United Forces of Africa
Mercenary Placeholder
The current emblem of the United Forces of Africa
Formation 03-07-2013

South Africa Flag of Africa South Small

Faction Color Light Yellow
Type of Faction United Continental Force
Leaders Andrew Mandela (KIA)

Nelson Botha (Active)

Officers Unknown
Special Weapons Unknown
Strategies Unknown
Strengths Heavy Armour

Multi-Role Infantry

Weaknesses Slow Vehicles
Status Ingame

40% of Units Ingame

The United Forces of Africa (or the UFA) is a regiment operated by the Allied Nations which is in charge of dealing with terrorist threats in North and South regions of Africa.

Whilst being a combat unit which is working along side with peacekeepers from the Company of Liberty and Allied Nations in securing territorial peace, they are in charge of keeping watch on several parts of African areas and ensuring peace across the continent is secured; the United Forces of Africa was formed in response to the Libyan Civil Uprising.


After decisions by several states in North and South Africa, the founding of an allience was a good idea to help eachother to deal with any terrorist threats and to ensure no civil wars brew up. After the Libyan Civil Uprising which involved Libya's armed forces and terrorist opposition 2011, Leading to USA Intervention with the Global Liberation Army supporting Libya's military against the terrorist aggression. Africa decided to meet various leaders and dictators of various parts of the continent, along with USA Officers and GLA Leaders to discuss how they can prevent anything like this from happening again.

In 2013, the Allied Nations and state leaders and dictators of Africa met up to organise an allience which proved to become a good idea, therefore the United Forces of Africa led by Andrew Mandela of the North sector and Nelson Botha of the South was founded to organise self defensive operations and patrols.

During the First Eurasian Conflict, Andrew and Nelson decided to place the continent after Osuma Deathstrike caused the Global Liberation Army to turn on the USA's forces and any of their former allies, causing the UFA to full guard after sightings terror cells being found in the continent, Andrew operated his Northern guard sector from Tripoli in Libya with Nelson operating southern defensive counter attack lines and airborne patrols in Kenya.

Fierce fighting have been reported by the Allied Nations leading to United States Marine Corps Forces landing to assist the United Forces of Africa, this move proved successful by UFA officials and their commanders; By the end of 2025, prior to the GLA's defeat, the USA Withdrawn their forces from Africa; this allow the UFA to begin ousting the enemy within every corner and restoring Africa.

During April 2030, the United Forces of Africa decided to be part with the Allied Nation's Company of Liberty EU peacekeeping sector, But prior to the Second Eurasian Conflict, Andew Mandela was reported assassinated by a pair of GLA Separatist Theron Snipers, hired by an Unknown Terrorist Cell operating in Europe and in parts of Africa, planting the Northern division of the UFA on a panic, but due to being assisted by the Company of Liberty the faction decided to take Andrew's place until a leader of the Northern UFA Sector can be selected by UFA Commanders and Nelson Botha.

Until now in 2031, the United Forces of Africa have been fielded by Nelson Botha; until now that the UFA is part of the Company of Liberty along with the Eurasian Commonwealth being part of the peace keeper force, Nelson vowed to find every last GLRF soldier and stronghold in Africa and destroy them with justice and prejudice.


All-thou small infantry forces have been selected by Andrew Mandela and Nelson Botha, the UFA's forces have been deployed with Uzis, Bolt-Action Rifles, Semi-Automatic Rifles and Rocket Launchers. All-thou they are mostly strong hearted and willing to take on terrorist forces with their bare hands, these infantry utilise their weapons to the best of their capabilities in homeland defence.

Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Union Sightseer Originating from Northern parts of Africa, Union Sightseer in the UFA are equipped with flak vests and Mini-Uzis to take on enemy infantry at close range, they can also throw pipe bombs at enemy units to damage vehicles when no Union RPG Troopers are around to assist.
Mercenary Placeholder Union Rifleman Equipped with G3 Semi-Automatic Rifles and ACOG Scopes for dealing with enemy infantry at a long tange, Union Riflemen have experience from the First Eurasian Conflict when the GLA were involved in a full-scale terrorist occupation of Africa.
Mercenary Placeholder Union RPG Trooper Enlisted to deal with GLRF forces and becoming equipped than before when the GLA made their move into Africa, Union RPG Troopers come equipped with RPG-7 Launchers and better training, morale and inspiration from UFA Commanders.


Supplied by the United States and Company of Liberty forces to assist the United Forces of Africa to deal with the GLRF threats, their vehicles in the battalions are equipped with state-of-the-art technology like night vision sights and flashbang launchers. They also have the Tiger I tank from World War II in their fleet, giving them some big punch, thought the tank is obsolete since after World War II.

Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder "Nitrogen" Scout Scout vehicles equipped with a grenade launcher and a pair of 50.caliber machine guns procured through trades from Company operatives, these versions of the scout are much harder to take on but they also have stealth detection capabilities.
Mercenary Placeholder "Maverick" Battle Tank American battle tanks utilised for combat purposes and to assist their old but heavy armoured Tiger I brothers, the Maverick is equipped with updated technology and can take on enemy infantry and vehicles at the same time.
Mercenary Placeholder "Comet" APC Built in the 60s, currently being replaced in the future by a new APC for the USA's armed forces, the United Forces of Africa recieved a surplus supply of Comet APCs for combat and transporting infantry forces to battles, Comets are equipped with a small grenade launcher.
Mercenary Placeholder "Tiger" Heavy Tank Best tanks built by Germany during the harsh times of World War II, the new version of the restored Tiger I Heavy tank features restored equipment and better technology, retro design and futuristic tech combined in one package.
Mercenary Placeholder Venom Howitzer Currently the world's heavy artillery utilising wheels instead of tracks which was first built in the 1980's, the Venom is equipped with a 155mm cannon and resistant to explosive weapons, the artillery is mostly vunerable against enemy tanks.


Mostly small in numbers, the UFA utilised their very own version of Russia's Hind during the foundation of the continental forces to allow both sides of Africa to deal with the GLRF insurgency, they also have a small utility helicopter transporting infantry and scouting areas for various purposes on the battlefield.

Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder

"Century" Superhind

Been active since the Cold War and still active in wars today, The United Forces of Africa's Mi-24 Century Superhind fleet is equipped with different weapons unlike ones found on Company or Resistance versions.
Mercenary Placeholder "Koala" Utility Helicopter Fast scout and transport helicopters in active service, the Koala Helicopter is unarmed but can transport a group of infantry into the battlefield, these fast helicopters can also function as a supply carrier for economical purposes.


Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder United African Command Base Home of all UFA Operations and found throughout every location and country within the continent, the Command Base serves as a hub which any commander can enlist any Union Infantry or the faction's vehicles into combat, they also come with four random defensive buildings to keep the Command Bases safe from enemy attacks and strikes.
Mercenary Placeholder 50. Caliber Nest Set to provide anti-infantry defense against enemy attacks, 50. Caliber Nests can provide limited support against aggression, unfortunately weak so best supported with faction defensive buildings to keep the Command Base from being captured.
Mercenary Placeholder RPG Rocket Nest Using a makeshift rocket battery with RPG Launchers and controlled by some operators inside, these defensive nests serve as anti-vehicle countermeasures, weak like the 50. Caliber Nest is but they can take a fight to enemy vehicles for a short time.

Behind the Scenes

  • The United Forces of Africa is an inspiration of the Allied Nations and the Soviet Union from Westwood's Red Alert and Red Alert 2.
  • Founding as a joint force for dealing with enemy threats on the battlefield, the UFA is a joint task force which currently occupy Continental Africa within the North and South.
United Forces of Continental Africa

Flag of Unknown Faction

Ground Forces
Infantry Union SightseerUnion RiflemanUnion RPG Trooper
Scout Vehicles Mustang Nitrogen
Tanks Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger IM6A5 Maverick
Armoured Personnel Carrier M113 Comet
Artillery Units G6 Venom
Combat Helicopters Mi-24 Century Superhind GunshipAgustaWestland AW119 Koala
Prominent Characters
Military Personnel Andrew Mandela (KIA) • Nelson Botha (Active)

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