Not to be confused with Reich Conscript.

Resistance Conscript
Mercenary Placeholder
Resistance Conscripts attacking enemy personnel with a BTR-80 Quantum as backup
Faction Russian Resistance
Cost $400 - Trained in fours
Build at Resistance Tunnel
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
Mercenary Placeholder Place of Origin Russia Flag of Russia
Trained Classified
Role Basic Infantry


In Service Active
- AN-94 Assault Rifle

- Molotov Launcher
- Officers Ushanka
- Bulletproof Vest
- Sunglasses

"We have legacy to consider."
- Resistance Conscript -

Within the edges if New Russia, there have been several cells within the country which have been fighting the new Forth Reich government in control by Yuri. Civilians have been secretly meeting with Russian Resistance forces and the former Premier of Old Russia to take back their homeland from Yuri's "vile" propaganda, before Alexander Romanov's death, the Resistance utilised experienced Conscripts with better weapons and training rather than being cloned via Yuri's Cloning Facilities.

Equipped with an AN-94 Assault Rifle with a Grenade Launcher attachment which can launch Molotovs at enemy personnel; With experience from Russian Military Officials, OAT and Company of Liberty experts, there have been more battle hardened Conscripts for their fight to take back what is rightfully theirs, Resistance Conscripts are common to team up with their fellow assistance and allies, the brave but not bright Rocket Fighter.

Behind the Scenes

  • Based around the Reich's Conscript and Molotov Grenedier, the Resistance Conscript is a slight combination between the two.
  • The Resistance Conscript is one of many units which can use two weapons at once.