Oil Refinery
Civilian Oil Refinery Icon

Civilian Oil Refinery

An Oil Refinery currently in operation within Europe, providing a small discount for vehicles
Faction No Faction Specified
Cost N/A
Build at N/A
Requires N/A

Found around the world and stores the oil from Oil Derricks, they are utilised by various factions across the earth to help keep their forces in good condition.

These structures can help factions in terms of storing much needed amounts of oil for fuel purposes whilst using vehicles and aircraft, they are also used for waterborne vessels for fuel even if there are Super Tankers transporting the valuable source from the seas to the land.

Lowered Cost

Oil Refineries allow commanders that own these buildings found across the world to lower down the cost of building and manufacturing vehicles and aircraft for various reasons. This is possibly known to be a discount for the owners of the facilities which are protecting the workers and the structures from hostile forces and enemy personnel which will be after the resources.

Upon owning the Oil Refinery, these structures can help the commander which owns them to lower the original price of some units by a small percentage of their original price; mostly effecting ground vehicles and aircraft, the cost on the construction and purchase of these types of units will be slightly 10 Percent cheaper than their normal price, allowing cheaper deployment of vehicles and aircraft on the battlefield. It also effects naval units and amphibious vehicles if a battle goes into the water.

Known Refinery Users

There have been several users recently utilising Oil Refineries to ensure their forces are going well in terms of fuel operations, currently below there is a list of factions and private forces utilising Oil Refineries.

There have been several Oil Refineries utilised by the Allied Nations forces across the world, mostly these facilities owned by the Company of Liberty are given to China and America to help in their war against the GLRF as part of co-operation with the Allied Nations and the OAT

In South America's war to dismantle the noctorious Martollo Cartel crime faction, there have been large use of Oil Refineries during the South American Civil War. There have been reported explosions at several Andes Government facilities of loud explosions due to Red Heat Fuel being stored, possible causes were known to be done by the GLRF Supported Cartel due for various reasons.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Oil Refinery is based off its default model and coding from the game.
  • There will be a possible chance of seeing some other models of Oil Refineries to suit environments and even countries in Reign of Conflagration, similar to the Civilian Hospital.

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