Prince Dario Kassad
Prince Kassad
Dario Kassad inside his palace, preparing plans for his next move
Name Prince Dario Kassad
Faction Global Liberation Resistance
Birth Date March 7th 1988

Tripoli, Libya Flag of Libya Small

Death N/A
Age 43
Family N/A
Colleagues Osuma Deathstrike

Zenans Ozilq
Rodall Juhziz
Asliraf Masori
Ibrahiim Omar Solimaan

Current Status Most Wanted #1

Ex-GLA Cobra Cell Leader
Head of GLRF Command

Prince Dario Kassad, is the head command of the Global Liberation Resistance's main terrorist operations across the world, he is the successor of the infamous GLA Warlord Mohmar Deathstrike from the First Eurasian Conflict.

Kassad is known to operate the entire faction from Africa, where it was in a hot zone for conflict due to various Counter Terrorist operations organised by the OAT and Allied Nations Forces along with finger head commando Khaled Deathstrike, who was a colleague of his brothers prior to his defection in protest of the terrorism acts they have done.


In 2021, Prince Dario Kassad was known to rule an underworld in Africa during the Global Liberation Army's uprising until he was recruited by Mohmar's forces, Dario until the his recruitment into the GLA ruled a functional series of spliter cell factions which usually oppose United States Forces, Allied Nations and United Forces of Africa units. His recruitment in the middle of 2021 he was enlisted into the GLA to lead Mohmar Deathstrike's Cobra Cell operations, Kassad then proved to be a valuable asset to the cause in their campaign in taking control of Africa.

Actions in the GLA

To be added...

After the GLA's Defeat

To be added...

Rising of the GLRF

To be added...

Actions done by Kassad

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • Dario Kassad is based off the original Prince Kassad, a general of the GLA from Generals Zero Hour, who is originally playable in Generals Challenge.
  • Dispite being a General from the original game, who is killed later on in the story, he plays a vital role in the second conflict commanding his forces against aggression from Company forces and various supporters.

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