Tank Deathmatch
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A set of tanks lined up before a deathmatch in a warzone, being given instructions by the hosters
Players 2-8 Commanders
Vehicles M1A3 Abrams Tank

T-55 Anvil Tank
Type-79 Battlemaster Tank
T-88 Bear Tank
Panzer IV Ocelot Tank
Type-99 Dragoon Tank
Tekan-36B Estoque Tank
Type-M4Z Kanto Tank
M5A3G Leopard Tank
Tekan-36 Osório Tank
M6A2 Paladin Tank
Panzer V Panther Tank
D-45DR Puma Tank
T-83 Rhino Tank
D-34A Scorpion Tank
Panzer VI Tiger Tank
M31 Warrior Tank
T-60 Wolf Tank

Type Death Match
Enemies Other Tank Commanders
Goals Achieve 200 Frags
Conditions First Player to destroy 200 targets

Challenging the skills of tank operators across the world, Tank Deathmatch takes a eight experienced tank operators from any continent across the world and puts them against each other in a closed off warzone and fight to the death, there are obsticles and including water areas which seperate competitors from the each other where the middle of the area will be the field of combat.

All operators are given 30 seconds to choose from 12 tanks, the selection include tanks utilised by terrorist factions or minor factions, most of these tanks have better capabilities than their competitors utilised by the players, abilities include point defense lasers to stop incoming missiles from other tanks and including obsticles which include missile based turrets, there are also some tanks that are faster than others or equipped with better weapons upon deployment.

Tanks Utilised

There are 18 battle tanks, which includes a set of World War II, Cold War and modern day tanks such as ones utilised in the Eurasian Conflicts over the time.

Available Tanks in the Deathmatch

A series of tanks are available for all competitors to utilise in the death match challenge, many of these tanks include World War II, Cold War and modern day tanks which are known today.

Behind the Scenes

  • Tank Deathmatch is based on the Deathmatch game mode from several games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield and many more games that utilise this mode.
  • This type of Deathmatch will include players commanding their chosen tank, there will be AI players for practice and will also go after others.

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