Company Pillbox Icon

Company Pillbox

A Company Pillbox currently operating
Faction Company of Liberty
Cost $500
Build at N/A
Requires Landsweeper

Many soldiers loved the Pillbox Structure, like from World War II, Cold War and during the Vietnam War. Many Company Commanders commissioned the Pillbox for Anti-Infantry Purposes which is armed with a Shotgun, instead of a standard issue machine gun, which can cut infantry into shreds within a small amount of time. The Pillbox is a small bunker with 2 or 3 occupants which have stealth detecting capabilities, all-thou cheap to build, it is the weakest structure which can be useful when holding out against infantry.

The Pillbox dosen't have any requirements and is a cheap defensive building to utilise against scouting infantry waves or if built near Tech Structures, they can prove useful in holding the Tech Structures for Rookies to capture to utilise for their army.

A Classic Defense Bunker

All-thou the Pillbox is strong and based on a bunker, it can withstand against infantry waves but will do a good job against weak vehicles when connected with Gun Turrets. It dosen't require power to fuction due to having a small power generator and neon lamps to help the soldiers to operate in the night.

Old but Reliable

The structure is make-shift and is the weakest defensive building of all of the Company's Defensive Structures, since the structure is possibly good on dealing with infantry waves, it can be built near tech structures to keep the enemy off them until a Company Commander can use their rookies to capture the building after successfully defending it.

Shotguns for Machine Guns

All-thou Pillboxes mostly have a heavy machine gun operated by the Gunner, the Company of Liberty taken the oportunity to try out a long-range shotgun. Replacing the standard Machine Guns with a set of specially designed Automatic Shotguns allow the Company Soldiers inside the Pillbox to attack the hostiles with a powerful shot, allowing the operators to kill the infantry from a far distance since the weapon is modified to shoot at a far rate like a man-held machine gun, but not far than a Sniper Rifle.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Pillbox is based on the Allied Nations Pillbox from Red Alert 2, with touches in C&C Generals, such as a long range Shotgun and many extras.
  • Pillbox bunkers are modelled and implanted into the game for testing.
  • Since the structure is cheap, it is good for starting as a good anti-infantry defense and can be built at the start.

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