Tunnel Network
GLRF Tunnel Network Icon

GLRF Tunnel Network

A Tunnel Network, equipped with a small turret to defend itself
Faction Global Liberation Resistance
Cost $700
Build at N/A
Requires Worker


Used for hiding and going to places across several parts of the world including battlefields, the Tunnel Network serves as a network hub and entrance for ground forces in the GLA back in the First Eurasian Conflict, whilst still being used in today's conflicts in Russia and South America, Tunnel Networks are equipped with a small machine gun but they are usually found on the battlefield with a set of Stinger Troopers guarding them from enemy forces.

Ocassionally a Tunnel Network will be armed with a different weapon rather than just a standard machine gun, sometimes a toxin streamer, a small cannon or a small anti-aircraft turret maybe installed for advanced combat and defense in some cases if a battle goes rough outside the tunnel. Despite being a tunnel entrance for underground transit along with helping armed forces to move around the field, during the present GLRF Overhaul the Tunnel Network was given enhanced weapons along with whilst still serving as a base defense whilst being a sneaky way to move around to any region of the battlefield to sneak on targets or to secure extra resources.

Early Use

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Eurasian Conflict Use

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Further Designs or Weapons

GLRF Tunnel Network Toxin

A Tunnel Network armed with a toxin streamer

Over the course of several conflicts, such as fights in Eurasia along with occupation within the regions of Kazakhstan and other regions in the Middle East by Mohmar Deathstrike's order, several of these tunnels with other types of weapons were secretly developed during the course of the First Eurasian Conflict but some of the projects were extended into the Second Conflict.

Some of these include toxin sprayer equipped networks used by Osuma Deathstrike and a cannon built version were found used by Rodall Juhziz found on the field, during the course of some battles they were located to take out infantry and vehicles when in range of weapons, another type of Tunnel Network was developed by Prince Kassad before the fall of the GLA's armed forces in the Battle of Akmola, equipped with a small quad turret found on Harbingers but used for anti-personnel and anti-aircraft.

Sneak Attack Tunnel Networks

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Behind the Scenes

  • Not removed from the game but recieving several rehauls and modifications, Tunnel Networks will recieve a series of upgrades to make them more useful in combat.
  • They will no longer spawn RPG Troopers, by default a new Stinger Trooper will now spawn when a Tunnel has been built, helping them with anti-aircraft defense operations.

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