WZ-10 "Tianchao" Attack Helicopter
Chinese Placeholder
four grounded Tianchao Helicopters being inspected by command officers, known to have napalm rocket pods
Faction Iron Dragon PLA
Cost $1500
Build at Airfield
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
Chinese Placeholder Place of Origin China Flag of China Small
Manufacturer Changhe Aircraft Industries Corporation
Role Attack Helicopter

Advanced Anti-Ground
Advanced Anti-Infantry

In Service Active


- 30mm Auto-Cannons

- 90mm Unguided Rocket Pods
- HJ-10 Air to Surface Missiles
- Blue Sky Navigation Pod
- YH-96 Electronic Warfare Suite

"China's Helicopter Wing"
- Tianchao Pilot -

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • The Tianchao is China's entry into the helicopter dogfight category, this new machine built from the Peoples Republic is equipped with latest technology.
  • Armed with auto-cannons, unguided rocket pods and air to surface missiles the Tianchao is also faster than the Helix due to its speed and capabilities.

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