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Company Placeholder
The Spy boasting a silenced pistol, one of many weapons used in infiltration
Faction Company of Liberty
Cost $800
Build at Private Mercenary Camp
Requires Generals Promotion
Detailed Information
Company Spy Place of Origin France Flag of France Small
Trained St. Paul's Spy School - Paris
Role Saboteur

Light Anti-Personnel

In Service Active
- Silenced 9mm Pistol

- .45 Revolver (Optional)
- Electro-Sapper
- Butterfly Knife
- Tuxedo with Tie

"Ahem, Gentlemen..."
- A Random Spy -

The Spy is an armed infaltrator and hijacker which serves the Allied Nations in operations of tampering with or robbing hostile army equipment, capable hijacking vehicles of the commanders choosing, they are also the good choices if commanders are planning to shutting down a structure's capabilities such as recruitment of soldiers, building of vehicles or shutting a Power Plants.

The spy are skilled in tampering with Superweapon/Protocol timers and resetting them with his electro-sapper, he can also sap cash from enemy Supply Centers and transfer them to the players account.

The Beginning

The Spy is the Company of Liberty's executive in spying, he is capable on entering structures and tampering with enemy equipment boasting an pocket electro-sapper, he can place them onto power generators of production structures to shut them down, halting production of any unit of the structure effected, he can of sap power in enemy power plants to cause a temperoral shut down.

The Spy can be armed with a .45 Revolver or a Silenced 9mm depending on which varient is recruited. Whilst utilising the spy, they can be good for any type of infaltration mission you are planning on; Along with sapping power and halting production, Spies are capable of sapping funds from enemy supply Centers and transfer the sapped cash to the commanders account, losing the spy in the process.

Hitch a Ride

The Company of Liberty trained the Spy to rob enemy vehicles when trying to sabotage the enemy and throw them off-course in their original plans; allthou mainly for tampering with buildings, the Spy was given the rank of Infaltrator and Hijacker, making him a multi-role soldier. He ain't capable of attacking from a distance but he is hidden from enemy vision unless he is seen using his silenced pistol or .45 Revolver.

Other Units

  • Saboteur - Agents in Prince Kassad's main forces, trained not to hijack or assassinate infantry but can deploy explosives, decoy traps and mess around with buildings whenever nearby.
  • Hijacker - Found in the rankings of GLRF Leader Prince Kassad's armed forces, Hijackers like a Spy can hijack enemy equipment and turn them against the enemy commander that built them, he is equipped with a personal knife.

Behind the Scenes

  • He is also based on the Spy from the Red Alert series, keeping his infiltration capabilities but adding in the hijacking as a plus.
  • Weapons including the .45 Revolver, the Butterfly Knife and Electro-Sapper are inspired from Team Fortress 2.
  • A Spy which can infaltrate enemy buildings and rob vehicles from enemies is an accepted suggestion of Waywatch, giving the Spy the Hijacking capability.