BTR-80 "Quantum" Amphibious Crawler
Russian BTR-80
The pair of BTR-80 Quantum crawlers swimming in a lake during training
Faction Russian Resistance
Cost $600
Build at Resistance Tunnel
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
Resistance Quantum Icon Place of Origin Russia Flag of Russia
Manufacturer Classified
Role Amphibious Transport

Light Anti-Infantry

In Service Active
- KPV Heavy Machine Gun

- Heavy Armour
- Transport Compartment
- Turret /w Sensors
- Diesel Engine

"I'll show you around!"
- Quantum Operator -

To be added.....

Related Vehicles:

Several vehicles were made with the base of the Quantum crawler, many vehicles were built from the base chassis and vehicle model. One of many of these vehicles were the Razor AA Crawler before the Kalini Crisis, some of the vehicles based on the Quantum were built in China.

Behind the Scenes

  • Based around the Troop Crawler.
  • The BTR-80 "Quantum" Amphibious Crawler is based around its real life counterpart but in a Generals style.