Resistance Tunnel
Resistance Tunnel
A Resistance Tunnel flying the Russian Flag, Resistance Conscripts currently preparing for patrol duties
Faction Russian Resistance
Cost N/A
Build at N/A
Requires N/A

The Resistance are usually silent, but striking on their enemies in time could be useful during a full-scale conflict against those who are fighting the Russian Resistance, using these tunnels to keep munitions, supplies and fuel going through a series of underground tunnels throughout Russia and regions occupied by the notorious Forth Reich of Yuri. Through these tunnels, all infantry including vehicles travel around these underground networks which house important facilities such as infantry and vehicle construction, once then they can deploy themselves onto the battlefield anytime to help out Russia regain its uphold against Yuri's forces, they do have helicopters and the Forger VTOL for the faction to utilise.

However, the Tunnel also has networks with several Resistance Airstrips to keep aircraft maintained for combat against enemy vehicles, all aircraft such as Forgers, Vultures and Havoc are maintained at the airstrips but several underground networks keep the aircraft in secret hangars since they are larger than ground vehicles, any aircraft they utilise will have to open a garage door connecting from the underground to the airstrip for allowing all airborne vehicles to exit underground facilities.

The Allied Nations including the Company of Liberty usually don't encourage the use of Tunnel Networks in the Russian Resistance's change of command, but since they don't have any actual bases they do utilise these with support from Company allies to ensure they are fighting to retake the lost regions.


Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Resistance Conscript

Citizens of the New Russian Federation were not pleased with Yuri and the Forth Reich due to their harsh ruling the new formed Russia, there have been several factions fighting the the Reich as part of their own campaign to restore Russia.

Fights have caused civilians to sign up and become the ranks of Resistance fighters of Russia, they are armed with AN-94 Rifles and molotovs.

Trained in fours.

Mercenary Placeholder Rocket Fighter

Brave and expert soldiers with usage of RPG-7 launchers, the Resistance's Focket Fighters are not bright, but they can destroy a tank column like standard anti-tank soldiers in any faction.

These troops were selected to fight off the Reich's tank divisions as the divisions of the former motherland roll on into war.

Trained in pairs.


Cameo Name Description
Resistance Rhino Icon "Rhino" Battle Tank

Robust armoured divisions of the Resistance forces.

Medium armoured and armed with a 105mm tank gun, the classic T-83 Rhino tank were introduced in 1988 to fight along side with Russia's finest tanks.

Worked alongside the T-72, T-80 and T-90 tanks, the Rhino was best for fighting in groups.

Resistance Quantum Icon "Quantum" APC

Earlier amphibious transport vehicles which also serves the chassis of the BTR-80 Razor Anti Air Crawler, first produced during 1986 and upgraded during time.

The BTR-80 Quantum crawler was good for dealing with infantry and crossing water territories and raiding areas with battalions of soldiers fighting the enemy within.

Mercenary Placeholder "Ruckus" Howitzer

Classic howitzers donated by the Iron Dragon PLA to fend off enemy forces that could possibly pose as a threat to resistance forces, the Type-73 Ruckus howitzer was also known to be a threat to several advancements of Forth Reich of Yuri.

They are equipped with makeshift armour but it makes them a moderately armoured artillery to use in combat.

Mercenary Placeholder "Talisman" Heavy Tank

Battle Tanks designed to be a good match against modern tanks like the M1A3 Abrams and the Type-99 Dragoon, the old but still operational T-90 Talisman is one of Russia's best tanks utilised by the Resistance to assist the Rhino.

Whilst maybe robust armoured and better equipped than T-72 Devil tanks after their first production variants in 1995, the Talisman served well by various forces before the Kalini Crisis.

Mercenary Placeholder "Apocalypse" Heavy Tank

Best known for its main grinder beam which is mainly present on Forth Reich built versions of the TT-125 Apocalypse Tank and its beastly looking cannons for dealing with combatants.

The version used by the resistance don't have fire tipped warheads for the cannon munitions or the grinder beam, but at the same time they are still quite stronger than standard tanks without the grinder beam.

Resistance SCUD Launcher Icon "Uragan" Missile Launcher

Currently outclassed by Forth Reich operated BM-V3 Smerch' and GLRF armoured versions of the Uragan, the unmodified version is relativeley weaker than its armoured version.

The Russian Resistance salvaged the launchers and are used to launch high-explosive missiles at enemy units, but they are known to be slow and weak unlike the GLRF version.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Resistance Tunnel is based on the GLA's Sneak Attack Tunnel.
  • This is inspired by Rise of the Reds' upcoming Tunnel Network style structures for the GLA in its upcoming version for the mod, but without any GLA livery.
  • The tunnel has been given with some additional touches such as a makeshift flagpole with a custom Russian flag texture, sandbags and tank traps.
  • It is currently ingame but will have some additional tweaks in the future to meet standards.

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