Tomahawk Storm
American Tomahawk Storm Icon

America Tomahawk Storm

A single Tomahawk Storm, based on the GLA's former SCUD Storm
Faction United States Task Forces
Cost $5000
Build at N/A
Requires Builder Drone

Strategy Center
USMC Shield Division

First tested as a secondary superweapon 2021 to work as an alternate for the Particle Cannon and the ICBM Silo, the Tomahawk Storm is similar to the former GLA SCUD Storm which uses high-explosive missiles found on Tomahawk Launchers, it can prepare a set of nine missiles for launch within five minutes whilst being armed with explosives rather than anthrax or any biological substances.

The project for the Tomahawk Storm was first funded by Alexis Alexander along with support and assistance from former commando John Burton, who assisted her during a daring rescue from a GLA camp within Kazakhstan during the First Eurasian Conflict, the Tomahawk Storm is intended for use by Robert Ironside of the USA's Shield Division to act as a superweapon intending to lower the presence of enemy units and bringing a code red threat down. But most of these superweapons weren't built during the first conflict due to being in prototype status at the time for around 5 year, but they were authorised on the year of 2025 on the final battle in Akmola which led to the GLA's defeat, thus leading to the Tomahawk Storm being deployed but in low numbers in several bases operated by Robert forces within his sector.

Design and Layout

To be added...

Missile Payload

Tomahawk Storms are equipped with high explosive ballistic missiles, similar to the payload on a Tomahawk Launcher vehicle fielded by the United States' Armed Forces, but it has known potential for dealing with multiple hostile forces on any part of the battlefield alone, despite being similar to the original payload found onboard submarines. High explosive missiles from the superweapon do have been known to have deadlier impacts on enemy factions that lost several good forces to this type of weapon, but due to being powerful than the original Tomahawk missiles several factions have released notes to all forces to be on guard when this weapon is used, precautions in using Tunnel Networks and Abandoned Caves on the battlefield have saved several forces from being hit by the explosives.


Behind the Scenes

  • The Tomahawk Storm is a superweapon which is based on the SCUD Storm, but wasen't used in the actual game when Zero Hour was released.
  • It is an exclusive superweapon for the USA's Shield Sector, will use models found in the game's files.
  • Due to being similar to the SCUD Storm, it'll be easy to code ingame but it won't be available until the faction sub sectors will be worked on for a time being.

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