D-48 "Prowler" Light Tank
GLRF Placeholder
The latest armament in the GLRF's inventory, the Prowler Light Tank equipped with a cannon & machine gun
Faction Global Liberation Resistance
Cost $600
Build at Arms Dealer
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
GLRF Placeholder Place of Origin Pakistan Flag of Pakistan Small
Manufacturer Knockdown Kits

Built at Arms Dealers

Role Light Battle Tank

Light Anti-Vehicle
Light Anti-Infantry

In Service Active
- 75mm Light Cannon

- RPK Light Machine Gun
- All Terrain Wheels
- Armour Pieces
- Air Conditioning

"Light Tank of the GLRF"
- Prowler Operator -

Swapping tracks for wheels to move towards the front-lines quickly at the expense of armour, the newly researched and created D-48 Prowler Tank is a light armoured fighting vehicle is an exclusive unit for General Juhziz' Scorpion Cell set to work with the D-45DR Puma Tank and the mortar equipped D-37MS Scorpion Tank on the frontlines, being a fast battle tank which can rival the older version of the Scorpion that is being used by various other factions not only by other combat forces but it has been used by Militia forces.

More To be added...

Research & Production

To be added...

Battlefield Service

To be added...

Pre-Eurasian Conflict

To be added...

Second Eurasian Conflict

To be added...

Other Competitors

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • Being a new vehicle for the Global Liberation Resistance, it will be one of many combat units that will feature wheels for mobility and speed trading for armour.
  • As a vehicle, the tank got its name from the Plymouth Prowler, an American retro styled sports car that was produced between 1997 and 2002. 
  • The tank will bear some resemblances to the British built FV721 Fox and the FV601 Saladin, wheeled vehicles that have been used by the armed forces, however it will feature a 4x4 loadout.

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