China Speaker Tower
Speaker Towers, the Iron Dragon PLA's main use of Propaganda
Faction Iron Dragon PLA
Strengths Inspires Units

Heals Friendly Forces

Weaknesses Short-Medium Range of Effect

During the Second Eurasian Conflict the People's Liberation Army of China with its largest military forces needed to keep their loyalty and morale at its highest; To ensure this special tactic is used, every military outpost, military unit and every base is filled with speaker towers with megaphones to spread the propaganda of government influence from the country's current party.

This was proved a useful tactic which boosts morale of Red Guard platoons and armoured battalions whenever they are at war, whilst they are in battle, propaganda can be used to extend fighting abilities, also soldiers are able to fight on whilst ignoring pain and fighting harder and being more zealously brave than ever.

To spread the propaganda also on the battlefield, the PLA outfitted several of their vehicles with sets of speakers; one of the vehicles that have been fitted with speakers is one of the military's Overlord class support units, the Type-95PR Thunderlord, a propaganda support tank that have proved to be one of their strives with great success and also led to the mass fielding of these during the conflict.

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