Skyguard Acolyte
Company Placeholder
Skyguards in action, working along with Rookies & Tankgunners
Faction Company of Liberty
Cost $400
Build at Barracks
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
Company Placeholder Place of Origin United States Flag of USA Small
Trained Classified
Role Basic Infantry

Basic Anti-Aircraft
Light Anti-Ground

In Service Active
- FIM-92 Stinger

- MP3 Player (Optional)
- TNT Explosives
- Combat Fatigues
- Radio Transmitter Set

"Bring on the planes!"
- Enjoyed Skyguard Acolyte -

The Skyguard Acolyte is the Company's Anti-Air Infantry unit, armed with an imported Stinger launcher from America, serving as the Anti-Air since the Tankgunner Acolytes cannot attack aircraft due to their recoiless rifles being restricted to ground combat; to combat this issue, the faction issued Skyguards operatives to watch over the air for any hostile contact which maybe closing in onto Company Outposts & Bases.

On the Battlefield

The Skyguard is an ideal soldier when it comes to clearing a region of annoying aircraft, these infantry is also good on deploying TNT Charges just like Tankgunner Acolytes and has a unique use for any infantry squad or any others in the Company of Liberty.

Unlike the Tankgunners, he dosen't need a guide on how to setup explosives, he is capable of setting TNT Charges & giving him a suicidal 5 seconds to get back, making his combat effectiveness easy when fighting on the battlefield. Allthou he has five seconds to run from the target, combining the use of energy will help him getaway from the explosives set and watch the fireworks go off.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Skyguard Acolyte is an accepted suggestion by Waywatch.
  • Skyguards are based off the GLA's Stinger Site Soldier but will have a different appearence to his model.