Rookie Blue Helmet
Company Placeholder
A group of Rookies training in combat, prepared to take on close quarters & long range attacks
Faction Company of Liberty
Cost $440 - Trained in fours
Build at Barracks
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
Company Rookie Place of Origin Various locations Flag of Unknown Faction
Trained Blue Helmet Camps - USA
Role Basic Infantry

Basic Anti-Infantry
Basic Anti-Personnel

In Service Active
- FN-FAL Assault Rifle

- Remington M870 (Optional)
- Capture Kit
- Kevlar Vest
- Communication Earpiece

"Ready for action."
- Rookie after training -

First brought into the Allied Nations to rise up against terrorism, Rookies Blue Helmets serve as soldiers for Company of Liberty forces across the world. They are trained well with experience in training and using of equipment such as Firearms and Capture Equipment to help them turn the tide in war. The Blue Helmet is a cheap soldier at the start of a mission with fair training and endured with their familiy honour to finish off what their sons & farthers have started during the First Eurasian Conflict.

Combat Role

Rookies serve as the basic soldier of the Allied Nations. Armed with a FN-FAL Assault Rifle and a Remington M870 Shotgun, they serve the peace throughout the world to ensure that war is nowhere to be seen. But until the GLRF became a dominant threat towards peace and freedom, the Rookies throughout the world joined the revolution to fight against the Global Liberation Resistance and began fighting for their right of Freedom and Peace in the names of their family and their homeland.

The Rookies come out in fours, they are one of many infantry personnel in the Company of Liberty to become more dominant in terms of combat and training; Their charm in combat allows them to become co-operative with the Tankgunner Acolytes, they work together in groups with other infantry and they are strong in groups and faithful with other Blue Helmet Infantry and mercenaries.

Behind the Scenes:

  • The Rookie is based on the Ranger of the US-Task Forces, two weapons instead.
  • Animations of the Rookie will eirther be based on the GLA Rebel or USA Ranger.
  • The Soldier will have two versions and will be equipped with them by default after training.