YB-48 "Plasma Aurora" Hypersonic Bomber
USA YB-48 Aurora Hypersonic
A Prototype of the YB-48 Plasma Aurora Hypersonic, Alexis Alexander's special unit
Faction United States Task Forces
Cost $2400
Build at Airfield
Requires Strategy Center

Special Experimental Weapons Sector

Detailed Information
USA YB-48 Aurora Hypersonic Icon Place of Origin United States Flag of USA Small
Manufacturer Classified

Charger Plasma Tech Corporation

Role Prototype Hypersonic Bomber

Heavy Anti-Ground
Heavy Anti-Structure

In Service Active


- 100lb "Energy Storm" Plasma Bomb

- Districtive Black Paint-Coat
- Advanced Heads-Up Display
- Hypersonic Turbo Drive
- Experienced Bomber Pilots

"Energy Storm in flight"
- Plasma Aurora pilots -

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • The Plasma Aurora Bomber have been a confirmed developed Hypersonic Bomber specially utilized by General Alexis Alexander of the Special Experimental Weapons Sector.
  • It is also known that several modifications feature a Hypersonic Aurora.

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