Russian Mafia
Russian Mafia Logo
The current emblem of the Russian Mafia
Formation Unknown

Russia Flag of Russia

Faction Color Grey
Type of Faction Nationwide Local Cause
Leaders Sergei Voronov
Officers Josef Yurinov
Special Weapons None
Strategies Strength in Numbers
Strengths Multi-role Units
Weaknesses Less Options

Underpowered Vehicles

Status Ingame

15% of Units Ingame

Found to be a small force across Old Russia and New Russia, the mafia were not fully prepared to fight an entire army. As the war between the Forth Reich of Yuri and the Russian Resistance waged on, the Russian Mafia have kept a low profile over the years throughout the underground and observed the battlefield from miles away whilst inside nightclubs under their control, the mafia can also use the nightclubs to field their equipment and take on anyone who is against Sergei and his forces.

They have small set of units for hire but their experience when dealing with armed forces are known to be superior; known to have multi-role units and a pair of transport units, they are always on the move.

(Warning, Spoiler Ahead, continue at your risk!)
During the point of 2040, a set of Russian Mafia members have killed a possible spy who was trying to locate secret information on the location of the Mafia's main Nightclubs, upon discovery they have killed the spy who looked like a member of the Russian Resistance but sounded like a robot however. During this course of the year both sides have questioned each-other that could possibly be go into an mainstream argument and possibly go into war, apparently the Resistance have spotted one of the Russian Mafia's operatives attempting to leak files when that spy sounded like a robot, both sides argued over some time and soldiers from both sides killed one of their commanders which sparked a Full-Scale Conflict between both sides.


They are known to have a small detachment of restored Soviet T-34 Hammers and a set of T-55 Anvils on the field on some occassions, if business is going bad or if they are heading into a battle with local athorities or with the Forth Reich of Yuri.

Mostly backed up with Mobsters to assist the T-34 tanks and Ghost Combat SUV's when fighting off the enemy; Whilst on the move, their Reavers are always capable of dealing with operatives on the ground whilst attacking enemy aircraft.


Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Mobster

Using an assault rifle with a grenade launcher attachment for anti-personnel, Mobsters are known to be armed and dangerous to anyone who attacks them.

They are good in dealing with infantry and light armoured vehicles on the battlefield, they also make good whilst in buildings.

Mercenary Placeholder Reaver Expert members in the cause, former soldiers who fought in splinter cells and loyalist groups during the course of the Kalini Crisis, Reavers are skilled to take on enemy aircraft who oppose the Russian Mafia with rifles equipped with anti-material rounds.
Mercenary Placeholder Mercenary

Mostly from various regions of Old and New Russia, Mercenaries have been found to be fighting against either both the Forth Reich or other factions including Company peacekeepers.

Today, many of the Mercenaries from Old and New Russia form the backbone of the Russian Mafia and are equipped with newer weapons made by Old Russia before the crisis even began.


Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Ghost Combat SUV Whilst patrolling areas occupied by the mafia itself, the cause utilised several amounts of Ghost SUV's to attack anyone who poses a threat to the Mafia's operationa in Russia. Armed with basic machine guns, they transport 5 personnel.
Mercenary Placeholder Hammer Medium Tank Serving as the Mafia's personal armour, Sergei and Josef ordered several Soviet Union T-34 Hammer Tanks to be restored to support their members on the frontlines; they also serve as the cause's main armour along with the Ghost.
Mercenary Placeholder

Swatter Anti Aircraft Platform

Found in their ranks, many L-AA-3 Swatter is the mafia's primary air defense platform to keep the skies around their territories clean of any enemy forces attempting to move through their territories without either paying a toll or trying to barge through.

several of these old GLA operated Swatters have been reported by eyes on the ground shooting down aircraft from either Yuri's forces Company Peacekeepers.

Mercenary Placeholder Anvil Heavy Tank

Heavy, equipped with a 100mm rifled cannon and well armoured than the Hammer Tank, the Anvil serves as the Russian Mafia's heavy armoured division when business is beginning to become rough in their divisions.

They are heavy armoured but moderately slower than the T-34.


Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder "Hip" Helicopter

Despite the Russian Mafia using small numbers of units at once on many occasions, they can rely on Mi-8 Hip Helicopters stolen and recovered from various Forth Reich airbases and Old Russian military installations to transport their mobsters across Russia.

Mostly for deployment or business deals, they come equipped with a pair of machine guns and a small set of rocket pods.


Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Mafia Nightclub Home of all Russian Mafia operatives. They have a small force but a large presence throughout Russia and several parts of Eurasia, Nightclubs store all vehicles, stolen military equipment and even an on-site helicopter pad to utilise Mi-8 Hip Transports.
Mercenary Placeholder Battle Hideout Used as garrisons for the mafia, these hideouts appear unarmed and can assist infantry who secretly co-operate with them to use the facilities to defend viral positions, they have better protection and can last against enemy armour and artillery.

Behind the Scenes

  • Inspired by the Russian Mafia from Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction, they play a small part in Reign of Conflagration as a small forces.
  • Small Numbers of units to utilise, good in swarms, they are equipped well with good weapons and a well chosen set of vehicles from Eurasia.
The mobsters, contacts and followers of the Russian Mafia

Flag of Russian Mafia

Ground Forces
Infantry MobsterReaverMercenary
Scouts Mustang Ghost
Tanks T-34 HammerT-55 Anvil
Anti Air Swatter
Combat Helicopters Mi-8 "Hip" Light Transport
Prominent Characters
Military Personnel Sergei VoronovJosef Yurinov