Union RPG Trooper
Mercenary Placeholder
A set of Union RPG Troopers arming rocket propelled grenades into their launchers
Faction United Forces of Africa
Cost $400 - Trained in pairs
Build at United African Command Base
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
Mercenary Placeholder Place of Origin South Africa Flag of Africa South Small
Trained Classified
Role Basic Infantry

Light Anti-Vehicle
Light Anti-Aircraft

In Service Active
- RPG-7 Rocket Launcher

- Bottle of water (Full)
- Desert Camouflage Fatigues
- Combat Helmet /w UFA Emblem
- Compass (To know where to go)

"There maybe some Collateral Damage"
- Concerned Union RPG Trooper about unwarranted damage -

Serving as the anti-vehicle personnel for the United Forces of Africa, Union RPG Troopers are soldiers who likes to see a fight against armoured vehicles, these soldiers prefer to be with several Riflemen in the UFA's ranks for multi-purpose combat whenever they are deployed.

The Union RPG Troopers during their combat service first saw action against a series of terrorist attacks from the European based Chameleon Cell during the Second Eurasian Conflict, operated by GLRF forces, this was after the death of one of the UFA's leaders in the Northern sector of Africa, Andrew Mandela. These rocket equipped troopers are known to be a threat to enemy vehicles whilst in groups of fours along with protection with riflemen and co-ordination from friendly Sightseers.

Other Union Operatives

Whilst being part of the United Forces of Africa, there are two other Union operatives who work in the UFA as main soldiers for dealing with terrorist forces whenever required, they can detect stealth units or attack hostile vehicles whilst in the open.

  • Union Sightseer - Originating from Northern parts of Africa, Union Sightseer in the UFA are equipped with flak vests and Mini-Uzis to take on enemy infantry at close range, they can also throw pipe bombs at enemy units to damage vehicles when no Union RPG Troopers are around to assist.
  • Union Rifleman - Equipped with G3 Semi-Automatic Rifles and ACOG Scopes for dealing with enemy infantry at a long tange, Union Riflemen have experience from the First Eurasian Conflict when the GLA were involved in a full-scale terrorist occupation of Africa.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Union RPG Trooper is based on the GLA's main anti-vehicle soldier, the RPG Trooper.
  • Without any abilities such as TNT Explosives or sticky bombs, these soldiers do more damage against enemy units whilst teaming up with other UFA soldiers, which also increases morale and inspiration.

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