Project Onyx
Eurasia Placeholder
Possible concept and drawings of the Onyx, a possible robot vehicle hybrid currently in the works
Faction Eurasian Commonwealth
Cost $10000
Build at Battlements Warehouse
Requires Technology Laboratory
Detailed Information
Eurasia Placeholder Place of Origin Eurasia Flag of Unknown Faction
Manufacturer Classified
Role Faction Superunit

Multi-Role Combat
Heavy Anti-Ground
Heavy Anti-Aircraft

In Service Unknown
- EO947 Rail Guns x2

- EO119 Mounted Minigun
- EO646 Tracking System
- Point Defense Laser System
- Advanced Combat AI

"We serve for peace and freedom"
- Onyx voice recording -

It is one of many vehicles with a tank based chassis, but a robot controlling the entire body, Project Onyx is a new robot tank created by the Eurasian Commonwealth Security's Science Division equipped with rail guns and miniguns, the Onyx is currently experimental and is possibly the faction's latest superunit. Being equipped with the latest technology along with new weapons built by classified benefactors from Europe and Eurasia, it is unknown if the project is deployed or if its being restricted to Eurasian regions.


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Combat Deployment

To be added...

Eurasian Regions

To be added...


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To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • The Onyx is an experimental vehicle which will be equipped with high powered weapons, along with some additionals such as fire resistant armour & an advanced targetting system.
  • Possibly the Onyx will be based on the Future Tank X-1 from Red Alert 3: Uprising.

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