If you have any ideas or suggestions for the modification, or maybe you want to post an issue about a bug in the modification once its released, you can post'em in this here blog. Help on how to install the mod maybe avaliable, but it'll be around once its sorted.


Feel like that you got ways to help improve the modification, such as new units, balancing, abilities for units or maybe additional lore for the wars ahead for our factions in Reign of Conflagration? Feel free to tell us & we'll make a consideration to add or not.


Feel theres something wrong with a unit, a building, an ability or something else? Feel free to send us a suggestion to the members of Reign of Conflagration. We'll try and make something to meet the standards you wish to see.


When the mods out, the fun of war and fighting begins. But however, we may still come across some issues and bugs within the development. But if you have found any issues, a bug or maybe a problem with something in the mod, contact us and we'll sort out the problem in a patch after several weeks of release.

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