United States Task Forces
America Placeholder
The current emblem of the United States Task Forces
Formation 1983

Washington, D.C. Flag of USA Small

Faction Color Blue
Allies Allied Nations

Company of Liberty
New Andes Armada
Iron Dragon PLA
Middle East Alliance
Eurasian Commonwealth

Enemies Global Liberation Resistance

Forth Reich of Yuri

Type of Faction Offshore Marine & Ranger Force
Leaders High Commander Sears Nollis

General James Soloman

Officers General Charles Townes

General Malcolm Granger
(Air Force)
General Alexis Alexander
(Super Weapons)
General Robert Ironside
General John Burton
(Special Forces)

Special Weapons High-Tech Weapons

Sonic Weaponary
Laser Weaponary
Plasma Weaponary

Strategies Air Strikes

High-Tech Attacks

Strengths Powerful Air Force

Advanced Ground Units

Weaknesses Less Infantry Options


Status Ingame

Original Units Ingame
New Units Being Added

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Deployment History

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Future Modernization

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Combat Units

All-thou their combat regiments are one of the biggest within the United States' main regiments, the United States Task Forces have one of the biggest regiments of combat units including infantry, ground vehicles and aircraft which allows the USTF to become one of the biggest factions serving their allies across the world if there are some countries that require assistance.

Infantry Forces

Cameo Name Description
USA Ranger Icon Riot Ranger

The latest regiment of the Ranger force, the Riot Ranger is a specialist combat agent which is equipped with an ACR with a riot shield to defend themselves from enemy units, they can recieve flashbang grenades to clear out buildings of enemy infantry.

Replacing standard rangers on the frontlines, the Riot Ranger no longer uses a standard issue US M16A4 for all attacks since the ACR is new and advanced, also being equipped with a riot shield he can deflect bullets and thrown objects from infantry.

America Placeholder Laser Ranger

Replacing the regular Missile Ranger regiments on the field for anti-vehicle attacks, the new Laser Ranger regiments are the latest forces for the USTF equipped with a laser projector with a specialist targeting paint system.

On the battlefield, Laser Rangers can super-charge their laser projectors to fire at a faster rate and cause more damage to any enemy vehicles in their sights, however upon successful attacks on enemy units the projector will need to cooldown for a specific amount of time before they be used again.

American Missile Ranger Icon Missle Ranger

Iconic for being the main anti-vehicle and anti-air operative when the First Eurasian Conflict was ongoing, Missile Rangers are equipped two shoulder mounted rocket launchers for combat, an SMAW III Launcher for vehicles and FIM-92 Stingers for aircraft.

During the first conflict, Missile Rangers were known to also utilise the SMAW III's laser sight system that can allow full-scale damage against enemy vehicles, firing at a faster rate than its usual rate, they can be called in via Paratroopers protocol and are also good for defense of bases.

American Bio-Hazard Agent Icon Bio-Hazard Agent

Not mainly equipped for the battlefield but can deal with various hazards such as Biological substances, Toxins & Radiation in many regions, Bio-Hazard Agents are mainly equipped with a cleaning spray that can remove these hazards.

Unarmed, not armoured but at the same time protected under the geneva convention code, Bio-Hazard Agents like several medics from various factions are considered non-combatants so all equipped soldiers must stand down whilst in various areas if agents are at work, the GLRF tend to break that rule.

American Pathfinder Icon Pathfinder

Scout regiments, equipped with an M110 Semi-Automatic sniper system unlike the aging M24 sniper rifle, Pathfinders are the eyes of the USTF and primary scout infantry that can reveal any nearby enemy infantry within their range.

They are equipped with a laser target system that can allow the infantry to get a one shot precision shot against infantry, once the shot is fired there is a cooldown for when they can go for another round, lucky enough they can still take on infantry since their rifles are advanced than the older bolt-action snipers.

America Placeholder Marine

Serves the base of the USMC forces, Marines are secondary operatives that serve as the USTF's primary attack force if the Ranger corps isn't available.

Marines are equipped with the robust and famous M4A1 unlike Riot Rangers, they are also equipped with grenade launchers by default and do not use flashbangs, however they are equipped with capabilities if there are anti-infantry roles to carry out.

America Placeholder Paratrooper

Reservist operatives, equipped with classic M16A4 rifles instead of standard issue ACR rifle for combat, also not using a mounted grenade launcher, Paratroopers are the USA's second line of self defense that saw service since the 40s.

All-thou they do not have any special perks such as capturing buildings or using grenade launchers, they are capable of using a select fire mode that can allow them to fire 3 rounds at enemy forces at long range or a full 30 round magazine.

America Placeholder Military Lieutenant

Light armed, but at the same time primary officers on the field of battle to command forces nearby, Military Lieutenents are the USA's main officers equipped with an M4 carbine and M9 pistols for self defense, whilst at the same time he can call in airstrikes.

All-thou capable of calling in airstrikes and reinforcements when times get rough, soldiers near any Military Lieutenents can be buffed to fight harder against his enemies, all-thou equipped with flak vests they can survive a punishment from small-arms fire.

America Placeholder Airborne Commando

Battlefield experts equipped with light machine guns with a set of frag grenades to use for use against light vehicles, the Airborne Commando isn't trainable at any Boot Camps but they can be called in anytime through the Airborne Paratroopers protocols.

Available at level 3, these operatives can be good for defense of important installations or civilian towns, Airborne Commandos are rare on the battlefield but they are very skilled in combat that vehicle operators cannot run them down.

American Navy SEAL Icon Navy Seal

Naval versions of Airborne Commandos, the Navy Seal is an agent capable of swimming across the water and reach any area without any problem, equipped with an MP5 and is also capable of deploying a 50. caliber nest to attack enemy forces.

Along with his primary capables of using a machine gun for roles in self defense and pressing attacks, Navy Seals of the USTF can also use demolition charges to destroy enemy vehicles and any buildings, but don't do much damage unlike Bruce's charges.

American CIA Agent Icon CIA Agent

Counterparts of Saboteurs and Spies, equipped with a pistol or a shotgun to take on nfantry, CIA Agents are the keys to for the USTF's infiltration forces if they are needed to spy on enemies or tamper with structures and enemy war machines.

Well suited for various environments, also at the same time not engaged automatically unless they attack first or spotted by any scout units, CIA Agents can get past enemy forces like regular civilians but at the same time they can be deadly at all ends.

American Pilot Icon Pilot

Operates all ground vehicles and aircraft, Pilots serve as the core for operating all needed vehicles that are used by the USTF and the sectors, if a vehicle with combat level ranging from small time Veterans to Heroic, pilots will eject from that vehicle.

If they do eject from a vehicle that ranges from Veteran to Heroic rank, that particular Pilot can utilise his skills for another vehicle or aircraft to make them more powerful against enemy units, they are also primary targets

American Brute Willis Icon Bruce Skyhawk

Replacing former US Colonel John Burton after he recieved a promoted to General of the USA's Special Forces Sector, new USTF Colonel, Bruce Skyhawk takes stage for leading forces of the army to the frontlines and ensure peace.

Equipped with a minigun as a primary weapon, along with this he can also use a combat shotgun and a knife as second and third weapons if survival is needed, he is also capable of planting C4 demolition charges if a structure is needed to be destroyed or if an ambush would be suitable.


Cameo Name Description
America Placeholder Builder Drone Replacing the DUDE Bulldozers in service for the United States Task forces, the Tenzai-51 Builder is a construction drone that can build bases and clear up explosives. It is also immune to biohazards such as radiation and biological substances, making it good for use.
USA Stubber Cameo Stubber Drone A sentry drone useful for scouting and spotting enemy forces out in the battlefield, the Tenzai-47 Stubber is a fast response drone that can be upgraded with a laser cannon for better effectiveness against enemy units, but at a cost of a recharge.
American Healer Icon Healer Drone First unveiled as a prototype back in 2014, but set for production for 2019 due to cutbacks on funding in Japan due to the GLA Landings in Japan, the Tenzai-53 Healer is a medical drone that can heal nearby soldiers, clear up any hazards and attack light threats.
American Welder Drone Welder Drone Excellent for repairing vehicles, not mainly for combat but can still be used if emergencies come up for the USTF, the Tenzai-59 Welder is a repair drone that can repair vehicles that are ordered to move into the drone, it is equipped with a welding torch anti-ground is optional.
American Bronx Drone Icon Bronx Drone Works as a tier 1 anti-vehicle, the Tenzai-61 Bronx is a small recon like combat drone which can be deployed during early parts of battles that can vital for USTF Commanders, can launch 6 rockets at enemy units making it good for first attacks on enemy forces.
America Placeholder Griffin Drone Equipped with light anti-aircraft machine guns and a small flashbang grenade launcher, the Tenzai-62 Griffin is a combat support drone that can provide anti-air cover and defense against enemy infantry & garrisons, once Flashbang grenades are acquired at the Boot Camp the Griffin will be ready for deployment

Ground Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
American Snowbike Icon Snowbike

Found to be used by the USA's specialist Artic Patrol Rangers unit for fighting enemy forces in various snowy areas of the world, the Snowbike is a light and unarmoured scout vehicle equipped with machine guns to deal with infantry and weak vehicles.

This vehicle isn't known to be operating on dry land but several Snowbikes were found to be transported by various transport truck convoy runs, which led to some of these being stolen by various terrorist factions for use against the USA.

America Placeholder Humvee Combat Scout

Introduced in 1984, the M707 Humvee is a classic combat scout vehicle equipped with a machine gun, along with this all Humvees at anytime can attain a TOW launcher separately since all Armour Facilities will now provide upgrades for the Abrams.

All-thou this setback can be abit annoying, but however since the M707 Humvee is widely used by the USTF's forces it can be equipped with a TOW launcher anytime, it is capable of infantry to use fireports to fire out of the vehicle to provide cover fire.

America Placeholder Dolphin Armoured Scout Vehicle

Armoured scout and security personnel vehicles, equipped with a machine gun and a TOW launcher with a grenade launcher as an optional extra, M1117 Dolphin ASVs replace several Humvees on the battlefield as scout forces, also capable of carrying 4 infantry.

Without fireports unlike the Humvee is capable of, but packs heavy armour plating for a tier 1 patrol vehicle it is known to be good for extensive defense until tanks arrive, they can also be utilised for water based attacks and also for water crossing to flank enemies.

American HEMTT Icon HEMTT Multi-Role Vehicle

Off-road cargo trucks, upgradable and also known as the Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck, this vehicle was extensively used as a multi-role force vehicle that can be useful for spotting enemy units, defensive roles and transporting infantry to battles.

Since the truck is capable of multi-role purposes, the vehicle can utilise a radar system to spot enemy forces and also provide full battlefield coverage, transport infantry and attack light enemy units and its ultimate upgrade for combat can make it a fully functional Patriot Missile Platform, allowing it to damage heavy and units

America Placeholder Abrams Main Battle Tank

Coming back into action after it was temporally phased out by the USTF for modernisation, the new M1A3 Abrams battle tank is an icon of United States design and technology which made it a threat to many modern tanks, it can be upgraded to use a laser cannon.

All-thou it was phased out and replaced by the Predator, Grizzly and Leopard tanks as the Abrams was being upgraded to suit the modern environments today, after its modernisation the tank saw action on the field today when it re-entered service in 2026.

American Paladin Icon Paladin Heavy Tank

A heavy tank built first introduced in 2023, equipped with a rifled cannon with a point defense laser to stop incoming rockets, the M6A2 Paladin today is still used by the USTF to support Abrams tanks, it can be acquired through a generals promotion.

It isn't present in the Ace Air Force Sector due to the tank being replaced by the new M14A8 Reaper, the tank today is still an armoured tank not to messed with since it is an advanced AFV to take on enemy units, also the PDL makes it good for defense.

American Avenger Icon Avenger Anti-Air Humvee

Evolved from the classic AN/TWQ-1 Avenger, the new laser armed and advanced M1097 Avenger is equipped with a set of anti-air laser systems to take on enemy aircraft, also capable of bypassing any type of counter measures employed by other factions.

The new Avenger is equipped with a target designating system that can increase the rate of fire of any friendly units attacking any ground unit on the battlefield, this can help all forces travelling next to the new Avenger clear out any obsticles & enemy units.

American Rattler Icon Rattler MLRS

Modern day rocket artillery, built for suppression if other artillery is not available, the new M882 Rattler built by EMTV Inc. is a new suppression artillery equipped with a battery to engage in any or all siege operations, they can also be useful for attacking vehicles.

All-thou the Rattler is $400 cheaper than Tomahawk launchers for battlefield deployment, they are useful for long range missions if any USTF commanders are working at a budget, the artillery can be upgraded with laser guided rockets for better effects and better results in terms of damage and base destruction.

American Tomahawk Icon Tomahawk Ballistic Missile Launcher

Ballistic missile launchers first comissioned in 2018 to combat GLA operated SCUD Launchers, the M1804 Tomahawk can launch a missile at enemy forces with specified co-ordinates from the field command, all-thou they can be expensive to operated.

One notable downside of the Tomahawk is that it is equipped with lightweight but medium weight armour, it cannot last long against against enemy tanks or aircraft which made these launchers easy targets, Composite Armour and tank escorts can enhance the launcher's use and survival whilst it is deployed in battle.

American Quasar Vertigo Icon Quasar Vertigo Stealth Tank

An Mk.II version of the classic Vertigo stealth tank, the new and improved M7A5 Quasar Vertigo is equipped with better systems and also comes with a pulse cannon with a set of rocket pods to fend off enemy units and is more mobile.

The new version of the Vertigo is more expensive than its older counterpart, it can be unstable at times due to its vunerable power core systems on the back of the tank but it can hide to make any repairs, it can be useful for suprise attacks thanks to its stealth.

America Placeholder Templar Heavy Laser Tank

First commissioned in 2011 as the X10A4, the M10A4 Templar is a large and heavy tank which can crush enemy vehicles and use a pair of lasers to take on enemy forces, the tank was a response to the GLA's Scarab super tank since it was a threat to all security.

Once acquired through a promotion, the M10A4 Templar can be used by all USTF military sectors to take on enemy forces for roles of defense and offense, it is equipped with an PDL system that can stop incoming rockets and missiles used from infantry and vehicles


Cameo Name Description
America Placeholder Atlantica Superheavy Tank

Ultimate pieces of ultra heavy armour with 2 turrets for dealing with enemy forces at the same time, the M49A22 Atlantica is the USTF's ultimate war machine if time goes rough for various units and also armed forces during the course of war, to counter any heavy losses of armed forces this new tank is the answer.

Being one of the largest tanks in the USTF, even outmatching the M10 Templar tank for dealing with many enemy forces at the same time, it does have some flaws and weaknesses that any enemy forces can exploit at some point, all-thou this is rare since Atlantica Super tanks are deployed only in emergency cases.

Its weapons and armour consist of 155mm rifled cannons to take on ground forces, mounted ballistic launchers and even a set of anti-aircraft machine guns with a separate turret mounted on the tank's primary turret, allowing it to take on ground units whilst at the same time dealing with targets far away and aircraft, the tank also comes with thick composite armour that makes the Atlantica one of the heaviest super-tanks in the USTF.


Cameo Name Description
American Comanche Icon Comanche Reconnaissance Helicopter

Mainly replacing the AH-64 Apache gunships in all USTF sectors with the exception of the Laser Energy Weapons unit, the RAH-66 Comanche Recon Helicopter is now a former prototype that has finally after years of a long hiatus.

Now being in service and being in production, the helicopter is equipped with a M230 chain gun with hellfire rockets to take on enemy tanks, capable of equiping a stealth system it can be suitable for ambushing enemy forces.

USA Chinook IconUSA Combat Chinook Icon Chinook Supply Helicopter

Being a supply carrier and transport with an armed combat edition available exclusive for the Ace Airforce Sector of the USA's armed forces, the CH-47 Chinook helicopter is a long serving and still useful helicopter that has recieved various upgrades and also newer variants being built.

The CH/A-47 Chinook is a defensive and supply transport variant that is equipped with a 50. caliber machine gun with M260 rocket pods, allowing it to attack enemy units and also allowing it to operate in harsh environments if enemy units are common, being equipped with weapons it can clear any landing zones before it can land.

America Placeholder Blackhawk Transport Helicopter

Vietnam War era legends, equipped with a door mounted minigun for defense and attacking purposes, the classic but still operational UH-60 Blackhawk is a combat support role helicopter that can be useful instead of Chinooks.

At any point during a battle, a UH-60 can be upgraded from having a minigun into being armed and ready, unlocking the S-60 configuration to turn it into a Battlehawk helicopter for mainstream combat like the USTF operated Apache and Comanche helicopters.

American Harrier Icon Harrier Attack Jumpjet

A classic, based on the British Hawker Siddley Harrier, the AV-8B Harrier II is a classic VTOL fighter that was first introduced into the United States Air Force in 1981 during the Cold War, it is equipped with machine guns and rockets.

Acting like a helicopter with being a jet fighter, it will require space at any USTF Airfield to refuel and re-arm to ensure it can go on another attack run, along with this the Harrier is still a famous VTOL for its service from the Cold War.

American Raptor Icon Raptor Jet Interceptor

Flown in the late 90s as the YF-22 as a prototype, turned into a mass produced fighter 1996 to 2005 to counter the Russian built Su-25 & MiG-29, the F-22 Raptor is a fifth generation fighter used by the USTF as a main fighter.

It is a fighter known to be operated by only the USA due to a ban on exporting the aircraft to foreign nations, however it has seen action across various past wars and conflicts for defense and invasions.

Currently due to restrictions including the ban on exporting the F-22 Raptor the plane is only used by the United States Air Force, some factions operating in America such as the Allied Nations & the Company of Liberty, some have been used by the peacekeeper factions for various missions.

America Placeholder Lighting SVTOL Jumpjet

Developed for the Joint Strike Fighter Program in 2000 but retired into a full-production variant in 2006 and replacing the Harrier jumpjet, the F-35 Lightning II is a SVTOL jet designed to take the roles for jumpjet roles.

Currently set for various missions, the Lightning is mainly used by the Ace Airforce Sector as a backup fighter for the advanced F-22B King Raptor, along with this it has the best type of equipment all-thou being advanced than their aging AV-8B Harrier cousins.

American Nighthawk Icon Nighthawk Stealth Fighter

Built to hide in the shadows of the cloud, also to attack any enemy positions if required, F-117 Nighthawk are stealth fighters equipped with a set of laser guided bombs it can take on enemy base defenses and also to clear the way.

Upgradable to equip Bunker Buster munitions and also capable of diverting missiles, despite being initially retired in 2008 for saving costs on operation and acquiring a newer set of aircraft, F-117 Nighthawks were brought back into service in 2016 after China was attacked by GLRF forces.

USA B-44 Aurora Icon Aurora Supersonic Bomber

Supersonic, designed to go into bombing runs at speeds for evasive maneuvers once it begins a run, the B-44B Aurora is the USTF's finest high speed bomber that has replaced various super sonic bombers in the Air Force today.

Equipped with high explosive bombs, can go fast once pilots operating them have been ordered to attack enemy forces when ready, B-44B Aurora bombers entered service with the USTF in 2021 as of procedures to modernise the fleet of the United States Air Force, making the Aurora common.

American A-10 Icon Thunderbolt Ground Attack Gunship

First introduced in 1977 with over 700 built between 1972 and 1984, the A-10 Thunderbolt II is a gunship designed to attack ground units with a gatling cannon and a set of 6 Hydra rockets to take on any threats if needed.

All-thou plans to replace the aircraft with F-35 Lightning IIs this could set a major setback for the air force, currently the aircraft is used by the USTF to keep any ground threats to a minimum.

Currently it is known to be operated in limited numbers due to cost to keep them running, they are known to take part in a series of A-10 strikes against enemy forces.

American AC-130 Icon Spectre Heavy Combat Gunship

Heavy hitters, the strong and still powerful gunships of the United States since introduction in 1968 during the Vietnam War, AC-130H Spectre is currently the USTF's strongest variant of the classic Spectre in service.

Out of 6 variants, 5 versions of the gunships are currently in service with the AC-130H variant being used, currently it is in the process of being replaced by a new gunship for all runs, the AC-150 Death Bringer, despite the Spectre age and technology it is still active as a reserve gunship.

America Placeholder Death Bringer Superheavy Gunship

The next generation of airborne combat support replacing regiments of the AC-130H Spectre in the future, the new and advanced designed AC-150 Death Bringer today is a gunship equipped with new electronics & more weapons to strike fear into the opponents that opposed the USA.

Equipped with laser cannons & a plasma howitzer that can scar battlefields with fire, the AC-150 Death Bringer is a more expensive & heavy armoured airborne gunship active today in USTF service, along that the gunship can deploy its wings for stability when attacking any ground units.

American C-130 Icon Hercules Cargo Plane

One of many aircraft still active after the Cold War, and still in service today, the classic C-130 Hercules one of many known airlifters from back in the day when it replaced the old C-119 Boxcar, it is known as a hero today.

Being used for supply runs and paratrooper runs, today the C-130 and also its AC-130 Spectre variant is still active in all sectors of the USTF today, some have been replaced by newer, stable and tougher C-17 Globemaster III planes.

America Placeholder Globemaster Heavy Cargo Plane

Replacing several C-130 Hercules planes in the air force due to being stable and tough, the C-17 Globemaster III is a heavy cargo plane with an inspiring ocean camouflage & is capable of transporting units in airborne paradrops.

All-thou it'll replace the Hercules for Airborne Paradrops on the battlefield, C-17 Globemasters can drop a set of specialist commando forces into battle at anytime, the plane can be seen only in rare instances at some point during any battles, but however they can survive harsh punishment if the aircraft gets attacked by enemy forces.

America Placeholder Blackbird Airborne Recon Aircraft

Originally retired in 1998, but brought back into service for reconnaissance and also to keep eyes on enemy forces at a high pace, SR-71 Blackbirds serve as the spy planes of the USTF and an essential for scouting missions.

Since the aircraft has been known for a record of being the fast air breathing manned aircraft in its history, today newer variants of the Blackbird have been built to suit today's requirements and enviromnents for various needs.

American B-52 Icon Stratofortress Strategic Bomber

Still in service after over 70-80 years since introduction, the B-52 Stratofortress is a known legend that has been used extensively for operations during the Cold War and even the Vietnam War, today its still used for various wars.

Currently the B-52 is known to be used for Carpet Bombing runs to Fuel Air Bombings, despite them aging and the B-52 bring the oldest in the USTF's airborne fleet, several have been reserved for other missions with others being retired to keep them used for historic and preservation purposes.

American B-2 Icon Spirit Stealth Strategic Bomber

Modern, fast and equipped with radar observing paint, the high speed B-2 Spirit is a strategic stealth bomber that can be more effective than the aging B-52 Stratofortress, it is good for various runs including carpet bombing.

Equipped with a modern design, along with capabilities of going into bombing runs at speeds and being hidden from any enemy forces, B-2 Spirit bombers have been known to be called in for MOAB strikes whilst being hidden, but if the bomber gets spotted by scouts it can get compromised.

UAV Drones

Cameo Name Description
America Placeholder Lincoln Bomber Drone To be added...
America Placeholder Sentinel Spy Drone

A spy drone, but however known to cause controversy due to their use and some being captured, the RQ-170 Sentinel is a drone that can be launched from an airfield to spy on enemy forces if desired, also being stealthed from enemy units.

With many other drones, it is mainly un-armed but it does come equipped with a set of spy cameras to keep things within range to keep operations going well, also it can spot any enemy units within a surrounding area for runs to find hidden forces.

America Placeholder Shadow Launched Surveillance UAV To be added...

USTF Combat Sectors

To be added...

Ace Airforce Sector

Airforce Infantry

To be added...

Airforce Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
American Comet Icon Comet APC Carrier

Classic, common and also widely exported worldwide since newer APCS are being built, the classic M113A3 Comet is the USRF's classic but still useful armoured personnel carrier equipped with a machine gun that can be upgraded with a rotary cannon.

After its introduction in the 60s, the Comet was mass produced to its finest and is capable of transporting around 5 infantry into battle, swapping out the speed of the Humvee with the armour of a tank the vehicle is still useful for various missions, at this time a plan was announced to retire the APC in 2044.

American Predator Icon Predator Battle Tank

Widely known as the best tank used by the USTF's armed forces before being replaced by Grizzly and Leopard tanks, the classic M3A7 Predator is a battle tank that temporally replaced the M1 Abrams tanks whilst they were being upgraded.

Almost outdated, the M3A7 Predator was a mass built tank that recieved positive reactions from USTF Commanders, all-thou the tank was phased out by half of the divisions it is still active within many other sectors, one is the Ace Airforce Sector assigned to assist fellow comrades and friendly forces on the ground.

American Reaper MLRS Reaper Hover MLRS

Replaced the Paladin Tank in the Ace Airforce Sector, the new M14A8 Reaper is an effective anti-tank and anti-aircraft system that can combat enemy units with ease. Equipped with a set of rocket launchers it can cause damage against enemy forces at a massive scale, also being fast to outrun ground forces.

Being a new addition to the USTF's armed forces, this beast can also make a quick escape from almost all ground forces through going across the water, all-thou it can still be chased by several amphibious units it can still pose a danger to enemy forces.

Airforce Aircraft

Cameo Name Description
America Placeholder King Comanche Advanced Recon Helicopter

Upgraded to suit modern requirements in the Ace Airforce Sector for combat, RAH-66 Comanches in the sector have been known to be upgraded to the latest configuration, the RAH-66K with a callsign as the King Comanche.

The RAH-66K King Comanche by default is equipped with an onboard stealth system along with four extra missiles to add to its regular ones, also rocket pods once they have been acquired from upgrade protocols can fire more rockets than regular.

American King Raptor Icon King Raptor Advanced Jet Interceptor

An advanced variant of the F-22 Raptor, the next generation and ultimate F-22B King Raptor has an extended payload for better results against enemy forces, an inspiring camouflage paint coat and a point defense laser system to defend itself from rockets.

Despite being an advanced version of the F-22 Raptor, the king variant of the fighter is abit more armoured and is faster than its older brother. All-thou it is $100 more expensive than its regular variant it is still known today as one of the best jet fighters in the Ace Airforce Sector.

USA B-44 Fuel Air Aurora Icon Fuel Air Aurora Supersonic Bomber

Originally used by the Special Experimental Weapons Sector in the USTF, the B-44C Fuel Air Aurora is equipped with a light fuel air bomb that can destroy a base defense with swift precision and also being capable of going fast upon attack run.

All-thou the new Plasma Aurora Bomber is a new hypersonic bomber that is currently being developed and tested by Alexis Alexander's forces, Malcolm Granger right now uses the Fuel Air equipped bomber in place of the regular version for combat.

American Screaming Eagle Icon Screaming Eagle Long Range Bomber

Modified from the B-2 Spirit, the B-4 Screaming Eagle is a long range bomber named after American Bald Eagle as an icon for the people of the United States, it is equipped with a series of four heavy explosive bombs good for dealing with ground patrols.

Being a heavier bomber in the United States Air Force and being costly to maintain with heavy armour plating along with new & upgraded systems, the B-4 Screaming Eagle is required to be maintained and operated for battlefield deployment at USTF Heavy Airfields but it is capable of scaring enemy units with an Eagle's howl of America.

Laser Energy Sector

Laser Sector Infantry

Cameo Name Description
America Placeholder Laser Marine

Specially trained to operate the new M8A4 laser rifles, but must be turned off if travelling over water to prevent electrical faults for the other operatives, Laser Marines are the advanced counterparts of their M4A1 packing cousins in the Laser Energy Sector.

Not having a grenade launcher like with regular Marines whilst in combat, Laser Marines can charge up their laser rifles and take on light armoured vehicles within a matter of seconds, but after use it will need to cool after a barrage of 10 shots.

American Brute Willis Icon Bruce Skyhawk


Anytime during battle, Bruce Skyhawk if he is brought into the field by the USTF's armed forces to fight threats against America's will of freedom, if he is assigned with the Laser Energy Sector he will be equipped with a laser variant of the new LSAT light MG.

Despite being equipped with a laser powered LSAT MG it can still be powerful against enemy infantry and even armoured vehicles with a full laser blast, he can still plant explosive charges for usual ambush tactics and use his combat knife for close range attacks.

Laser Sector Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
America Placeholder Unknown IFV Prototype To be added...
America Placeholder Laser Crusader Battle Tank

Based on the M5A3E2 Crusader Leopard tank, but experimental at the moment, the new and latest M5A3L Laser Crusader is a variant that is equipped with a laser cannon that can cut its way through enemy armour without the need of shells.

Equipped with a laser cannon, an older version of the tank was built to be powered by the USTF's power grid but it was too costly since it was causing trouble, the new Laser Crusader is equipped with a power core, making it useful for dealing with any nearby forces on the battlefield without the need of the USTF's power grid.

America Placeholder Patton Medium Tank

Introduced in the Cold War, the M60 Patton is a medium armour battle tank named George Patton who served with the USA back during the times of World War II, it is equipped with a 105mm gun to fight enemy forces backing up their heavier Crusader brothers.

The modern version of the M60 today is equipped with a small laser projector in place of its M73 machine gun that can take on enemy infantry, it will take some time charge after it hits enemy infantry at a rate of 20 charges at a time.

Laser Sector Aircraft

Cameo Name Description
America Placeholder Apache Laser Gunship

Fully advanced, upgraded and more high tech than its older variant deployed in the 1980s for combat, the AH-64L Apache is a laser equipped variant of the classic helicopter that comes with a pair of heavy duty laser cutters for armoured threats.

Keeping its machine guns, these new laser cutters can tear up any armoured vehicle within the helicopter's range cleaning the field up with ease, despite the new AH-64L Apache being a laser equipped gunship it won't have rocket pods, also the lasers will need to cool down for a short amount of time after they fire 4 shots at units.

Special Experimental Weapons Sector

Special Experimental Weapons Infantry

Cameo Name Description
America Placeholder Pulse Ranger

Using their ACRs still, but with a special enhancement to use pulse rounds against enemy personnel, Pulse Rangers serve as primary infantry for the Special Experimental Weapons Sector capable of capturing structures, they can still use flash-bangs to clear buildings.

This special enhancement exclusive to the Pulse Ranger replaces ammo clips with a pulse ammunition pack, saving money and also the munitions required for regular weapons when in combat, the grenade launcher can also be used launch flares into the sky that can cause missiles to go haywire, good for a quick distract & escape protocol.

America Placeholder Plasma Ranger

First started as an experimental infantry corps handling new plasma weapons, but finding success, Plasma Rangers serve as primary main anti-vehicle and aircraft infantry regiment for the SEW sector instead of the Laser Ranger.

After finishing up and first deployed in 2029 to fight against enemy units with their first taste of action during the GLRF's invasion of the United States, Plasma Rangers can also overcharge their portable cannons against ground vehicles, which can also cause the vehicle to shut down and become an easy target for nearby allies to take out.

America Placeholder Storm Trooper

Equipped with armoured combat suit, a heavy duty rail gun for use in battle, Storm Troopers are heavy operatives capable of operating in harsh environments and are capable of taking on any threat ranging from infantry to vehicles.

Whilst protected against bio-hazard materials such as anthrax & even against nuclear radiation, a single Storm Trooper can take on any infantry except for snipers or commando operatives, if the troopers are in pairs they can take on regiments of vehicles but if there is any heavy armoured units more will be required.

Special Experimental Weapons Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
America Placeholder Lobster Missile Humvee

Seeing limited service in the United States Task Forces taking on light armoured threats, M713 Lobster Humvees inside the USTF is a variant of the Humvee being in service as a transport & scout in the Special Experimental Weapons Sector.

It is armed with a set of patriot launchers capable of dealing with all sorts of threats, also known to deal with any helicopters that might pose as an enemy that could get into the way, however Lobster Humvees are good for tier 1 attacks and patrol despite not having a machine gun for infantry based threats.

American Grizzly Tank Icon Grizzly Main Battle Tank

Replacing several regiments of M3A7 Predators across the USTF's regiments along with on the frontlines, M4A2 Grizzly Tanks are still in active service after they were replaced by the newer variants of the Abrams & Leopards.

Equipped with a 105mm smoothbore, being capable of having a small crew of 2, one manning the entire tank with the other the systems and automatic loaders making the Grizzly the most practical tank in the USTF, despite being replaced by the newer regiments of M1A3 Abrams & M5A3E2 Crusader Leopards.

America Placeholder Lancer Plasma Tank

Known as an experimental plasma equipped tank, the latest and recent deployed M2A2 Lancer is the world's vehicle in a lineup of vehicles to be equipped with Plasma weapons for use against enemy forces in combat.

Using data and studied technology along with co-operation from a Chinese detachment, the Charger Plasma Tech Corp built tank can lay down an arc of plasma and shoot out bursts of hot energy against enemy forces that can melt enemy infantry and scorch armoured vehicles in front, still experimental as of today.

America Placeholder Revenger Railgun Humvee To be added...
America Placeholder Sonic-Spear Sonic Tank To be added...

Special Experimental Weapons Aircraft

Cameo Name Description
America Placeholder Plasmanche Experimental Attack Helicopter

A variant of the RAH-66 Comanche, produced as a joint co-op project between Boeing/Sikorsky and Charger Plasma Tech the RAH-66B Plasmanche is a combat helicopter that can use a set of plasma based auto-cannons with a machine gun.

The second in a lineup of units co-built by Charger Corp for the United States to create plasma weapons, this new variant in the USTF is currently classed as an experimental unit but it can still be useful for dealing with enemy units in the open.

USA YB-48 Aurora Hypersonic Icon Plasma Aurora Hypersonic Bomber To be added...

USMC Shield Sector

USMC Shield Infantry

To be added...

USMC Shield Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
America Placeholder Unknown IFV Prototype

A proposed replacement for Comet APCs, Bradley IFVs and Dolphin ASVs, this new IFV is a 6 wheeled combat vehicle that is set to enter service in 2034 as part of a major overhaul for the USTF's armed forces, this new IFV is currently with the USTF's specialist Shield Sector for testing and pre-production use.

Currently the designation is classified but its weapons and other types of various details have been posted by EMTV for military and private contractors for sneak peak purposes only, currently right at this time it is unknown if the new IFV is used by other forces.

American Crusader Icon Crusader Main Battle Tank

First introduced in a lineup of tanks whilst the M1A3 Abrams was being modernised, the M5A3E2 Crusader Leopard is a tank that is advanced and is the first tank to be controlled by one operator for combat, which began a history of one man operated tanks.

Several variants of the M5A3 Crusader have been known to be in active service across the entire USTF, a laser equipped version is used by the Laser Energy sector with a Plasma Crusader being developed that can be upgraded from the M5A3E2 variant.

America Placeholder Maverick Paladin Tank

The next generation of the Paladin Tank, the new and armoured M6A5 Maverick Paladin is a heavy armoured and an upgraded version of the Paladin exclusive to the USMC Shield Sector, the tank includes better weapons and even better armour plating for extended protection against enemy forces.

All-thou Maverick Paladins are expensive to deploy since they are more high-tech than their older cousins, the tank is available at a cheaper cost for the USMC's Shield Sector for prototype testing and also for defense of all territories operated by the USA.

America Placeholder Steel Rain MLRS To be added...
America Placeholder Crossbow Railgun Tank To be added...

USMC Shield Aircraft

Cameo Name Description
America Placeholder Air Cruiser Heavy VTOL

All-thou mainly classified, but every month since 2027 when it was announced, information on the Century Air Cruiser VTOL was given out to various enthusiasts small details such as equipment and also any capabilities it will feature for upcoming future service.

Currently all we know is that its set for launch at the year of 2034 for orders and service into military forces & factions, currently the USA's USMC Shield Sector is allowed to give out small details and test the prototype VTOL outside of battle.

America Placeholder Eagle Fighter Jet

Began service in the United States Air Force in the 1970s to take primary roles of the classic F-14 Tomcat, the classic and still powerful F-15 Eagle Fighter Jet is an alternate to expensive F-22 Raptor fighters, comes with six missiles.

Accessible by the USMC's Shield Sector of the USTF and also being a good alternative to the F-22 Raptor, the Eagle is capable of being transformed into a laser guided bomber all-thou it won't be powerful unlike the B-44 Aurora.

America Placeholder Foxtrot Air Support Helicopter To be added...

Special Forces Sector

Special Forces Infantry

To be added...

Special Forces Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
America Placeholder Armour Abrams Tank

Heavier armoured versions of the USA's M1A3 Abrams battle tank, the Armour Abrams is the Special Forces Sector's best armoured forces for dealing all sorts of threats on the battlefield, the armour and protection can help the tank survive more better on the field.

The M1A3E3 Armour Abrams is a weapon that was classified for various reasons, utilised it was officially used by the special forces division on many frontlines for combat, all-thou its heavy armour is almost indestructable it can attain a laser extra damage in combat.

America Placeholder Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Introduced in 1981, the M2A3 Bradley today is an infantry fighting vehicle equipped with a chain gun launcher in place of the classic but still used M707 Humvee and the M113 Comet APC in the ranks the vehicle can transport 4 infantry in and out of battles.

Once deployed, commanders of the Special Forces Sector can equip any Bradley IFVs with any TOW Missile launcher for extra combat capabilities, allowing it to tackle light armoured threats with the chain gun to deal with infantry at the same time.

America Placeholder Goliath Self-Propelled Howitzer

First built during the Cold War as a howitzer for primary artillery attacks against enemy forces, retired until it was revived in 2023 as a Mk.II, the M110 Goliath Howitzer is a more armoured and better variant of the original artillery that can be effective at a budget.

All-thou it will require deployment to fire on the battlefield, the new and latest Goliath systems have been known to deploy in under 15 seconds, it is equipped with high explosive shells which can make it very effective but it can also be inaccurate at times.

Special Forces Aircraft

Cameo Name Description
American Predator Drone Icon Predator Missile Drone

One of many older UAVs still used within all forces of the USTF today, the MQ-1B Predator is used today by the forces under John Burton's Special Forces Division, it has replaced most of the A-10 Thunderbolts in the force but lacks a machine gun.

All-thou mostly used for spying on enemy forces, several have been modified by various scientists and even new armed units built by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems can be used for missile strikes, making it deadly for combat.

America Placeholder Global Hawk Surveillance UAV To be added...


Cameo Name Description
American Command Center Icon Command Center

The primary structure for all USTF Generals and Commanders and comes with a radar, Command Centers in the USA's armed forces are granted with access to various Spy Satellites that can allow them to uncover enemy territories from space to their maps.

After the USA's armed forces were overhauled, swapping out the Construction Dozer for a new and advanced Builder Drone the USTF Command Center can allow all commanders to call in paradrops, they are also good for calling in airstrikes.

American Power Plant Icon
American Power Plant Upgrade
Cold Fushion Reactor


Provides power to all USTF bases across the planet, instead of using Coal or Gas, Cold Fusion Reactors are cleaner than the predecessors and can provide power to all defenses required to keep bases defended from enemy personnel.

Any separate Reactors can be upgraded at anytime during any battles to activate the structures special Control Rods to provide more power, that can allow them to provide 100% extra power than standard to keep bases going.

Special versions of the Cold Fusion Reactor have been used by various sectors of the USTF, making them more powerful than the standard versions, Advanced Cold Fusion Reactors have been enlisted for the Experimental Weapons Sector to provide even more power.

American Barracks Icon Boot Camp

Trains USTF infantry for combat and support, all-thou Bio-Hazard agents can be trained at the facility at any time during any point of battles, Boot Camps serve as a primary structure for infantry deployments against enemy forces and defensive roles.

Specialists such as Navy Seals and Military Lieutenents to on the roles of combat and support, CIA Agents along with other operatives as such can be utilised for roles such as espionage to tamper with enemy bases and steal funding.

American Supply Center Icon Supply Helipad To be added...
American Drone Facility Icon Drone Facility

Tier 1 facilities, builds all remote control operated units for utility and combat roles to keep the war machine of the USTF rolling in for all missions, Drone Facilities are the primary facilities that deploys drones into combat such as Stubbers and Welders.

All drones from the facility will be powered by its radar antanae to keep them active, if the facility is destroyed at some point by any enemy forces all drones operating from the facility will deactivate until a new one is built, Builder Drones won't be effected.

American War Factory Icon Armour Facility

Deploys all ground vehicles in the USTF, Armour Facilities are the mainstay that build all operated vehicles for combat against any threats on the battlefield, they can deploy combat vehicles for various tasks, tanks and various other units.

These facilities are the primary war factories that can provide any access to the Strategy Center along with the Aircraft, once a Drone Facility is built and once a commander reaches into the next tier for combat, they can build all ground vehicles.

American Airfield Icon Airfield To be added...
America Placeholder Heavy Airfield

(Ace Air Force Sector Exclusive)

To be added...

American Strategy Center Icon Strategy Center To be added...
American Supply Drop Zone Icon Supply Drop Zone

If supplies on battlefields run out at any point, then an alternative option can be used for bringing in supplies to keep funds running for the USTF War Machine, Supply Drop Zones can be used to bring supplies in and keep the forces of the USTF running.

Every 2 minutes, a C-130 Hercules will be dispatched to drop in the supplies for extra funding, Supply Drop Zones can be used if supplies run out on any battlefield at any point, there are some rare instances that some abandoned drop zones can be captured for other factions to utilise at any point.

American Particle Cannon Icon

Particle Cannon

Futuristic superweapon, first tested in 2016 before the USTF got involved in the First Eurasian Conflict, the Particle Cannon is a special type of weapon that can fire a hot particle beam capable of destroying structures & enemy collumns.

Introduced in 2018 just in time for the USTF's enhanced field use of experimental weapons, Particle Cannons became America's primary superweapon with an advanced version of the weapon as of now being developed for the Special Forces sector.

American ICBM Silo Icon ICBM Missile Silo

(Experimental Weapons Sector Exclusive)

To be added...

American Tomahawk Storm Icon Tomahawk Storm

(Shield Sector Exclusive)

Based on the old GLA SCUD Storm, the Tomahawk Storm is a superweapon exclusive to the USMC's Shield Sector that can fire a set of 9 Tomahawk missiles at enemy forces, causing damage to bases and forces without any nuclear or biological warheads.

Equipped with high explosive missiles and replacing the sector's Particle Cannon system, the Tomahawk Storm takes some time to ready up before being able to launch at any targets on the battlefield, but at the same time it is unique to many Shield units.

Defenses Structures

Cameo Name Description
American Patriot Battery Icon

American Advanced Patriot

Patriot Missile System


The primary anti-vehicle and anti-air base defense, the Patriot Missile Systems are the USA's main defensive structures that have served the commanders and generals of the USTF since the First Eurasian Conflict.

Before the Second Eurasian Conflict, Patriot Missile Systems had an advanced version that was under development with the USA's Experimental Weapons Sector, all systems can link with one and another for better effect against enemy units.

American Laser Turret Icon Torch Laser Turret

(Laser Sector Exclusive)

Exclusive to the Laser Energy Sector, replacing Patriot missile systems for the battlefield, Torch Laser Turrets have similar patterns of combat attacks against enemy forces and is capable of attacking enemy vehicles and aircraft on the battlefield.

If deployed with many other systems next to each other, Torch turrets can also link up with each-other automatically to cause extra damage against enemy forces and can be upgraded to an advanced version, the turrets also use less power once it gains the required upgrades to their systems.

American Firebase Icon Firebase To be added...
America Placeholder Lightbringer Laser Cannon

(Laser Sector Exclusive)

Replacing the Firebase, the heavy and powerful Lightbringer Laser Cannons are heavier damage dealers to take on heavy armoured tanks, Lightbringers will require Strategy Centers to be built since they are expensive and power hungry defenses.

Despite the setbacks of being expensive and taking up power for use on the battlefield, they are heavy armoured and also known to deal heavy amounts of damage once its lasers fully charge up for maximum effects and than the Torch laser turrets.

America Placeholder Tomahawk Missile Bunker (Shield Sector Exclusive)

To be added...

Misc Structures

Cameo Name Description
American Detention Camp Icon Detention Camp

Not seen on the battlefield anymore after intelligence was shifted to the Strategy Center, Detention Camps serve as holding facilities for the most wanted criminals or prisoners of war that opposed the USTF's freedom.

Found mainly in large bases or strongholds, the facilities could be potential targets by the GLRF or the Forth Reich after several years, however thankfully security at Detention Camps operated overseas or on home soil.

Military Sectors

The United States Task Forces was more like a normal armed forces of the United States, only more independent in their actions far away from the homeland. With the First Eurasian Conflict with GLA and their Splinter Cells, the USTF decided that it should also divide its forces into Military Sectors, each specialized on different warfare, its own training methods, weapon developments and unit composition. Among them, five stands above them all as the most skilled, technologically advanced and most successful against the GLRF.

In the game, you will have one option to choose one of five current Military Sectors to assist you in your fight with the enemy. Most likely this will be accessible in the Command Center. Once you choose one Military Sector, the others will lock and you will dont have a chance to use their units. However, along with the exclusive units of each General, you will also gain access to their exclusive Support Powers which can greatly affect the battlefield and turn the tide of any fights in your favour.


Various upgrades the USA utilises, such as armour upgrades and weapon upgrades, this list below can be used by the USA's forces to enhance their capabilities when in combat.

Cameo Name Description
Capture Building Capture Building This allows Riot Rangers to capture enemy buildings, they can also acquire tech structures which could be important.
Flashbang Grenade Flashbang Grenades Equips Riot Rangers with Flashbang grenades, adds an M203 Grenade Launcher for the Riot Rangers to use if they need to clear out garrisons.
Control Rods Control Rods Upgrades any Cold Fusion Reactors to provide additional power to all USTF bases, it cannot revert to its previous state once it has been upgraded.
Advanced Control Rods Advanced Control Rods (Special Weapons Special) - Specially upgrades any Cold Fusion Reactor operated by the USA's Experimental Weapon sector, provides more power than standard rods.
America Placeholder Sentry Laser Gun Equips all Stubber Drones with an anti-infantry laser cannon, can do double damage but will take some time to recharge once fired at enemy units.
America Placeholder Abrams Laser Package All M1A3 Abrams tanks will recieve a laser cannon in place of its standard 120mm Smoothbore cannon, also allows it to become abit faster than usual.
TOW Missile TOW Missile Since mainly the Armour Facilities will now be providing Abrams tanks with laser packages, All TOW Missiles will now be acquired by Dolphins ASVs, Humvees, Comet APCs, Bradley IFVs and even the new IFV prototype in new protocols once the vehicles are deployed.
American Comet Minigun Icon Comet Minigun (Ace Air Force Special Special) - Equips a Comet APC in the USTF's Air Force division with anti-air configurations replacing their machine guns with a minigun, allowing them to target enemy aircraft.
Advanced Patriot Upgrade Advanced Patriot EMP Missiles (Special Weapons Special) - This upgrades allows any Advanced Patriot System to recieve EMP Missiles, can shut down enemy vehicles and aircraft.
American Armour Piercing Rounds Armour Piercing Rounds (Special Forces Special) - All bullet weapons used by the USTF forces in the Special Forces Sector will be given Armour Piercing Rounds, can do additional damage.
Rocket Pods Rocket Pods Allows RAH-66 Comanche and King Comanche Gunships to utilise Rocket Pods, this can rain down a barrage of rockets on any surrounding area and even on units.
Laser Guided Missiles Laser Guided Missiles

Equips all Harriers, Eagles, Raptors & also King Raptors, Lightnings and Comanches & King Comanches to use Laser Guided Missiles, can cause additional damage.

Countermeasures Sunburst Countermeasures Stops enemy rockets or missiles from attacking aircraft in the US Air Force, these special equipment can be applied to all aircraft with Sunburst rmeasures, stops aircraft from being shot by rockets or missiles.
Bunker Busters Bunker Buster Munitions Can force infantry out of bunkers and buildings, F-117 Nighthawks will recieve Bunker Buster Munitions which can help them clear buildings if no Riot Rangers are nearby.
Comanche Stealth Comanche Stealth System Equips all RAH-66 Comanche helicopters with a stealth system that will allow it to hide from enemy radar, allowing it to ambush enemy units.
Chemical Suits Chemical Suits Biohazards such as radiation and toxins can be extremely dangerous to all infantry, Chemical Suits can provide all infantry operatives better defence from these hazards.
Supply Lines Supply Lines Chinooks, US operated Oil Derricks and many others will provide an extra 20% income from supplies to the war effort, keeping the USTF's forces on track.
Drone Armour Drone Armour All controllable drones including ones released by vehicle operators will recieve an armour upgrade, increasing their armour by 50%, for better survial on the battlefield.
Composite Armour Composite Armour Tanks in the USTF will recieve armour plating to help them survive longer on the field, other units including Avengers and Reaper MLRS systems will recieve increased survival.
Advanced Training Advanced Training All forces in the USTF, even all ground units and vehicles will recieve training to match up their capabilities to ensure their combat abilities are better, can rank up quicker.

Generals Promotions

Rank 1 Promotions

Cameo Name Description
American Paladin Icon Paladin Heavy Tank Grants access to the Paladin Tank, can stop incoming rockets
American Nighthawk Icon Nighthawk Stealth Fighter Equipped with laser guided bombs, can damage enemy defenses
American Predator Drone Icon Spy Drone Calls in a drone to spy on enemy personnel, can reveal locations and enemy units

Rank 3 Promotions

Cameo Name Description
American Pathfinder Icon Pathfinder Can reveal hidden enemy personnel or vehicles, can attack whilst hidden
American Quasar Vertigo Icon Quasar Vertigo The USA's special stealth tank, equipped with a pulse cannon and rockets
Leaflet Drop Leaflet Drop Stops enemy infantry for a short amount of time, allowing them to think of decisions
Airborne Paratroopers 1 Airborne Paratroopers 1 Base level, calls in a C-130 to drop in 10 Riot Rangers Into battle
Airborne Paratroopers 2 Airborne Paratroopers 2 Upgrades from level 1, calls in two C-130s to drop 10 Paratroopers and 5 Missile Rangers into battle
Airborne Paratroopers 3 Airborne Paratroopers 3 Upgrades from level 2, calls in a C-17 to drop 10 Air Commandos and a C-130 to drop 10 Laser Rangers into battle
A-10 Strike 1 A-10 Strike 1 Base level, calls in an A-10 Thunderbolt into the battlefield to strafe an area with bullets and rockets
A-10 Strike 2 A-10 Strike 2 Upgrades from level 1, calls in two A-10 Thunderbolts into the battlefield to strafe an area with bullets and rockets
A-10 Strike 3 A-10 Strike 3 Upgrades from level 2, calls in three A-10 Thunderbolts into the battlefield to strafe an area with bullets and rockets
Emergency Repair 1 Emergency Repair Level 1 Repairs vehicles with 15% health
Emergency Repair 2 Emergency Repair Level 2 Repairs vehicles with 30% health
Emergency Repair 3 Emergency Repair Level 3 Repairs vehicles with 50% health
Battleship Barrage 1 Battleship Barrage 1 Base Level, orders a barrage from a battleship within the area outside of the map, 12 shells will rain onto a target area
Battleship Barrage 1 Battleship Barrage 2 Upgrades from level 1, orders a barrage from two battleships within the area outside of the map, 24 shells will rain onto a target area
Battleship Barrage 1 Battleship Barrage 3 Upgrades from level 2, orders a barrage from three battleships within the area outside of the map, 36 shells will rain onto a target area

Rank 5 Promotions

Cameo Name Description
Fuel Air Bomb Fuel Air Bomb Calls in a B-52 Stratofortress to drop a fuel air bomb, can cause massive damage.
MOAB MOAB Upgrades from the Fuel Air Bomb, when called a B-2 Spirit to drop an upgraded version of the Fuel Air Bomb, the Mother of All Bombs.
American AC-130 Icon Spectre Strike When called in, an AC-130 Sprectre will circle a specific area and unleash bullets and howitzer shells onto enemy units within the area.
America Placeholder Death from Above Upgrades the power's airborne gunship from the classic AC-130 Sprectre to the all new AC-150 Death Bringer Superheavy Gunship.
America Placeholder Emergency Superweapon Access Grants commanders emergency access to the USA's ultimate weapon if battles begins to escalate, the Particle Cannon.

Generals Specific Powers

Ace Air Force Protocols

Cameo Name Description
American Reaper MLRS Reaper Hover MLRS Grants access to the Reaper Hover MLRS, can hover over water and is also one of many fast tanks in the USTF
Death From Above 1 Death from Above 1 Using the AC-150 Death Bringer Superheavy Gunship as standard, when called an AC-150 will circle a specific area and unleash bullets and howitzer shells onto enemy units within the area, lasts 10 Seconds.
Death From Above 2 Death from Above 2 Using the AC-150 Death Bringer Superheavy Gunship as standard, when called an AC-150 will circle a specific area and unleash bullets and howitzer shells onto enemy units within the area, lasts 20 Seconds.
Death From Above 3 Death from Above 3 Using the AC-150 Death Bringer Superheavy Gunship as standard, when called an AC-150 will circle a specific area and unleash bullets and howitzer shells onto enemy units within the area, lasts 30 Seconds.
Stealth Carpet Bomb Stealth Carpet Bomb Calls in a B-2 Spirit stealth bomber to drop a series of bombs on an enemy position at a high rate of speed and also at high power, it is also essential many for stealth bombing runs than the old but operational B-52 Stratofortress.

Laser Energy Protocols

Cameo Name Description
America Placeholder Lightbringer Laser Cannon Allows access to the tier 3 defensive weapon for the Laser Sector of the USTF, the powerful Lightbringer Laser Cannon but takes long to charge after it fires.

Special Experimental Weapons Protocols

Cameo Name Description
America Placeholder Sonic-Spear Sonic Tank Grants access to the Sonic-Spear Sonic Tank, can fire a beam at enemy forces to damage armour and structures.
America Placeholder Maximum Superweapon Clearence Grants commanders emergency access to the Special Experimental Weapon Sector's ultimate weapons if battles begins to escalate, the Particle Cannon and ICBM Missile Silos.

USMC Shield Protocols

Cameo Name Description
America Placeholder Maverick Paladin Tank Grants access to the heavy armoured and also multi-role capable Maverick Paladin Tank, can use a flashbang launcher a smoothbore cannon.
American Tomahawk Storm Icon King of Tomahawks Grants commanders emergency access to the USMC Shield Sector's ultimate weapon if battles begins to escalate, the Tomahawk Storm.
American Carpet Bomb 1 Carpet Bomb Level 1 Calls in a B-52 Stratofortress bomber to drop a series of bombs on an enemy position to keep threat levels down, it is slow unlike B-2 Spirits but they are heavy armoured.
America Placeholder Carpet Bomb Level 2 Calls in two B-52 Stratofortress bombers to drop two times the payload of bombs on an enemy position to keep further threat levels down, this can cause more damage than using one.
America Placeholder Carpet Bomb Level 3 Calls in three B-52 Stratofortress bombers to drop three times the payload of bombs on an enemy position to eliminate all threats, this can cause serious damage when deployed.

Special Forces Protocols

Cameo Name Description
America Placeholder Drone Strike 1 Base level, calls in a Predator drone into the battlefield to strafe an area with rockets
America Placeholder Drone Strike 2 Upgrades from level 1, calls in two Predator drones into the battlefield to strafe an area with rockets
America Placeholder Drone Strike 3 Upgrades from level 2, calls in three Predator drones into the battlefield to strafe an area with rockets
Advanced combat forces of the United States Strike Forces

Flag of USTF

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Armoured & Scout Vehicles SnowbikeM707 HumveeM713 LobsterM1117 DolphinM2A3 BradleyM113 CometHEMTT Support Truck
Tanks M60 PattonM1 AbramsM1A3E3 Armour AbramsM3 PredatorM4 GrizzlyM5 CrusaderM6A2 PaladinM6A5 MaverickM7 Quasar VertigoM10 Templar
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Self-Propelled Artillery M270 Steel Rain MLRSM882 Rattler MLRSM1804 Tomahawk LauncherM110 Goliath Howitzer
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Bombers F-117 NighthawkB-44 AuroraB-44C Fuel Air AuroraB-52 StratofortressB-2 SpiritB-4 Screaming Eagle
UAV Drones MQ-1 PredatorMQ-9 LincolnRQ-4 Global HawkRQ-170 SentinelRQ-7 Shadow
Drones built from Ground Vehicles FT-99 Hound Battle DroneFT-97 Rover Scout DroneFT-98 Hellfire Combat Drone
Gunships A-10 Thunderbolt IIAC-130 SpectreAC-150 Death Bringer
Airborne Recon SR-71 Blackbird
Cargo and Other Planes C-130 HerculesC-17 Globemaster III
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Light Base Defences Patriot Missile System (Advanced)Torch Laser TurretFirebase
Heavy Base Defences Lightbringer Laser CannonTomahawk Missile Bunker
Superweapons Particle Cannon Uplink (Advanced)Tomahawk StormICBM Missile Silo
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