South American Civil War
South America Map

The Map of South America, currently showing terrorist and Martollo occupation, presence of New Andes Armada and USA, with Allied backup security presence

Previous Kalini Crisis
Concurrent Second Eurasian Conflict

GLRF-North American War
Middle Eastern Crisis

Next ECM-Mercenary Conflict
Beginning January 20th 2028
End Ongoing
Place South America
Outcome Unknown

- Martollo Cartel Attacks occurred
- USA Forces Involved
- GLRF & Separatist Forces Involved
- AN Peacekeeper Intervention
- ECM Forces in South America Involved

Major Battles Rio Terror Bombing

Martollo Terrorist Uprising
Falkland Island Attacks
Second Cuban Revolution
Venezuela Terror Attacls
ECM-Martollo Conflict

Homeland Defense Forces

- Flag of NAA New Andes Armada
- Flag of ECM Blue Eurasian Continental Militia
- Flag of USTF United States

Co-operating with Allied Peacekeeper forces

Terrorist Unit

- Flag of GLRF Global Liberation Resistance
- Flag of Unknown Faction Martollo Cartel
- Flag of GLA GLA Separatists

Allied Peacekeeper Unit

- Flag of CoL Company of Liberty
- Flag of AN Allied Nations

Supporting the South American Homeland Defense Forces

- Flag of NAA Henrique Solano

- Flag of NAA Angelo Martinez
- Flag of NAA Mario Carmona
- Flag of ECM Blue Fidel Garcia
- Flag of USTF James Soloman
- Flag of USTF John Burton

- Flag of GLRF Rodall Juhziz

- Flag of GLRF Osuma Deathstrike
- Flag of Unknown Faction Kurtis Martollo
- Flag of GLA Muhammed Al-Assad

- Flag of CoL Kenji Young

- Flag of CoL Johnas Buchanan
- Flag of CoL Julius Jackson
- Flag of AN Reno Jackson

Full Andes Armada Inventory

ECM South American Regiments
Full USTF Inventory

Full Martollo Cartel Force

GLA Separatist Theron Unit
Full GLRF Inventory

Full Company Inventory

AN South American Security Unit

Unknown Unknown Unknown

"Keep observing the situation in Caracas, things may change if the war don't end soon"
- Company peacekeepers watching over the city of Caracas -

Information to be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • The civil war in South America is a spin from the American Civil War, but instead of being in North America it is in South America, which will set a unique back drop with the events of the NAA-USA joint defense forces and the GLRF-Martollo attacks, before the intervention of the Allied Nations & the Company of Liberty.
  • Before the intervention of the Allied Nations & the Company of Liberty, there will be missions prior to the two peacekeeper initiatives getting involved and when the initiatives get involved and begin monitoring the situation for safety purposes and references.

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