Steele "Scorcher" Flame Tractor
Separatist Scorcher Tractor
Scorchers whilst being escorted by Technicals
Faction GLA Separatists
Cost $600
Build at Fortified Palace
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
Mercenary Placeholder Place of Origin Unknown Flag of Unknown Faction
Manufacturer Steele Articultural Vehicles
Role Multi-Role


In Service Active
- Flame Streamer (Stolen)

- Salvaged Armour Plates /w Bullbar
- Bullet-proof Fuel Tanks
- Flame Resistant Windscreen
- Off-Road Tires

"Do not toy with the power of the flame"
- Scorcher operator taunting enemies -

The most usual cases when the GLA needs to clean out enemy infantry from a required position, they utilise one of the oldest vehicles in the entire faction, the Toxin Tractor. When the faction was seperated after their defeat in the ending hours of the First Eurasian Conflict, the base of the old tractor was widely salvaged by various splinter groups and factions who originated from various parts of the Global Liberation Army after the end of the first war.

Combat Use

Scorchers have been widely used by the GLA Separatists' Theron Guard unit, equipped with a stolen flame streamer which was found in destroyed Dragon Tanks with a makeshift turret to house them with, also in its design there are bullet proof fuel tanks to store flammable liquid for the Scorcher to spew out at enemy units, this allowed them to replace the chemical tanks which were used in the older versions.

The infamous Theron Guard unit of the GLA Separatists in North and South America utilised the Scorcher for cleaning out buildings of enemy infantry and taking on hostile units, mostly used for dealing with soldiers when deployed with several tanks and Theron infantry, Scorchers can perform an ability called the Ring of Fire which is similar to the Fire Wall performed by the Dragon Tanks and StummGas Wall by Salamander Tanks.

Current Battles Involved

Despite their abilities and armour, the Scorcher was mostly uncommon during the courses of many battles during the South American Civil War, the only time that the vehicle is very useful in decimating bases and frying enemy forces. But whilst being a weak vehicle in the Separatists' inventory but being backed up by GLRF and Martollo allies, the vehicle is known to be escorted by Harbingers and several rocket soldiers.

Whilst being common within South America, they serve good for cleaning out enemy fortifications and causing damage against enemy forces. Burning down military bases and dealing with infantry brigades within many monents when in combat, Scorchers are known to in pairs during the South American Civil War.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Scorcher is based off the old Toxin Tractor from the original game, boasting a flame thrower for burning enemy infantry instead of using a toxin sprayer to poison them.
  • Currently the Scorcher is to be finished, model is still being worked on. Awaiting to be coded into game along with the GLA Separatist faction.

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