TNT Drone
A crude built TNT drone, using a salvaged Stubber base with some explosives
Faction Global Liberation Resistance
Cost $400
Build at Barracks
Requires Arms Dealer
Detailed Information
GLRF TNT Icon Place of Origin Unknown Flag of Unknown Faction
Manufacturer None

Salvaged from Stubber drone wrecks

Role Suicide Drone

Advanced Anti-Vehicle
Advanced Anti-Structure

In Service Active
- TNT Explosive Packs

- Explosive Barrel (with Fuel and TNT)
- Re-assembled Drone Tracks
- Restored Control Circuits
- Anti-US Graffiti

"Lets see here, wait its working now"
- TNT Drone Controller -

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • TNT Drones are basically the tier 2 suicide units operating in the GLRF along with Fanatics and even their explosive Bomb Trucks, however they are light armoured, fast and also cheap to produce.
  • Being fast, these drones despite their condition after their mobility were restored in terms of the GLRF's narture of salvaging technology from other countries, the drones are weak due to deteriorating condition.

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