  • General Ta Hun Kwai, Tank General - Advanced and high-trained tanks, more armoured vehicles, very limited aerial support, tank paradrop
  • General Shin "Anvil" Fai, Infantry General - Advanced and high-trained infantry, lack of heavy armour but with good firepower, better transport for all infantry divisions
  • General Tsing Shi Tao "The Nuke", Nuclear General - Extensive use of nuclear weapons and upgrades, nuclear tank engines, more devastating attacks
  • General Leiong "Tigress" Leang, Special Operations (SpecOps) General - Advanced units, great support of propaganda (being everywhere), electronic warfare
  • General Mao "Volcano" Li Chang, Flame General - Extensive use of flame units and upgrades, more powerful napalm, thermite shells for heavy units, specialized at killing garrisons from any structures (even by normal means impossible)

Global Liberation Resistance

  • Dr. Osuma Deathstrike/Dr.Thrax, Toxin General - Extensive use of toxin weapons, Anthrax Beta and Gamma, contaminations, anti-infantry specialization
  • General Zenans "Chameleon" Ozilq, Stealth General - Camouflaged buildings and infantry, better GPS scrambler, guerrilla tactics
  • General Rodall "Demolitions" Juzziz, Demolitions General - Extensive use of explosives on units, more stronger Terrorists, Demo Traps and Demo Trucks, hig explosive shells
  • Sheik Ibrahiim Omar Solimaan, Heavy Armour General - Specialization on vehicles, highest armour from GLRF, salvages replaced by addons (armour, machine guns, rockets...), stronger vehicles and aircrafts
  • General ..., Terror General - Extensive use of hallucinogen gases, terrifying effect, cheaper hijackers, stolen enemy vehicles, terrorist ambushes

Company of Liberty

  • General Johnas Buchanan - Artillery Command, heavy armed howitzers and rocket launchers, special ground units like the Maverick Paladin
  • General Louis Carver - Peacekeeper Command leader, equipped with classic and Mmdern equipment from the United Kingdom, prefers units built in his home country such as Challenger I tanks
  • General Kenji Young - Private Mercenaries as standard infantry, robotic armoured vehicles immune to radiation and toxin substances and advanced infantry battalions
  • General Julius Jackson - Leader of the Special Cover-Ops commander, special units in his force such as advanced Stealth and aircraft, Commando Acolytes as standard infantry
  • Commander Dane Clarence - Prefers his units to go equipped with Gauss Cannons when out on the battlefield, most vehicles come with Gauss weapons, including the Gun Turret

Forth Reich of Yuri

  • Marshall ..., Rush General - To be added...
  • General Lev Vladimirovich Potemkin , Stronghold General - To be added...
  • General Viktor Yuryevich Zubarov, Ballistic General - To be added...
  • General Nikita Yekaterinovna Gavrilova, ElecMag General - To be added...
  • General Mstislav Olegich Voronin, Radioactive General - To be added...

Eurasian Commonwealth Security Network

  • C23R1, Secret Weapons General - To be added...
  • Seth Andreas, Robot General - To be added...
  • Sarubo Matsuka, Cybernetic General - To be added...
  • General Shigaru Yoko, Walker General - To be added...
  • General Cody Jerrad, Security General - To be added...

New Andes Armada

Faction sub-group leaders to be added...

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