United Rails of America Incorporated
Mercenary Placeholder
The current Emblem of the United Rails of America Inc.
Founded May 5th 1862
Origin United States

Omaha, Nebraska
Fort Worth, Texas

Products Coal Shipping

Energy Source Shipment
Mass Vehicle Transport
Automobile Shipping
Aircraft Part Transport
Military Transportation
Passenger Services

Type of Company Class 1 Long Haul Railroad Freight
CEOs Unknown
Employees 240,000 Employees
Military Connections United States Military

(For Military Transportation)

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World War II

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First Cold War

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Future Times

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Locomotive Roster

Cameo Locomotive Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder EMD GP40-2

First introduced in the 70s, it is also known as a veteran system for various railway, the EMD GP40-2 is one of many surviving examples being used by various railroad firms the locomotive is a medium weight worker but also common than bigger locomotives.

In the United Rails of America, the EMD GP40-2 is known to be common with around 400 units used for various operations and is also one of surviving locomotives used in the firm, also it is mainly used across the USA along with some operating in Canada.

Mercenary Placeholder GE Evolution ES44C4

Being similar to its GE Dash 8-40CW counterpart, the similar constructed GE Evolution ES44C4 is one of URA's heavy duty locomotives along with its two others within its class, its is one of the firm's long lasting locomotives.

Not being armoured, but at the same time more common in areas where freight is important for many areas of the United States for mass autorack transportation and shipments of aircraft parts for civilian and military manufacturers, in United Rails of America use this locomotive even it isn't targeted by looters, is good for various roles.

Mercenary Placeholder EMD SD70ACe

One of URA's stronger locomotives, the EMD SD70ACe is more advanced in its lineup that was first introduced in 2004 and built for railroads across the world, however the locomotive is also one of the strongest within the fleet along with the Dash-840CW.

When in action, the train is capable of hauling various trains with only two SD70ACes at front with another two on the back for a better effect, currently as of 2031 United Rails of America owns around 240 units with some operating military vehicle transport & many more services, several units are equipped with armour.

Mercenary Placeholder GE Dash 8-40CW

Classic locomotives, GE Dash 8-40CWs serve as one of URA's freight locomotives with history of use across the United States with several numbers being used in Canada, currently URA has around 320 locomotives within its rail fleet with several lost over its service history.

Recently over the course of the GLRF-North American War the firm lost one of their GE Dash 8-40CWs to an enemy attack at one of their railyards in Florida, however over the course of the years the firm has taken precautions to keep the Dash 8-40CW fleet running, also as a precaution the locomotives have been upgraded with armour plating to survive in harsh warzones.

Mercenary Placeholder EMD E9 Passenger Locomotive

Built between 1954 to 1964, EMD E9 locomotive numbers 949, 951 and 963B are known to be active still tasked to transport VIPs around the United States to various states.

Currently all E9 locomotives are in active service across the USA whilst some have been equipped with armour plating to keep all passengers and VIPs safe from various types of attacks, this is due to the aftermath of the GLRF's invasion the United States but to keep things in check, the rear cars have been equipped with a machine gun turret to keep all enemies from attacking.

Historic Locomotives

Cameo Locomotive Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder EMD E8 Passenger "942"

Restored back in 2013, became a passenger locomotive that was first in 1949 to 1954 that served the United Rails of America during the time.

Currently the locomotive along with its passenger cars is no longer in service, however to keep the vintage locomotive and its passenger cars in good condition it has been upgraded with armour plating due to the GLRF invasion of North America.

Disasters & Incidents

After their establishments, the records from the United Rails of America's archives show that nothing major happened during the course of 141 years, however during some of those years there have been reports of various incidents and disasters occuring in the United States during some harsh times.

Several of these incidents and disasters caused several trains & cargo to be lost at a cost of over $100 million dollars worth of damage and cleanup, however improvements were implemented to prevent further trouble and to ensure no disasters will occur on America's railroad systems across the country.

June 28th 2004 Disaster

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May 25th 2013 Train Crash

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Recent Disasters & Incidents

The last deadliest crash was recorded on May 25th but after the new safety measures were implemented by the CEO of United Rails in late 2013, no further crashes or incidents were reported which made the railroads across America to become more safer than it was over the last 20 years.

Recently several incidents along with several disasters were recorded after 13 years of the fatal train crash in 2013, where a URA train was hijacked by GLRF Operatives and pro-GLRF militants & gang members from a railyard in Tampa Florida during an ongoing war when a series of enemy units from the GLRF invaded the United States by force, which started the ongoing GLRF-North American War, with one of URA's trains being a casualty to the ongoing invasion.

November 13th 2026 Train Theft

See Florida Train Theft

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Other Railroads

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Behind the Scenes

  • The United Rails of America is similar to the United States of America, named after the state working as a long haul freight and passenger empire.
  • Based on the locomotives used, the company is based on a mixture of Union Pacific Railroad, BNSF Railroad, Northfolk Southern and CSX Transportation, being the biggest railway empire in the RoC Universe that operates only in the United States.

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