Local Survivalist, Separatist and Splinter Factions
Mercenary Placeholder
The emblem of a Separatist Clan, various have been found on uniforms
Formation Unknown


Faction Color Various
Type of Faction Zombie Survivalists

Separatist Clans

Leaders Unknown
Officers Unknown
Special Weapons Unknown
Strategies Unknown
Strengths Unknown
Weaknesses Unknown
Status Active

(Various Clans)
Zombie Survival Faction

Known to be survivors of the ongoing apocalypse that has claimed the lives of soldiers, civilians, families and even many loved ones due to the spread of the infection, various civilians along with former soldiers and many survivors have formed various survivalist clans and seperatist factions to fight against not only Zombies but they have also been fighting various survivors for food, supplies, weapons and even ammunition & vehicles.

After several months of fighting and gathering survivors that do not have any types of affiliations to the big eight factions and are looking to find shelter from bullets and zombies, many factions and clans gathered in numbers to form larger separatist and local survivalist factions in various parts of the world, whilst many smaller ones still fight among themselves and hold out against various zombie hordes.

Efforts by the Company of Liberty to bring together factions to fight against the infection and work on vaccines to stop the spread have been failing, due to ongoing arguments by leaders after several years of war, due to the failures of not only by the Company of Liberty but also by the other seven factions to find a solution this have caused more trouble which made various situations worse than what it was originally.

Due to the crisis caused by the failures by the big eight, this caused various generals, commanders, soldiers and civilians to form various splinter cell like factions along with survivalist and separatist ones that intend to fight the infection by themselves, there have been reports of the big eight engaging with various survivalist clans along with the separatist and splinter factions.


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Known Clans & Factions

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Brotherhood of Darkness

To be added...

European Order of Peace

To be added...

Russian Brotherhood

To be added...

American Continental Alliance

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Survivor's Anti-Zombie Coalition

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Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Raider Willing to survive against the apocalypse but turning his back on their commanders, Raiders are the base of the Separatists' command unit, they are armed with basic weapons such as assault rifles and uzis to defend themselves, they were also reported to loot corpses and homes of survivors.
Mercenary Placeholder Tank Cutter Armed with stolen rocket launchers with high explosive ammunition to assist in destroying tanks that oppose the Separatists, Tank Cutters are inexperienced personnel but they are also known to be wanted by military operatives for destroying various amounts of vehicles.
Mercenary Placeholder Spartan Experienced Zombie Hunters hired from former commanders, equipped with a Focus Rifle along with a set of incendiary ammunition to burn through hordes of zombies and burn infantry, Spartans are the Separatists' main anti-personnel and thanks to incendiary rounds, they can attack enemy vehicles.


Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Armoured SUV Several of these SUVs were found to be armoured along with a mounted machine gun to mow down zombies and hostiles, these vehicles were known to have makeshift armour plates along with a spiked plow to run through hordes at high speeds whilst carrying extra personnel.
Mercenary Placeholder Salvaged Brawlmaster Tank To be added...
Mercenary Placeholder Stolen Hammer Mk.II Tank The new type of Hammer Tank, numbers of these new generation tanks were reported stolen from the Forth Reich of Yuri's known SpecRush division for use against AFVs, several of these tanks were found to have been equipped with makeshift armour and covered with graffiti.
Mercenary Placeholder Stolen Slicer Tank Despite the lack of anti-aircraft within the Separatists' main forces, backing up several sets of stolen Hammer Mk.II tanks, these First Eurasian Conflict versions of the classic Slicer tank served purposes of defending skies of Separatist factions from enemy forces.
Mercenary Placeholder Recovered Goliath Artillery To be added...


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Behind the Scenes

  • Separatists are human enemies that won't be playable in the Zombie Survival minigame, they will have an assortment of weapons and vehicles to utilize against zombies and enemies.
  • Along with zombies, this series of separatist, survivalist and splinter groups  in the minigame are the only non-controllable enemy that will make appearences on maps that'll attack player controlled units.

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