The Eurasian Clubman Locator is a series of commercial vans built for transporting cargo, there are some other options or such as civilian transport, emergancy transport or minibus configurations.

Currently the Locator is used by the Global Liberation Resistance, it was also used by the GLA.


Clubman "Locator" Commercial Van
Civilian Van 01
Several civilian Locators lined up at a dealership, polished and ready for sale
Unit Cost Starts from $23,999
Common Locations Industrial Areas

Towns & Cities

Production 2019-Present
Detailed Information
Mercenary Placeholder Place of Origin Eurasia Flag of Turkey Small
Manufacturer Clubman Motor Vehicle Company, Turkey
Role Commercial Transport
Status In Production


- 4.5L Diesel Engine

- Large Storage Compartment
- Wooden Dashboard
- Leather Seats
- Seating for 8 (Sometimes)

"All your transport needs for cargo & travel, at your choice"
- Locator salesman -

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Clubman "Locator" Radar Van
GLRF Radar Van
Several soldiers protecting a Locator Radar Van, locating a Company outpost
Faction Global Liberation Resistance
Cost $500
Build at GLRF Command Center
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
GLRF Radar Van Icon Place of Origin Eurasia Flag of Turkey Small
Manufacturer Clubman Motor Vehicle Company, Turkey
Role Radar Support

Stealth Detection

In Service Active

Rare Sightings currently uncommon

- Improvised Radar Equipment

- Uneasy Radar Operators
- 4.5L Diesel Engine
- Makeshift Armour Plates (Occassional)
- Wooden Dashboard (Dirty)

"Lurking lies at your disposal"
- Locator operator -

During the course of the Second Eurasian Conflict, the resistance raided several Clubman Motor dealerships and stolen a vast number of Locators for their use against Western forces for radar and scout roles, some of the vans were spotted utilising makeshift armour to protect itself from enemy units. The CEOs of Clubman Motors have advised all factions against the GLRF to use caution, since owners of the van have reported their vehicle to have been stolen by terrorist forces, despite this warning some have been recovered by civilians or world-wide military forces for either repairs and returned to civilians.

Several Locator Radar Vans inside the GLRF's ranks have been found on the field armoured for defense against small-arms fire and scouting areas for enemy personnel, but not all of them are found on the battlefield since they were mostly stolen from Clubman dealerships and civilians for conversion to serve as Radar units and recon.


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Despite having a small presence on the field, the Locator with radar modifications make it an important unit for Prince Kassad's armed forces in combat support, the vehicle features a series of capabilities GLRF forces can benefit from when deployed:

Stealth Detection

When being escorted on the battlefield with some units, it is capable of locating hidden hostiles on a commander's radar, which can come useful when locating any enemy units for search and destroy tasks.

Radar Capabilities

Despite being classed as a radar support vehicle, Locator Radar Vans come packed with built-in radar systems which can provide an overview of the battlefield for GLRF commanders, which can prove useful.

Radar Scan

See Radar Scan

The vehicle may have access to a protocol known as Radar Scan, it may reveal small locations at a time but it will also reveal any hidden units within the radius, also won't take long to recharge.

Heist Variant

Clubman "Locator" Heist Van
GLRF Placeholder
A set of Locator Vans being used in a GLRF prepared heist, pillaging a random high end store
Faction N/A
Cost N/A
Build at N/A
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
GLRF Placeholder Place of Origin Eurasia Flag of Turkey Small
Manufacturer Clubman Motor Vehicle Company, Turkey
Role Heist Vehicle
In Service Active

Sightings currently uncommon

- Bullet Proof Windows

- Bullet Proof Wheels
- 4.5L Diesel Engine
- Makeshift Armour Plates (Occassional)
- Wooden Dashboard (Restored)

"Go, quickly before the police or military catch us!"
- Heist co-ordinator from a Locator van -

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Behind the Scenes

  • The Locator is based on the original Radar Van from the original game, recieving some minor tweaks to its model along with salvage upgradable status, it will no longer be built at the Arms Dealer.
  • Since it will no longer be produced at the Arms Dealer, the vehicle will now be available to utilise from the Command Center from now on.
  • A civilian version of the vehicle without any radar or military based equipment as a prop for civilian villages or cities in maps, civilian versions will have some tweaks to the skin.
  • Locator Radar Vans will be able to be locate enemy units and camouflaged units, their code for radar and their Radar Scan ability won't be affected.

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