"Track Miner" Mobile Supply Center
Reich Track Miner
The Track-Miner in current active use as a mobile supply center
Faction Forth Reich of Yuri
Cost $1600
Build at Battlefield Command Bunker
Requires Tier Upgrade 1
Detailed Information
Reich Track Miner Icon Place of Origin New Russia Flag of New Russia Small
Manufacturer Wladimir Vehicles Manufactorium
Role Mobile Supply Center


In Service Active
- 90mm Tank Gun

- Heavy Armour
- Supply Storage
- All-Terrain Threads
- PP-2000 Storage Boxes

"We got alot of work to do"
- Track Miner foreman operator -

Built for roles in supply duties for the Forth Reich of Yuri, the Track Miner is one of many vehicles which act as the supply stash for the faction, its workers are prepared for combat duty if they are under attack or their work is threatened by enemies; the Formen who operates Track Miners issue PP-2000 SMGs to workers.

Defensive Offensive

Previous encounters with enemy forces caused deaths to several foremen and workers when Track Miners were first sighted armed with machine guns; but when losses were discussed with the new government, new built versions of the Miners were given 90mm Cannons.

With the new cannons installed, the Track Miners can take on enemy vehicles when under attack. Along with the workers and their SMGs to defend against enemy infantry; whilst vehicles are being delt with by the track miner when in defensive mode.

Rumoured GLRF Variant

GLA Track Miner

An unseen but rumoured GLRF version of the Track Miner, which wasn't sighted during the first conflict.

Around several parts of the current War-Torn Eurasia and the world, there are Global Liberation Resistance forces versions of Track Miner in existance. However, since the GLRF's introduction of Supply Trucks have been used by order of Prince Kassad, Supply Miners are not sighted around main bases.

Possible Use within the GLRF

However, GLRF members who don't utilise the Haynes Supply Truck mostly steal several Track Miners from the Forth Reich's reserves & stocks and paint them in GLRF colours; however, Prince Kassad have never utilised these during the war, but they are heavy armoured and defensive for fighting off enemy units. Their workers don't have any Uzi's unlike the Forth Reich does.

Units Trained

Cameo Name Description
Forth Reich Placeholder Supply Miner

Russian citizens used for operating the Reich labor, they collect supplies to fund Yuri's war machine at the army's very unique mobile Supply Center, known as the Track-Miner.

They are armed with small machine pistols for self-defences, allowing them to fend off their attackers; when on supply duty, the miners will follow the Track-Miner like drones.

Behind the Scenes

  • Modelled around the GLA POW Truck from the beta stages of C&C Generals, with the top of the Marauder Tank for self defensive parts in war.
  • The Track Miner has deployable animations which operate on the vehicle deployable leg and door. They will open and deploy once the vehicle begins attacking (or set to guard mode).
  • However, if required, the vehicle will be remodelled if needed.