Oil Derrick
Civilian Oil Derrick Icon

Civilian Oil Derrick

A functioning Oil Derrick found in the Middle East, common in Iran and Iraq
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Known to be pumping oil for various forces on the ground and even from the sea, the Oil Derrick was part of industrial regions across the world. The oil pumped from these facilities can be used to acquire additional funding from selling the oil to other regions across the world, Oil Derricks are mostly found on the ground and mostly in the Middle East.

After the GLA's take over of Iran's oil fields which led to the USA Recapturing the facilities, there have been increased sightings of offshore Rigs and Derricks to ensure funding to civilian and military contractors are in order for various purposes; however due to the bigger need of oil like similar time during the 1970's, oil have been a problem for vehicle fuel and even industry.

Offshore Versions

There have been usage of offshore Oil Derricks and even Oil Rigs to compensate for the hunger for oil during times of war and even conflicts.

Hunger for this valuable resource increased during the course of the First and Second Conflicts since the GLA and the GLRF were causing trouble, however due to the wars, this was leading to some of the offshore oil derricks and even rigs around teh world being captured for terrorist operations, but didn't last long during the wars.

Faction Owned Oil Derricks

Currently in the world, several factions have been owning several Oil Derricks for their primary or secondary source of oil for economic trade and funding for several factions, below are the current factions utilising the facilities for funding the war machine.

After the GLA's defeat, the Allied Nations along with American and Chinese allies liberated several Oil Derricks owned by the GLA in Eurasia after the First Eurasian Conflict came to an end. The facilities now owned by the Company of Liberty currently help the world in funding and economic trade, also funding the war machine.

Yuri's operatives have several Oil Derricks owned in territories within Russia and other areas of Eurasia currently owned by the Forth Reich, these facilities are known to be funding Yuri's activities in the Second Eurasian Conflict and known to be heavily defended in large numbers.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Oil Derrick is based off its original model and coding from the original game, it will keep its default and coding by standard.
  • There will also be waterborne versions of Oil Derricks and even Oil Rigs for missions and maps, they will be coming soon.

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