Volvo EC700 "Surveyor" Excavator
Andes Armada Placeholder
Four EC700 Surveyor Excavators in line, ready for work instructions
Faction New Andes Armada
Cost $700
Build at Command Tower
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
Andes Armada Placeholder Place of Origin Sweden Flag of Sweden Small
Manufacturer Volvo

Volvo Construction Equipment Division

Role Base Construction

Explosive Managment

In Service Active
- Heavy Loader Bucket

- Orange Work Light (Blink Mode)
- Radio Communication to HQ
- Armoured Chassis
- Bulletproof Windows

"We'll find us some new land"
- Surveyor operator -

To be added...

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  • Landsweeper Construction Vehicle - The Company of Liberty's primary construction vehicle, replaced the Construction Bulldozer after 2028 in base building, Bulldozer are currently being utilised by Company Reservist forces and peacekeeper regiments.
  • FT44 "Construction Droid" Building Drone - Replacing excavators and bulldozers on construction sites for earth moving and building work, the Construction Droid is a new revolution of working in areas where work and can be useful to save lives from possible death.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Surveyor is based off the real-life Volvo EC700, a series of excavators by Volvo's Construction Equipment division, which also sells dump trucks & other types of construction vehicles.
  • It will have some armour plating, competing with the Company Landsweeper in terms of armoured vehicles capable of construction and explosive managment.

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