This section of the page will have primary talk relating to Reign of Conflagration, we will also include the latest news on the modification along with various types of information relating to the modification by all means, with that we will also keep you up to date on our ModDB page for further details.

Below is a series of topics we may mention at some point during timeline of development, stay tuned for more!

Status of Modification

Good evening and greetings everyone to the Wikia of Reign of Conflagration, if anyone notices a small lack of updates as of late we do apologize for the recent slowdown but many of our fellow members of the team do have priorities and lives to maintain, however we will continue providing details and information for units along with various types of changes that will be sorted out sometime later on.

However we do have a promise to our fellow fans along with supporters of Reign of Conflagration, we will keep the modification going as long as possible until we exhaust Zero Hour by all means and also to keep the series going we do have plans to release a World War II and Cold War part of the series, however sticking with the classic genre like C&C Generals & Zero Hour is known for.

If we do release a suitable build of RoC along with other types of extra content such as skirmish maps & also campaign add-ons we will include those in the following categories to keep things updated:

Patch Notes

When we release a build of Second Eurasian Conflict side of RoC we will post any patch notes in this category, once we'll also post this on our ModDB page.


Mainly, we do have various ideas on how to improve Generals, these include HD looking models along with various types of add-ons such as misc units and also seasonable extras, also at a point we may have some leftovers that didn't make it into one of RoC's builds, we will release them for fellow modders out there to use in their modifications & builds.

However give us credit where due if they do get used, also speaking of Add-Ons do have something upcoming for the community, stay tuned for further information on that one subject later on.

Custom Maps

Upon a release of Reign of Conflagration, we do encourage the community to build and create custom content including skirmish maps along with some crazy & wacky missions, we will promote them on our ModDB page with credit where due.

Anyway, take care everyone and stay safe.

~~ SmasherJackson (talk), signed 21:11, March 27, 2014 (GMT) ~~

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