Forth Reich Placeholder
Four miners gathering supplies, notice the PP-2000 on his side
Faction Forth Reich of Yuri
Cost $150
Build at Track Miner
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
Forth Reich Placeholder Place of Origin Old Russia Flag of Russia

New Russia Flag of New Russia Small

Trained Classified
Role Supply Gatherer

Basic Anti-Infantry

In Service Active
- PP-2000 Submachine Gun

- Flak Vest
- Miners Hardhat
- Protective Shoulder & Knee Pads
- Warm Worker Gloves

"Pride of the working class"
- Supply-Miner commenting on work -

Working the main force in Yuri's New Russia, Supply-Miners are the supply gatherers which work under very protective conditions with a 15 minute break after 45 minutes of work each hour. The Supply-Miner is trained not just to gather in supplies but on how to retaliate if their fellow workers are attacked by enemies, the miners are equipped with PP-2000 SMG and decent protective gear.

Following the Russian Civil War beginning to become a problem to Yuri's forces, including the following problems like AN and Company Intervention and following GLRF terrorist insurgency in several parts of Russia, there have been known times that Supply Miners will retaliate against anyone who attacks them or their Track Miner vehicle for supply collecting and protection.

Multi-Purpose Work

To be added...

In an Emergency

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • The Supply Miner is based off the Worker from C&C Generals and the Slave from Yuri's Revenge, but which can attack with an SMG.
  • He can gather a small set of supplies, also the Supply Miner can survive harsh conditions against enemy infantry since he has decent protection against small-arms fire

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