The Scarab's Revenge
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Previous Rouges Within
Concurrent N/A
Next The Final Battle
Conflict Alternate-Dimension Campaign
Beginning Unknown
End Unknown
Place Alternate Earth

Mushroom Kingdom

Outcome - Company victory

- GLRF Attack Force weakened

- Flag of CoL Company of Liberty - Flag of GLRF Global Liberation Resistance
- Commander Dane Clarence - Unknown GLRF Commander
- 300,000 Blue Helmets

- 200 Tanks and AFVs

- 400,000 Rebel soldiers

- 130 Tanks and AFVs
- 1 G5K10A Scarab Supertank

- Heavy

- Four outposts destroyed

- Massive

- Scarab destroyed

- Over 100 civilians

- Several towns destroyed

Part of the Company of Liberty's Campaign against the GLRF in the Alternate Dimension, this mission was recorded when the wanted commander in charge of the GLRF's command unit in the dimension unleashed the faction's ultimate weapon, the Scarab Supertank, a monstrosity which can level a base within a matter of seconds, kill enemy infantry on the sides and bring down aircraft.

The Unleashing

Whilst feared as a prototype in the real world, the Scarab Supertank was equipped with machine guns, cannons and rockets which was a bigger problem since a Mark.I version was first seen but accidentally destroyed in the First Eurasian Conflict, but now the Mark.II was designed to become more flexible and tougher to take down as was much of a problem for several factions.

But now since the Scarab was now prepared to go onto a rampage, it was now officially a code-red threat and must be destroyed at all costs to ensure no civilian causalties were caused, but several casualties were created by the impacts and explosions of shells and rockets, plus stafes of gunfire from its side-port machine guns.

Company of Liberty Reactions

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Royal Guard Forces Reactions

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