Osman Security Consulting
Eurasia Placeholder
One of the current emblems used by Osman Security Consulting
Founded July 10th 2018
Origin United Kingdom

Liverpool, East Midlands

Products Private Security

Mercenary Contracts

Type of Company Security Organization

Mercenary Contractors
VIP Escort & Protection

CEOs James Hammond
Employees 50,000+
Military Connections ECSN

A subsidiary of Osman Defenses Industries providing their customers with security, protection and VIP escorts for world leaders across the world, Osman Security Consulting is a British organization known operate in the United Kingdom & protecting VIPs across the world as part of training and ensuring security to areas troubled by terrorism. It is also founded by veterans of wars that they participated in over the past few years, former police officers and even those who are looking to earn money through means of private work even if they are not part of military forces or organizations worldwide.

During their first operations of 2018 there were only smaller types of contracts including providing protection to AN convoys along with defending civilians from terrorists, the security force before being part of the ECSN have deployed units to Kazakhstan and also into African areas that were badly affected by conflicts and also attacks by terrorist initiatives, mercenary forces were mostly engaged with warlords that intend to control any government territories along with the Global Liberation Army during the course of the First Eurasian Conflict providing additional armed personnel to American & Chinese military units. The security forces uses various weapons of any origin including American, Chinese, European and even other parts of the world including Japan & India and also keeping up to date with various types of technology, vehicles & aircraft to keep enemies in check to secure potential targets for capture or if they are being hit by heavy attacks by enemy forces they can evacuate personnel before being hit with casualties.


To be added...

Infantry Divisions

Cameo Name Description
Eurasia Placeholder Security Officers To be added...
Eurasia Placeholder Tactical Personnel To be added...
Eurasia Placeholder Combat Field Operative To be added...


Cameo Name Description
Eurasia Placeholder Private Limousine

Equipped with bullet proof windows, shock-proof suspension for rough terrain, Private Limousines operated by Osman Security Consulting can transport 6 personnel safely to destinations without being harmed by enemy forces.

Whilst being unarmed, it isn't a combat vehicle but a primary target for escort missions to keep VIPs from all types of sectors including civilian & high ranking personnel to military forces, whilst deployed a Private Limo is good for getting around but they must be protected.

Eurasia Placeholder Security SUV

Manned by elite agents with machine guns ready to unload into any targets that could threaten OSC operations, the firm's lineup of off road Security SUVs acquired from various manufacturers make them effective for escort missions & patrolling OSC territories.

Windows blacked out with an open top machine gun turret to fire at all types of enemies on the ground, Security SUVs are classed as a effective scout vehicle and is capable of transporting around 4 personnel into battle, also can transport VIPs to safety.

Eurasia Placeholder

Convoy Trucks

Troop transporters, supply carriers and cargo trucks acquired from the People's Republic of China, the Beijing Escort & Linerunner series of trucks are used by the security corporation to transport any required supplies to locations along with soldiers & supplies.

However, the Escort is known to only be used for transporting the firm's tactical operatives & supplies to many troubled regions, also the Linerunner is used for mainly transporting massive amounts of cargo & even supplies, the Linerunner isn't common unlike Escort.

Eurasia Placeholder Dolphin Scout Vehicle

Built in the United States, equipped for amphibious warfare whilst it can transport 2 men unlike Limos & SUVs, M1117 Dolphin ASVs serve mainly as scout vehicles rather than transports but it is known to be equipped with a machine gun and grenade launcher.

With the M1117 Dolphin ASV being amphibious, it can be a good combat & scout vehicle whilst traversing small lakes & even rivers for a better vantage point when on escort & high profile missions, it mainly serves with M4 Sherman & M31 Warrior tanks when the vehicle is deployed onto the battlefield.

Eurasia Placeholder Sherman Battle Tank

A classic icon with modern technology, the retro M4 Sherman tank used by America during World War II from is a tank equipped for modern day combat, used since 2018 after the establishment of the Osman Security Consulting and still used today.

It may get outclassed by the M31 Warrior for being futuristic & with a more streamlined chassis & weapon system, the Sherman can still be a valuable asset to take on enemy units within its range for armour class.

Eurasia Placeholder Warrior Medium Tank

Designed with futuristic technology along with a streamlined chassis for protection and manned by 5 personnel, the M31 Warrior tank is a medium armoured combat vehicle equipped with canister shells to shake the ground, pierce armour plating and cause a shockwave to temporally any nearby stun infantry.

The M31 Warrior is also equipped with a secret weapon, it can use a modified radar system to detect enemy units usually hidden radar with an extended range unlike its civilian counterparts, making the tank a vital tank inside Osman Security Consulting's elite tactical regiment, it is also equipped with better sights than regular variants.


Cameo Name Description
Eurasia Placeholder Mirage Supersonic Fighter

Might be from a classic era, but it known to be one of the many fastest fighters & bombers built by France during the Cold War, the old but still used Dassault Mirage 2000D is a supersonic fighter that can reach speeds at a faster pace like an similar to an Aurora.

Equipped with rockets the Mirage 2000D a fighter that cannot get hit by anti-aircraft fire during some times when flying fast, also the French fighter is known to be operated by the OSC during extreme detail missions that require all hands on deck, the Mirage is one of the firm's primary aircraft for combat.

Eurasia Placeholder MD-500 Defender Helicopter To be added...
Eurasia Placeholder Chinook Transport Helicopter To be added...

Train Networks

Cameo Name Description
Eurasia Placeholder OSC Cargo Train Networks To be added...
Eurasia Placeholder OSC Equipment Train Networks To be added...
Eurasia Placeholder OSC Transport Train Networks To be added...


Cameo Name Description
Eurasia Placeholder OSC Headquarters To be added...
Eurasia Placeholder OSC Airfield To be added...
Eurasia Placeholder Combat Bunker To be added...
Eurasia Placeholder Manned Turret To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • Osman Security Consulting is a Private Mercenary Corporation that is inspired by various worldwide private military & mercenary companies, several from the real world along with many from video games.
  • It is inspired by the American based Academi & British based ArmorGroup private military and security companies that specialises in various services, including security and military units for private hire.
  • The primary base of Osman Security Consulting is based on Merryweather Security Consulting, a PMC group in the Grand Theft Auto V, operations for OSC is based worldwide and is a primary basis for the training of basic Osman security teams for deployment onto battlefields.

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