Pacific Territorial Alliance
Mercenary Placeholder
The Pacific Alliance emblem, used by soldiers of the allience
Formation Sydney, Australia

March 29th 1942 Flag of Australia Small

Faction Color Dark Green
Allies League of Nations

Soviet Union
Empire of Japan

Enemies Global Front of Liberation

Warlords Alliance

Type of Faction Territorial Alliance
Leaders Patrick Thompson
Officers George Howard

Adam Devoshore
Rudy Newton

Special Weapons Unknown
Strategies Unknown
Strengths Mass Infantry Training

Early Multi-role units

Weaknesses Unknown
Status Not Started

Will appear in sequel

Formed in response to help the Soviet Union fight in the Pacific area against terrorist forces of the GFL and the Warlords Alliance, the Pacific Alliance is a combat force operating with home bases in Australia, New Zealand, on the Coral Sea Islands and many more.

The origins of the Pacific Alliance also show their stance against the GFL and WA as terrorists since attacks on areas operated by Australia and New Zealand have been hit, along with a strong alliance with the League of Nations, with their main focus to provide of assistance to help the Soviet Union and the Empire of Japan, the faction also utilises a series of weapons and vehicles for their use against terrorism.

Early Beginings

The Pacific Territorial Alliance first founded a meeting in Sydney Australia in 1942 with a set of five countries participating to assist in the dissolution of the two major terrorist factions causing trouble, countries included two major founders and another two collaborators in providing combat, defensive and support units to fight back and liberate terror affected areas.

Responses to terror attacks on islands within the Oceania areas of the world were severe, which led to some areas and countries to implement martial law and increase in patrols in terror inflicted areas to ensure further protection against the GFL, despite this more attacks have caused chaos in some areas which have weakened several areas into submission to terrorist occupation, some attacks in Australia and New Zealand were easily suppressed and meetings to discuss the issue were conducted with three other countries outside the Oceania areas of the world providing supplies, firearms, vehicles and aircraft.

Countries providing ordinance are listed following by country:

  • Flag of Australia Small Australia Flag of Australia Small - The main founders for the PTA, Australia provides most weapons for infantry, soldiers who fight for the PTA are usually enlisted in Australia, these mostly include their Mills Bombs for Pioneers and Charlton Rifles for Privateers.
  • Flag of Canada Small Canada Flag of Canada Small - Canada provides some small sets of combat vehicles to make up the PTA's main arsenal of vehicles to utilise, including Ram and Valentine Tanks, they also provide C15TA Armoured trucks.
  • Flag of New Zealand Small New Zealand Flag of New Zealand Small - Another country providing infantry corps for combat and support roles, known recruits are usually Engineers, Medics and Covert-Ops Agents, where training is usually vital to ensure survival.
  • Flag of UK Small United Kingdom Flag of UK Small - With co-ordination and assistance from the League of Nations, the UK exported aircraft and a small set of vehicles for use, they also provided some firearms for infantry.
  • Flag of USA Small United States Flag of USA Small - Provides some firearms and aircraft, the United States were also known collaborators that assisted the founding of the Pacific Alliance to assist other neighbouring factions and countries in the Pacific and Oceania regions.

More to be added...


Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Pioneer Basic combat infantry, Pioneers are equipped with Lee-Enfield rifles and Mills Bombs for multi-purpose attacking, these soldiers are specially picked by the for combat, with good sense of enemy sightings and response times to eliminate threats around them.
Mercenary Placeholder Viper Anti-vehicle infantry with PIAT launchers, Vipers also come equipped with a long range Boys anti-vehicle rifle which will take a long time to reload, these men are specially equipped for vehicles that any terrorist may throw at them.
Mercenary Placeholder Pacific Engineer Pacific Engineers are keys to the Pacific Alliance's strategy to capture enemy or tech structures, these Engineers are equipped with Browning pistols and a wrench to take on weak infantry or other engineers, their wrenches can be utilised to repair buildings.
Mercenary Placeholder Pacific Medic Unarmed, and usually a target to terror attacks, but protected by the Geneva Convention protocols, a Pacific Medic can setup a small medical area to treat wounded comrades around him, whilst they are protected by the protocols, he'll still need protection whilst deployed.
Mercenary Placeholder Privateer Specialists for taking on enemy infantry in a short amount of time, these operatives are equipped with Charlton Automatic Rifles and can take on enemy infantry at the same range like their Lee-Enfield equipped Pioneer comrades, due to recoil they will take some time to reload the weapons.
Mercenary Placeholder Covert-Ops Agent Found with Enfield Revolvers, the PA's Covert-Ops Agent is the main infiltrator class operative which can disable enemy buildings and setup a small timed Mills Bomb to cause a distraction, on top of this they are also good for for infiltrating enemy lines and sneaking into bases.
Mercenary Placeholder Pacemaker Equipped with a upgraded PIAT Launcher and a Lewis Light Machine Gun, Pacemakers are slow moving but powerful heavy infantry that can take on lighter armoured units and enemy aircraft at the same time, these men can also deploy their weapons for better results.
Mercenary Placeholder Elizabeth Temple

A veteran from World War I, also a survivor of the GFL's violent bombing at a PA training facility in the colony of British Hondouras.

Elizabeth is equipped with a Thompson M1928 equipped with better sights, round drum magazines and an upgraded Charlton Automatic Rifle with dragon's breath rounds, she can turn the tides of combat in any type of situation against vehicles and infantry around her.

Ground Vehicles

Supply Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Bedford QLD Supply Truck Provided by the United Kingdom, several Bedford QLD trucks have been utilised by the Pacific Alliance have been utilised for Supply duty.
Mercenary Placeholder D-4 Construction Bulldozer To be added...

Tier 1 Combat

To be added...

Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Ram Medium Tank Introduced in 1941, Ram tanks were not common in Canada's main armed forces during their deployments to Europe to help out the League of Nations fight the war, they are used as medium tanks and can be upgraded with flame throwers replacing their pounder cannons. 
Mercenary Placeholder C15TA Toronto Transport Heavy transport vehicles and built in Canada, the C15TA Transport got their name from the city of Toronto, whilst unarmed and slow, they do come with thick armour and seating capacity of 10, which can help transport soldiers around the battlefield.
Mercenary Placeholder Daimler Dingo Scout Built in the United Kingdom, Dingo scouts are scout vehicles used for patrolling areas, they can come equipped with a Bren light machine gun or a Boys anti-vehicle rifle depending on required role.
Mercenary Placeholder Valentine Infantry Tank Fast tanks for the frontlines, Valentine tanks have been used by the PTA for training purposes and some for combat, after terror attacks have hit some parts of the pacific, several Valentine tanks have been used for patrols around affected areas and light anti-personnel.

Tier 2 Combat

Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Matilda Projector, "Hedgehog" Mortar/Infantry Tank Australian variant of Matilda II mounted with 7-chambered spigot mortar mounted on the back, doubling the firepower of a tank with a fire support of a mortar team. While slow and with not-so-great firing range of the mortars, Hedgehog can offer support to other tanks with some ranged attack.

Tier 3 Combat

To be added...

Super Tank

Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Unknown Pacific Super Tank To be added...



Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Hawker Demon Fighter Plane To be added...
Mercenary Placeholder Tier 2 fighter to be named... To be added...
Mercenary Placeholder Tier 2 interceptor to be named... To be added...
Mercenary Placeholder Tier 3 fighter to be named... To be added...


Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Lockeed Hudson II Light Bomber To be added...
Mercenary Placeholder Bristol Type 152 Beaufort Torpedo Bomber To be added...
Mercenary Placeholder Martin B-26 Marauder Medium Bomber To be added...
Mercenary Placeholder Hadley Page Halifax Heavy Bomber To be added...

Cargo Planes

Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Light Cargo Plane to be named... To be added...
Mercenary Placeholder Heavy Cargo Plane to be named... To be added...


Important Buildings

Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Command Center To be added...
Mercenary Placeholder Power Complex To be added...
Mercenary Placeholder Alliance Barracks To be added...
Mercenary Placeholder Supply Center To be added...
Mercenary Placeholder Battlements Warehouse To be added...
Mercenary Placeholder Airstrip To be added...
Mercenary Placeholder Radar Outpost To be added...
Mercenary Placeholder Technology Center To be added...
Mercenary Placeholder Oil Refinery To be added...
Mercenary Placeholder Superweapon Unknown To be added...

Defensive Emplacements

Mercenary Placeholder Combat Foxhole To be added...
Mercenary Placeholder Jaguar Anti-Tank Gun To be added...
Mercenary Placeholder Shelby Rocket Site To be added...


To be added...

Defenders and liberators of the Pacific Territorial Alliance
Flag of Unknown Faction
Ground Forces
Infantry PioneerViperPacific EngineerPacific MedicPrivateerCovert-Ops AgentPacemakerElizabeth Temple
Scouts and Armoured Vehicles C15TA TorontoDaimler Dingo
Tanks RamValentine
Anti-Aircraft To be added...
Artillery Matilda Hedgehog
Support Units Bedford QLDD-4 Construction Bulldozer
Super Tank Unknown Pacific Super Tank
Air Forces
Fighters To be added...
Bombers To be added...
Main Command Command Center
Production Structures Alliance BarracksBattlements WarehouseAirstrip
Resource Structures Power ComplexSupply CenterRadar OutpostTechnology CenterOil Refinery
Defenses Combat FoxholeJaguar Anti-Tank GunShelby Rocket Site
Superweapons Superweapon Unknown
Prominent Characters
Leaders Patrick Thompson
Military Personnel George HowardAdam DevoshoreRudy Newton
Faction Technologies
Weapons To be added...
Detailed Information
Topics History of the Pacific AllianceContributors to the Alliance

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