EC-665 "Tiger" Attack Helicopter
Eurasia Placeholder
Tigers being compared with GEA-45 Boxers
Faction Eurasian Commonwealth
Cost $1500
Build at Airpad
Requires Mission Only
Detailed Information
Eurasia Placeholder Place of Origin Europe Flag of Europe Small
Manufacturer Eurocopter, France
Role Combat Gunship

Advanced Anti-Vehicle
Advanced Anti-Aircraft

In Service Active

2026-Present (Eurasia)
Limited Action

- GIAT-30M 791 Autocannon

- AGM-114 Hellfire (x4)
- Mistral Anti-Air Missile (x2)
- Red Digital Camouflage Paintwork
- ECSN Markings

"Going on station"
- Tiger Gunship Pilot -

The first combat purpose helicopter designed by Eurocopter, it was a project which was collaborated between Germany and France as a requirement for a combat helicopter before the end of Cold War with prototypes built by 1991 for testing, first utilised by various factions including Australia during 2003.

Currently as of now, the Tiger is being utilised by the Eurasian Commonwealth Security Network for defensive purposes against terrorist threats and hostile forces who oppose the ECSN, whilst being agile due to its carbon fibre reinforced polymer and kevlar body, it is equipped with various types of weapons and the helicopter is also resistant to EMP based weapons.

Current Service

Eurocopter Tigers have been utilised in heavy combat since the First Eurasian Conflict, France, Germany and even other parts of Europe including Spain participated in collaborating with the United States in their campaign against the Global Liberation Army, most of Europe utilised the Tigers for defensive use.

When the Eurasian Commonwealth Security Network was formed by Company of Liberty commanders and Osman Defenses Industries of Turkey, the faction was preparing to take combat roles against the new enemy known as the Global Liberation Resistance in order to keep Eurasian territories off GLRF Control; whilst the Tiger was used in most cases if combat is recorded and known to be dangerous, the helicopters along with the British WS-61 Commando Transport have been utilised mostly for dealing with the treats.

Introduction to the Boxer VTOL

Global Econox Aviation of Sweden introduced a functional combat VTOL gunship which replaces the Tiger for frontline service, known as the GEA-45 Boxer VTOL; the Boxer is known to be an inspiration from the old but still used Harrier Jump Jet, featuring a sleek and futuristic body shell and equipped with better weapons, this new aircraft sometimes outclasses the USA's F-35 Lightning II.

With the Boxer being introduced into the Commonwealth's main air force, several Eurocopter Tigers were placed in reserves and homeland defense operations, whilst the new Boxer takes roles for main attack and supporting various escorting missions to ensure things go smooth in Eurasia, several Eurocopter Tigers have also been seen on the field collaborating with several Tiger Gunships for combat roles during prototype stages years ago.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Eurocopter Tiger is a combat helicopter which will be present in the Eurasian Commonwealth Security Network, it will be buildable and controllable in missions.
  • Whilst the GEA-45 Boxer VTOL Gunship is currently the faction's main attack unit which will be present for the main faction in the game, the Tiger however will be present in Reign of Conflagration.

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