Mustang "Skysweeper" Mule
Company Skysweeper Mule
The Skysweeper Mule, one of many home assembled vehicles used for anti-aircraft purposes
Faction Company of Liberty
Cost $700
Build at Weapons Facility
Requires Radar Center
Detailed Information
Company Skysweeper Icon Place of Origin Kazakhstan Flag of Kazakhstan Small
Manufacturer Mustang Off-Road Vehicles, Europe
Role Defense Vehicle

Basic Anti-Aircraft
Basic Anti-Vehicle

In Service Active
- FIM-92 Stingers /x2)

- Aircraft Tracking System
- Tac-Com System
- Polished Dashboard (x4)
- Back Tires (To support the Back)

"We're just keeping this land safe"
- Skysweeper operator -

The Mustang Skysweeper Mule or just Skysweeper is a variant of the Mule Transport Van which boasts a set of specially fitted stinger missile launchers on its back of its built-in cabs, it is a standard issued anti-air vehicle when it comes to transporting soldiers to the front-lines while fending off aerial threats. Although mainly good for anti-air purposes, the Skysweeper can still attack ground targets but will have bad progression due to the anti-air aockets doing less damage to ground-based targets.


The Skysweeper Mule, unlike its fellow Mule variants on the battlefield is good when it comes with anti-aircraft duty, operators have specially outfitted standard Supply Transporter version of their Mules; they have been updated with modifications to increase their suspension, tires, engine and also gave them weapons at the start instead of coming out as manual, it still has no seating capacity but it will become a threat to several incoming enemy vehicles on the ground.

Unlike other anti-air, the Skysweeper Mule is a faster AA Vehicle unlike other anti-air based vehicles in the battlefield, it is good when trying to catch up with helicopters on the field, the vehicle all-thou is mainly a transporter once out of the Weapons Facility but many special selected Mules have a set of FIM-92 Stingers which will help in the destruction of aircraft which come closer to the Skysweeper.

The Skysweeper is modified with various parts which will improve the designs of the Mule itself, adding some additional extras such as buggy wheels and suitable suspension, better engines & also truck exhausts, turning it into a dune safe aircraft hunter, which makes it become par with the Ratfink in terms of speed and handling, it can also become par with other anti-air vehicles of all factions as the vehicle is a faster version of Anti-Air in any conflict.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Skysweeper Mule is a suggestion of Waywatch, which combines the Company of Liberty's Mule and anti-air specifications making it a fast anti-air vehicle with transport capabilities.
  • Making it on par with other anti-air but due to engine modifications, it is equal with China's new Ratfink combat scout vehicle.